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Family Trip!

We took a family trip this past week and it was terrific!  We rented a cabin at Mahoney State Park in Nebraska and it was like being at summer camp.  I can’t wait to go back next summer!

Here is my photo collection from 4 days with limited TV, hot weather, and an abundance of activities with the kids!  They’re in reverse order, but it doesn’t matter  🙂

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THIS Moment in Time – Selfless Parenting

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I’m not one to toot my own horn (aside from my fitness blog which is more of a diary), or my kids’ horns (you’ll never hear me say that they “rocked” anything). But today, I did something completely selfless as a mom. It’s hotter than shit right now (“real feel” of 98*) and on our way home, after doctor appointments and a food truck outdoor lunch, the boys asked to stop at the park.

“No, guys, It’s hotter than shit outside.”

“Ok, Mom. It is hot.”

And I thought, “what do you care if you have to sit outside for 20 minutes while they play?”

So here we are (or…. here we WERE because it was so hot, my phone prompted me to turn it off while writing this post because it was overheating).

(They were more than happy to leave after 15 minutes, thank God!)