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Let’s Talk Graphic T’s

While in my new favorite store on Thursday, trying on anything and everything with those plaid pants, the gal suggested a printed tank.  This was the second suggestion to put a printed t-shirt with the pants, something I just wasn’t sure of.  But when I put it on, well…. it looked AMAZING.  I was so glad, though, that the shirt had a snag because I was not paying $48 for a sheer tank top, no matter how perfect it looked with those pants.  That just is not happening.

So, as I do so well, I’ve been on an obsessive hunt for graphic tees since then.  I did buy one on Thursday that I wore on Friday, and it, along with that stupid tank top, pretty much got me hooked.  There isn’t a ton online that I LOVE, but I thought, “what about Etsy?”  Let me tell you, Etsy has tons of options… GREAT options!

I found a store (Zen Threads) on Etsy that has so many prints I like, that I asked for a coupon code so I could order a bunch for the family.  I found them while searching for “food truck shirts” a couple of weeks ago (I could write an entire post on my boys’ obsessions with food trucks) and immediately thought to check them first.  I encourage anyone looking for a great, original print that you won’t see passing you on the street to check out their store!  All graphics are their own original works, and they are awesome!

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Another store on Etsy that I like (not love, like Zen Threads) is Mad Moon Clothing.  I don’t have a favorite image just yet, but I favorite them because they have a lot of things up my alley.

Here are a few other little finds:





I have a charm on a necklace that says “She thought she could and so she did.”  I love it – it’s sort of my motto.  I got it after I worked so hard to get back in shape last fall and I wear it a lot.  I started looking for a shirt last night that has this same saying, and I found two that I like on Etsy, of course.

There are a couple of graphic tees at regular online stores that I’m looking at as well, but I prefer to support those on Etsy if at all possible.  One was a suggestion in the comments (thanks, No Baby Ruth!) and the other is the same brand (Elements) as the shirt I wore on Friday.

So that is what’s on my fashion mind right now.  I haven’t bought a thing yet, so that’s good (and progress!).  The California Redwoods shirt will be the first up, along with the food truck shirt.  Priorities!



Fashion Overhaul Week 2

I’ve been exhausted this week, but still working hard at looking respectable!  We’re between seasons here, and I have a few new things I’m dying to wear, but it’s still too warm for them.  In the interim, I’m making the best of what I have in my closet.  Oh.. and I bought a couple of tops (Thursday and Friday outfits).

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It wasn’t the most exciting week, but I I think I looked presentable each day, which is the goal, afterall!


Let’s Try This Again – Plaid Pants

I returned the vest, on EVERYONE’S suggestion.  It was the easiest return ever:

Me: “I blog my outfits for help, and I got 100% feedback to return this vest.”

Her: “Really?  It’s so cute.”

Me: “Yep, the comments ranged from ‘too matronly’ to ‘too long.'”

Her: “I can see that.  Do you blog every outfit?”

Me: “Right now, yes.  I need lots of help.”

And off to the dressing room she took me.  I bought two new shirts (none that work with the pants).  I tried on HEAPS of tops with those pants on in the store, and nothing was quite right.  But as I mentioned in a comment, I remembered a few things in my closet to try.  I am keeping those pants, come hell or high water!

They taught me a little something – to add a visual between your top and pants to create interest and break up a look that may not match at first glance.  I tried that here (#1), and I think the blue sweater looks better now with the pants.



(My God, these pictures look just terrible… I need a better way to take these photos… more natural light needed.)

Up next (#2), a grey top that I had completely forgotten about.



Here they are with a grey cable knit (#3), something they told me in the store would add interest.  Notice the black shirt again underneath to add a separation 😉



And now, for the two that I think you’ll all rule out.  I thought this first one (#4) would be a winner… I’m thinking no:



And finally, the last one (#5) knew from the start that this would not work.



OK – so that’s what I have in addition to the black turtleneck sweater and the chambray shirt that I bought with it (I LOVE that shirt…. I wish I didn’t, but I do).




Help and Honesty, Part 2

Hi, all! I need more input.

I bought this complete outfit the other day, but can’t wear it for a bit (hot weather here). I have thought about this outfit since I bought it and I love it, in theory.

The pants are way off reservation for me, but I like them!  They are expensive, so I wanted to be sure they work WELL with at least a couple of things I currently have. Here is what I’ve paired with them… I don’t think the light grey sweater works. The last photo shows the back of the pants.

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What do you think of all 4 pairings, including the entire new outfit? I have gotten 2 no votes on the vest. I think it’s interesting (and enlightening) to hear how others see me, and I LOVE the input!

Thanks, ladies!!!


Another Night of Painting!

This one is for Bryson’s big boy room, which isn’t even close to being started but the theme is planned.

“Things that Go.”

This will include cars, planes, trucks, trains, etc.  The boy loves, loves, LOVES everything that goes, and he is our favorite “thing that goes!”

Plane Sept 21


This is my 8th project in less than a year, all with the same gal.  I just love working with Marcy because she is a retired art teacher who is also a very successful artist here in the area.  Her art sells for thousands of dollars a piece, so I really feel that I’m learning a lot every time I go and paint with her!  I noticed tonight that I was doing a lot of the work on this painting before she got to instructing the technique, and I was spot-on.  I AM LEARNING!  I have another one scheduled for later this month for our wild Halloween decorations – we LOVE Halloween around here!

Here is a gallery of what we have in our house from my painting adventures so far… only one piece is not hung yet and that’s just because it needs a “clear coat” applied to it before it goes up in the guest bathroom.

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