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Crazy Fun At Our House

Oh Matthew – I heard this going on out in the hallway today while I was folding diapers.  I heard the sound of something sliding on the floor, and honest to God belly laughs coming out of you.  This went on for a couple of minutes before I thought to get my phone to record it.  CRAZY!

I don’t know if you were laughing at the sound the charger was making on the tile, or if Jane was playing with you that entire time.  Either way, you and your laughing made my day!


Birthday Photos Are Here!

My friend, Denise, is awesome!  She’s my close friend who does all of Matthew’s photos (and you know I love photos) and she is VERY good to us!  I can’t say enough nice things about her and her girls who have become the most special of special friends to us.  Matthew and I went out for dinner with her and the girls last night and we all just had a ball.  The girls love Matthew, and he loves them like he loves no other kids in the world!   He knows that C and R are special  🙂

Denise photographed Matthew’s party for us – and she is a perfectionist who would not let me see the photos until they were done.  I get that.  I do  😉  But I have been dying with anticipation and the wait was worth it!  Denise went above and beyond and put Matthew’s birthday party photos into a slide show so that everyone could see them… and it’s precious!  She always picks the BEST music to go with the mood of the event!

Birthday Party!

To my surprise, she also made a slide show of Matthew’s first birthday photos.  YAY!

The Big 1!

So there you have it – birthday #1 is officially in the books as we now count down the months to birthday #2.  I already have the theme picked out  😉


Something Fun!

The internet is a weird place.  I have been fascinated all morning by the “Other Side of the Rainbow” hoax, wondering why anyone would do such a thing.  Then, I find out that this is not new and that this stuff goes on all the time.  I must be super naive – because I had no idea!

Instead of spend any more time on this madness, I wanted to share something precious.

I went out last night for an hour and a half without Matthew – he went with his dad to dinner (in light of the rainbow story that had not been revealed as a hoax yet, I was a little edgy about being separated from him – I even cried as they left).  I had to go to one of those very wonderful, fun, interesting in-home direct-selling parties.  You know the ones?  Where your friend invites you to a fun night of food tasting, or jewelry shopping, etc. and then they try to get you to host a party as well?  FUN….  Not really!  Anyway, this party wasn’t as bad as some of the others I’ve attended and I made my obligatory purchase and came home.  No one ever asked me if I wanted to host a party myself (the answer would have been no).  EXCELLENT!

On the way home, I called B to see how dinner went.

He informed me that Matthew is now blowing kisses.  Honestly, I didn’t believe him.  Matthew does his little pow wow sound (is it politically OK to say that?  I don’t think so, but I don’t know how else to describe it) and I figured maybe his little blown kisses were just an abbreviation of that and not intentional.

But when I got home, Matthew blew me ONE little kiss with a “mmmmwwwaaa!” behind it.  I almost died of cuteness!

He did it all night and has been doing it all morning.  I have a very warm, melted heart right now  🙂

I GOT A VIDEO (well… I got a few videos!)!