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My Favorite Things

I am stealing borrowing this idea from SRB whose husband, B, “every night before bed, writes his favorite thing about (their son) that day in a little notebook he keeps on his nightstand.”

I am starting this tonight, on June 23, 2012, on the eve of Matthew’s first birthday.  I wish I’d done this from the very first day of his life!

My Favorite Thing About You On This Day:

06/23/2012 – I love how you hugged me, over and over again, as I cried to your dad about you turning one year old tomorrow.  I have had a really, really hard time with this because I want to keep you little just a bit longer.  I honestly think that you knew that I needed the extra love and snuggles today.  Thank you for the unrequested hugs – and for all of the kisses.  Your hugs and kisses are the best ever!

06/24/2012 – I love how you loved your birthday party!

06/25/2012 – You’ve started making a new sound when you reach for things.  It’s adorable and full of joy!

06/26/2012 -I love that you tried, and loved, artichoke hearts today – straight out of the can!!!

06/27/2012 -I love that you snuggle Lily like she’s one of your stuffed animals!

06/28/2012 – I love that when we woke up from our morning snuggle, that your entire ear was imprinted on my arm.  That has never happened before, and it showed me how hard you’d slept, snuggled up to me

06/29/2012 – I love how you wanted to wait up for me to get home before going to bed.  I love that you like to end your day in my arms!

06/30/2012 – I love how much fun you had at the gym today with your favorite teacher, Miss Cara.  You were so happy to see her!

07/01/2012 – I love that you made our first attempt at weaning as easy on me as possible.  I know how badly you wanted to nurse but you let me distract you and I appreciate that!

07/02/2012 – I love that having you in the shower with me has turned into part of our morning routine.   We started this a week ago to help loosen up all that snot up your nose with this latest cold, but you’ve made it quite obvious that you want it to continue.  😉   This does mean that you get two baths a day – so we only wash your hair in the AM. to keep your skin nice and moist.  You love the shower – it’s to the point now that you would be one very sad baby if I made you wait outside the shower for me.  You sit quietly and play on the floor of the shower the whole time.  It’s adorable.

07/03/2012 – I love that  you fell asleep on my chest today as I rocked you into your morning nap.  This is the first time you’ve done this since you were a tiny baby!  I was standing up, swaying you into a sleepy state – and you zonked out right under my chin.  Heaven!

07/04/2012 – I love that your buddy, Uncle Ben, told you today that you’re a cool kid.  He is right!  We took you over there for a bit and you ran around, engaging everyone in play and conversation, and he was just enthralled by you.  We all are, really  😉

07/05/2012 – I love that you held my hand today, even though you didn’t need to.  It’s like you knew at that moment that I needed you to need me  🙂

07/06/2012 – I love that you napped in my lap today without nursing.  It was so sweet to snuggle with you again, even if you did get a little hot and woke up a bit early.  You even woke up and let me move you around to a new position – and then fell asleep again.  I was in heaven!

07/07/2012 – This one is EASY!  I love that you preferred Daddy over me today.  Daddy has been so patient, just waiting for the day when  you would prefer him for even just 10 minutes over me – but you’ve wanted him all day long!  It warms my heart!  It all started with you wanting to dance with Daddy first thing this morning (you walked up to him, did your little dance move (head bob), then reached up for him – and then you two danced together!) and since then, it’s been a “day of Daddy!”

07/08/2012 – I love that as I was putting you down for your morning nap, that you all-of-a-sudden pushed your face up to mine to give me one of your signature open-mouthed kisses.  LOVED IT!

07/09/2012 – I love that you “asked” to go on a walk last night when we got home from your 1-year photo shoot.  We got you out of the car and you pointed at your BOB stroller and squealed.  Daddy showed you the toy that was in the stroller but you were wanting IN the stroller.  We have no backbone and even though it was bedtime, we appropriately took you for an evening stroll.  You went to bed at 9:05.  😉

07/10/2012 – I love that you hollered out, “yeah!” when I showed you your sippy cup full of milk.  Thank you for that!  You are making this weaning thing a lot easier than I was expecting.  You’re an amazingly good, sensitive, HAPPY little boy  🙂

07/11/2012 – I love that you took everything in stride at the neighbor’s when we went down for a play date today.  You got bopped quite a few times and your toys taken from you, but you moved on to other things without a fuss.  You’re such a nice boy!  And I really loved how you gave V a kiss on your way out, and that she gave you one back.  So cute!

07/12/2012 – I love that you spent as much time with Denise at the pool as you did with me.  You love her and the girls so much, and it’s so wonderful to see you so happy with someone besides Daddy and me!

07/13/2012 – We had a rough day today – you’re teething pretty seriously, I believe.  I LOVED your snuggle today on my shoulder as I rocked you before your afternoon nap.  I took heaps of pictures of you – you just warmed my heart.  I love you so much!

07/14/2012 – I love that you gave me all the time in the world tonight to nurse you.  Thank you for a wonderful final nursing.  I just gazed at you the entire time as the room got darker and darker.  Thank you for sleeping peacefully in my arms as I took my time letting go of our very first bond.  I do know that it was just our first bond and we have many more ahead of us, sweet boy!  I love you so, so, SO much!

07/15/2012 – I love that you made it easy on me to not nurse you to sleep tonight.  It was our first bedtime in your life that we didn’t nurse.  It was hard on your mom’s heart, but you seemed just fine with it.  THANK YOU!

07/16/2012 – I loved your little temper tantrum today because it gave me a taste of what to watch out for in the future to try to curtail such episodes.  I had no idea what was going on with you but now I do – you were just pissed off!  But you were super cute even when you were pissed off  😉

07/17/2012 – I love how you’re really getting into your dancing in the car.  You bang your head like a long-haired teenage boy.  😉

07/18/2012 – I love how you enjoy destroying the tupper.ware drawers and your dish cupboard.  You are very methodical about it!  HA!

07/19/2012 – I loved that you took a nap on my chest today – for an hour!  So special!  I’ve waited a long time for that!

07/20/2012 – I love that you wanted me at bedtime tonight.  Daddy tried putting you to sleep but you just wanted your mom.  That made me feel so loved!

07/21/2012 – I love how you’ve gotten so big, that you stand on your tippie toes to get things that you want.  You grabbed your cub off your dresser first thing this morning.  You looked over and saw it, and just extendted yourself enough to reach it.  You were so proud of yourself!

07/22/2012 – I love that you let me hold you for 45 minutes as you slept today.  Thank you.  You woke up from your nap early so I came in to get you and you didn’t even open your eyes, you just clung to me and fell asleep on my shoulder.  It was magical!

07/23/2012 – I love how you mimic the cats’ hissing sounds.  It’s adorable!  You don’t understand that it’s something they do when they’re upset – and you do it all the time!  You seem to do it most when you’re excited about something (like having one of our phones in your hands to play with).

07/24/2012 – I loved that you settled down so quickly when I came in to rock you at 10:30.  You were having a rough night and you just settled down instantly with me in the rocker.  It was hard to put you down.

07/25/2012 – I love that when you’re sick (like today), no one can tell you’re sick because you stay pleasant and happy.   People didn’t believe me today when I would tell them you were sick until they saw the snot for themselves  😉

07/26/2012 – Oh sweet boy… what I love about you today is how you climbed up on my shoulder at nap time after reading your books.  You were ready for a snuggle… and so was I!  You didn’t fall asleep well after I put you in your crib, but that’s OK – because we had a great snuggle.  Where did this snuggle bunny come from?

Oh – and another one!  When we were at Hobby today, you heard another baby babbling and calling out – so you called back for him/her.  HA!  We found a baby and I told you that that was your friend who was looking for you, but I really have no idea if it was the same baby.  But you were happy to say hello to a friend  😉

07/27/2012 – I love how you made friends with every single person you passed by today at  You are so damned friendly.  I (and everyone else) love it!  AND I LOVE YOU!!!!

07/28/2012 – I love how you love your new stuffie friend that Daddy brought home from Seattle.

07/29/2012 – I love how happy you are to have Daddy home  🙂

07/30/2012 – I loved how you held my arm as you fell asleep in my lap before your nap.

07/31/2012 – I loved our snuggle in the hotel room today while Daddy was at work.  You were so scared in the bedroom by yourself since it was new to you, so I came in and held you tight as you calmed down and fell asleep.  So wonderful!

08/01/2012 – I love that you were so patient with me today, when it was 103* outside, as I switched the car seat from one car to the other.  You just sat in your stroller and watched me, without making a peep.  When I picked you up to put you in the car, you were soaking wet from sweat.  You are such a good, relaxed baby who rolls with everything!

08/02/2012 – I love that you forgave me for hurting you so badly today when you fell out of the car.  I am so, so sorry about that.  I will never forget it but you were very easy on me considering how hurt you are.  😦

08/03/2012 – I love that you tried cottage cheese today and liked it!  This means that we can give it to you some mornings instead of yogurt, and bypass all of that sugar in your BabyYo!

08/04/2012 – I never thought I’d say this, but I love that you took a 2.5 hour nap today instead of your two 1.5 hour naps.  Daddy and I didn’t know what to do with ourselves, so I took a 2 hour nap too.  It was wonderful!

08/05/2012 – I love how you’ve started to giggle endlessly to get our attention.  As Daddy said today, even if it’s a fake giggle, you will always get our attention doing that!

08/06/2012 – I love how you run to Daddy and me with so much excitement, even if you just saw us a second ago!  You run down the hallway with your arms out, ready for us to catch you and swoop you up into a hug.  It’s the best thing ever!

I also love how you’ve calmed down a bit with the kitties and take it easy with them.  They’re actually letting you give them hugs and kisses now, which is fun to watch.  I still want you to be very careful though  😉

08/07/2012 – I love that you wanted your dad as he was leaving for work this morning.  It made him feel very special when you cried and reached for him as he walked out the door.  It made it hard for him to leave, but it also made him feel very, very loved  🙂

08/08/2012 – I love how well you played with the neighbor kids today!  You were a little novelty to them because you’re just enough younger than them that they view you as a baby still (they’re 5 months older than you) and you let them fawn all over you.  They took turns giving you sips from their drinks, even though you had your own.  😉  You’re a very nice little boy, Matthew!

08/09/2012 – I love how gentle you’ve become with your kitties.  They love it too  😉

08/10/2012 – I love the video you took of yourself running around the kitchen today!  I didn’t know you had turned on the video camera while playing with my phone, and the video you took is like a little gift from you to me.  It melts my heart – I love it!

Oh – and I also love that you fell asleep on your changing pad today while I was changing you before your nap.  Precious!

08/11/2012 – I love that even 4 hours after you’ve been in bed, your daddy and I are still talking about all the cute things you do!  I love that you make us smile and laugh even when you’re not with us  🙂

08/12/2012 – I love how you settled down instantly when I came in to rock you a little longer than normal tonight.  You just wanted a hug from your mama!

I also loved you intense giggles when I would look out the front window with “my blinders” on.  You thought that was a riot!

08/13/2012 – I loved watching you watch the construction workers across the street.  You really enjoy them!

08/14/2012 – I love your “hoo hoo” sound you make when you have your owl.  We heard it for the first time tonight when we squeezed your owl to make his hoo hoo – and then you did it.  It was precious and we can’t get over it!

08/15/2012 – I love that you kept working so hard to take a good nap today after I messed it up.  THANK YOU!

08/16/2012 – I loved how you sighed in total relaxation in the shower today when I was holding you.  You rested your head on my shoulder and I put your back directly under the water – and you let out a nice, relaxed, “ahhhhh.”  It made my day!

08/17/2012 – I love how you looked in your jeans and Captain Am.erica shirt today – you look so much like a little boy, it’s crazy.

08/18/2012 – I love all the laughing you did today.  We took you to Mr. Mo.vies and you ran around like a wild man laughing so loudly that everyone took a look at you and laughed themselves.  And then you just kept doing it at home as well.  Precious!  It was even precious when you laughed at Lily when she hissed at you (you don’t understand that she’s mad when she does that).

08/19/2012 – I love how you put on a dancing show for your Grammy and Pooh today!

08/20/2012 – I loved playing with you late, late, late into the night before bedtime.  We had a good time reading in the dark!

08/21/2012 – I love how you stole Zoe’s milk and chugged it without giving it a thought.  You were so cute when I found you curled up with it  😉

Oh, and of course I love that you slept in the bed with me this morning for 45 minutes.  Love!

08/22/2012 – I love how happy you were to see your Daddy and kitties after 2.5 days away from them.  You were just so excited!!!

08/23/2012 – I love how well you’re doing with feeding yourself with utensils.  You don’t like us to feed you anymore, but you’re a very clean boy who doesn’t want to touch his food (where did you get that???  Hmm…  ;)), and you started using spoons a long time ago.  You’re just now figuring out the fork.  It’s fun!

08/24/2012 – I love that you learned how to blow your nose today!  It was out of total necessity, but you seemed to really think it was cool and it helped me keep your nose clear!

08/25/2012 – I love that you had so much fun at your buddy’s birthday party today – and that you loved splashing around in the rain  😉  You got a little muddy, Buddy!

08/26/2012 – I love that you were so good to our visitors tonight and enthusiastically shared all of your toys with them.  You are such a nice little host  🙂

08/27/2012 – I love that you woke up so happy after 11 hours and 20 minutes of continuous sleep!  You ARE a morning person if you just get enough sleep  😉

08/28/2012 – I love how you grabbed my face today with both hands, pulled my face into yours, and then kissed me with an entire world full of love.  THANK YOU!

08/29/2012 – I love how patient you’ve been with me when I take you to Michael’s and Hobb.y Lo.bby.  You are such a nice, good little guy!

08/30/2012 – I love how you played with my hair and laughed so hard while you were messing it up so badly.  You had so much fun!

08/31/2012 – I love how well-behaved you were today at the hospital when we went to see your new baby friend, Amelia.  You were so good and made friends with everyone around you to help pass the time.

09/01/2012 – I love that you do your kitty hiss for us now when we ask you, “what does a kitty say?”  HA HA!

09/02/2012 – I love that you let me rock and snuggle you this morning for over an hour after you woke up a little too early.  You slept so soundly in my arms and I loved every second of it!

09/03/2012 – I loved your attempt at a temper tantrum today when you wanted to get in your wagon but couldn’t.  This is a regular thing now, anytime we get you out of the car in the garage.  It was raining today – or else we would have taken you for a quick spin!

09/04/2012 – I love that you “snuzzled” with me today – that was a first time.  You loved it!  A few hours later, I asked you for a “snuzzle” and you knew what I was asking.  I loved it!  I’ve waited my whole life to “snuzzle” you  😉

09/05/2012 – I love that you love your Lily cat so much.  You two are really good pals, and despite her asking me not to tell you this – she loves you too!

09/06/2012 – I love that you let Daddy snuggle you back to sleep tonight after you woke up with hurting gums.  He enjoyed and soaked in every second of that snuggle!

09/07/2012 – I love that I could lay my seat back tonight on the drive to Chicago and rub your little foot to help you fall back to sleep.  🙂

09/08/2012 – I love that you’re having so much fun with your cousins!  You are running around like a crazy man, having the time of your life!

09/09/2012 – I love that you had so much fun on the ride home with Daddy today from Chicago!

09/10/2012 – I love that when I was singing “Pooh Corner” to you today at naptime, that you pointed to your nose when I sang, “Winnie the Pooh doesn’t know what to do, he has a honey jar stuck on his nose.”  I had to stop singing and just hug you.  You are so smart!

09/11/2012 – I loved spending the morning with you at the zoo.  We had so much fun watching the sea lions together!

09/12/2012 – I love that you were so entertaining for my grandpa today.  He loves your visits!  He told me that you were what he needed today and that if he had you around all the time, he’d be on his feet more and would be feeling better (he’s 91 – he’s an old guy).  I love how much he loves you, and how much you love him!

09/13/2012 – I love that you were so excited to see Amelia today.  You were very interested in her and climbed up the stairs so you could get a better view of her over the top of her crib.  You were also nice to her friend, Harry, when he came over.

Also of note is that you understand much more than we think.  You are following commands now on a regular basis.  It’s awesome and you’re very proud of yourself!

09/14/2012 – I love that you spent 4 hours of the day today snuggling with me!  You had a rough night so we pulled you into bed with us, and you slept on top of my chest for 3 hours and then another 30 minutes before each (of 2) nap.  It was heaven.

I also love that you learned to climb into your carseat all by yourself!  And that you are figuring out how to maneuver your body get into positions and places you want to be.  And today – we had our first real conversation.  We took turns talking and you were very expressive with your eyebrows and voice inflection.  This was a big day!

09/15/2012 – I love how chatty you’ve become.  We have real conversations now where we wait for the other one to stop what we’re saying before we jump in.  It’s awesome – and I love it!

09/16/2012 – I love how much fun you had with your friend, Collin, tonight when he came over to visit.  You really love having other kids in your house – it’s adorable!  You like to share all of your toys and run up and down the hallway with your guests!

09/17/2012 – I love that you walked right into Collin’s house without even wondering where I was!  You were ready to play and you didn’t need me to feel comfortable.  You’re so independent!

09/18/2012 – I loved our afternoon at the park, and watching you run up and down in the covered bridge.  LOVE!

09/19/2012 – I loved our afternoon nap together – that was special and just what I needed!  I also love how you jumped into the pool today, like a VERY big boy, without holding onto me!  Holy smokes!  You saw two bigger kids doing it and you just had to do it too.  You usually sit on the edge and jump in, but you stood up and shook my hands off of your fingers and jumped to me.  AHHHHH!!!!!

09/20/2012 – I loved having breakfast with you, Daddy, and Nancy today.  It was nice of you and Daddy to surprise me with that (you both know I love seeing Nancy!) – Thank you!!!

09/21/2012 – I loved our quick stop at the park today while the kids were still in school.  You loved having them on the playground with you and they loved patting you on the head when they ran by you.  They kept referring to you as, “Little Guy,” which was super cute.  You tried so hard to keep up with them and play.  It was too cute!

09/22/2012 – I loved sharing the park with Daddy today.  That’s yours and my thing because we go during the day while Dad’s at work, but we took him this afternoon and you showed him all the things you love to do.  You two had a great time together!

09/23/2012 – I love that you squeal with delight whenever you see your dad!  Even if he leaves the room for 5 seconds, you get so excited when you see him again!  You thought you saw him today at Sche.els, but it was a different guy with no hair.  You hollered at him with such joy and then you were stunned when he looked at you (with a huge smile).  You played along with him, but he had to work for your smile after you realized he wasn’t your daddy.  HA!

09/24/2012 – I love that you enjoyed the airmat today at gymnastics.  You used to love it when you were little, then you hated it for several weeks, and today you didn’t cry even once and then ran up and down it over and over again.  SO BRAVE!

09/25/2012 – I loved spending the morning at the zoo with you.  You LOVED the tiger – holy smokes!  You watched him forever and squeeled every time he looked your way!

09/26/2012 – I love that you went to sleep for Daddy tonight when I was out with my friend.  That was so nice of you to make it easy on him  😉

09/27/2012 – You are tired today, and I love your little hugs you keep coming to get every now and again.  You play, play, play… then hug, hug, hug.  And then you do it again.  Sweet!  I’ve buried my head in your neck a few times and just stopped to smell you  🙂  (you smell like crackers – which isn’t even possible since you don’t eat grains.)

09/28/2012 – I love that you preferred our fancy Mexican food to your grilled chicken.  HA!  You are a very adventurous eater!

09/29/2012 – I love that you started jumping today.  I don’t think I’ve ever been this proud of you!  Maybe because we could tell just how proud you are of yourself with this challenge!  I also love that Daddy got to witness it with me – he got to see this very special first!

09/30/2012 – I love that you napped on me for an hour and a half this morning after waking up too early.  I took a chance and went to lie down with you – and you passed out.  I loved it.  It lasted a long time, but not near long enough  🙂

10/01/2012 – I love how you looked in your Batman shirt and cape today – and I love that you pointed to your shoulders for me to put the cape back on after your nap.  PRECIOUS!

10/02/2012 – I just love the wonderful day we had together!  It was super fun on all fronts.  You were so happy all day – nothing but smiles and kisses!

10/03/2012 – I loved watching you enjoy Hailey rubbing your head today.  It was so cute!  She came up and rubbed your hair and you just leaned into her and let her do it.  She she stopped, you looked up and “asked” her to do it more.  You really are my boy!

10/04/2012I love that you’re falling asleep on your back when I rock you.  It’s so sweet because I can look at your face as you sleep!

10/05/2012 – I loved your giggles as I tickled your legs from the front seat of the car.  You love being tickled!

10/06/2012 – I loved dancing with you and Daddy in the kitchen tonight.  So much fun!  I also loved rolling around on the floor with you guys, passing you back and forth between the two of us – you giggling the whole time!

10/07/2012 – I loved watching you help Daddy change light bulbs in the floor lights. You were so helpful and totally adorable!

10/08/2012 – I loved our long nap together this morning after you had breakfast, and I loved how your first concern when you woke up was to look for Lily.  You’re such a nice boy!

10/09/2012 – I loved watching you stand up in your high chair to eat your lunch.  You were so proud of yourself and loved having a new angle on your meal  😉

10/10/2012 – I love how you play peek-a-boo when you don’t want to do something!  You do it knowing that we will fall for it every single time!  Change my diaper?  Play peek-a-boo!  Put me to bed?  Play peek-a-boo!  Put me in my car seat?  Play peek-a-boo!  TOO CUTE, Buddy!

10/11/2012 – I loved your giggles today when you were playing with my watch charger.  Please see video here  🙂

10/12/2012 – I loved waking you up with Daddy today from your nap.  We both got to gaze at you so sleepy when you wouldn’t wake up from the light.  It was wonderful… and you were happy to see us!

10/13/2012 – I loved the hugs you brought me today while I was on bed rest.  I hated not being able to play with you and your little hugs here and there made it a bit less difficult on my heart.  I miss you and can’t wait to play play PLAY tomorrow!

10/14/2012 – I loved your sh*t eating grin and laughter when you caught your first glimpse of me this morning when I came out to see you (after our epic snuggle after your night terrors).  You made my day!!!!!

10/15/2012 – I love how you ate your dinner so very slow tonight, taking your time to eat with us and enjoy family time!

10/16/2012 – I love the way you play with my hair and laugh so genuinely when it’s in your face.  You stroke my hair now as I rock you – and I love it.  LOVE IT!

PS – Tonight we found out that we are likely adding a baby to the mix, if all continues to go well.  You are my first baby love, Matthew.   I sort of feel like I’m cheating on you when I dream about having another baby… because I love you so very much.

10/17/2012 – I love how you stroked my hair tonight as you fell asleep!

10/18/2012 – I love how you leaned up against my legs today in the shower.  I’m not sure if it was a hug, or just you trying to stay close to the water (or mama!), but it was sweet!

10/19/2012 – I love how you run up to me from behind and slap both of my legs at the same time, as if you’re saying hello.  It’s so cute!

10/20/2012 – I love that you put your animal puzzle together by yourself yesterday.  That’s a really big deal, Buddy!  I was so proud!

10/21/2012 – I love how you settled on my shoulder at bedtime and did not move at all as I rocked you before bed.  You just fell asleep and was happy.  So was I!

10/22/2012 – I love how you seem to master any puzzle we put in front of you.  You put a puzzle together today that you’ve never really even played with.  I’m amazed at how quickly you learn!  You pointed to the cow spot on the puzzle and then reached for the correct piece in the pile of pieces, and put it where it belonged.  This impressed the hell out of me!

10/23/2012 – I love that you said, “baby,” today right after we got the news that you’re likely to be a big brother in June!  It was so cute!  You looked down at Vera’s baby doll, rubbed its head, and said (very lovingly), “baby.”  LOVE!

10/24/2012 – I love how excited you get when Daddy comes home.  You hear the garage door go up and you just can’t wait until he walks in!

10/25/2012 – I love how you enjoyed Claire today at lunch.  When we arrived you weren’t in the best mood (so tired) but she just lit you up and you smiled the entire time.  I love how you gaze at her!

10/26/2012 – I loved watching you make fast friends which Chloe tonight in KC.  You two danced together and had a great time!

10/27/2012 – I love that you shoo-ed Chloe away today at Little Monkey Biz when she and I were snuggling.  I don’t love that you physically nudged her, but I love that you felt possessive of your mom!  I love being loved by you!

10/28/2012 – I loved that we fell asleep together in your room today before your nap.  It was so peaceful.

10/29/2012 – This morning, you grabbed my hand and led me to where you wanted me to go.  You led me through the whole house back to the bathroom (I think you wanted to shower).  It was wonderful and so cute – and I loved it!

10/30/2012 – OMG I loved Halloween with you!  You are so darned cute, I can’t stand it!  You quickly understood the point of what we were doing and waited patiently at everyone’s doors until they answered, held your bucket out, and then tried to go into their house to hang out.  HA!  Such a friendly boy!  We hung out with Jim and Diane quite a bit – they loved having you in and you loved visiting them!  Your outgoing personality makes us so proud!  Daddy wants me to thank you for picking out the 100 Grands because he is enjoying one right now  🙂

10/31/2012 – I love how you rubbed my arm tonight as I rocked you to sleep.  🙂

11/01/2012 – I love that enjoyed my friend Kristin so much today!  She loves you so much and you were extra cute to her!

11/02/2012 – I love how happy you were to see Daddy after his trip to Chicago!  You missed him so much.

11/03/2012 – I loved playing with you and Daddy at the park!  We got an extra warm day for the fall and it was a great way to spend the early evening.  Super fun!

11/04/2012 – I love that you napped on me this morning when we were both so confused about daylight savings time.  I loved our snuggle so much!

11/05/2012 – I loved watching you play with your Mega Bl.ocks with Daddy – you two love building things together!

11/06/2012 – I love that you shared my lap with your friend, Hailey, today at Zoo Tunes.  That was very nice of you (but you’re a nice boy, so I wasn’t surprised!)!

11/07/2012 – I love how brave you were today when you hurt your mouth.  I don’t want to talk about it further (my heart still hurts from it) – but let me just say that you were a trooper!

11/08/2012 – I love how you woke up today, ready to face a new day with a positive attitude, after the day you had yesterday.  I’m really sorry that you got hurt again, buddy.  😦

11/09/2012 – I love that you were so nice and welcoming to HGB today.  Thanks for being such a friendly boy – you make us very proud!  (I also secretly love that you slept with Daddy and me tonight!)

11/10/2012 – I love how much fun you had at the zoo today!  You loved all the animals.

11/11/2012 – I love how mellow you are – you are so laid back and easy to have around for everyone.  Aunt Lindsay told me this a thousand times this weekend  😉

11/12/2012 – I love how you and Hailey played together today!  It was the first time that I’ve really noticed you playing together instead of side-by-side.  You both rolled around together on the floor, snuggling and wrestling and laughing so hard!  It was adorable!

11/13/2012 – I love that you gave me an unsolicited hug today!  I was holding you in the chair just now, and you wrapped your arms around my neck and squeezed me so tight with your little head rested on mine!  LOVE!  And then you leaned down to kiss me.  I love you, Muffin!

11/14/2012 – I love how much fun you had with V today – you two are such great friends!  I think you love her  😉

11/15/2012 – I loved waking up with you today in bed with me, even if I didn’t sleep much all night.

11/16/2012 – I love how you ran faster than you’ve ever run to Daddy today when he got off the plane!

11/17/2012 – I loved watching you devour your pickles tonight at dinner.  I wouldn’t normally let you eat two pickle spears, but right now – you can eat whatever you want as long as you eat.

11/18/2012 – Let me start by saying that I do not love that you are sick (poor boy), but I do love all of the snuggles that Daddy and I got from you today.  So sweet!  You spent the entire day snuggling us here and there and eveyrwhere.  LOVE!

11/19/2012 – I love how good you were today at the doctor when we got your ears checked out.  No one would have known you had a double ear infection from the mood you’ve been in (except last night – holy smokes, poor boy!).

11/20/2012 – I loved watching you eye the possum today at Zoo Tunes.  I could just tell you wanted to touch her!  (I wanted to, too!)

11/21/2012 – I love that you’re starting to feel better from your awful ear infection.  You’re back to normal today!

11/22/2012 – I love how much fun you had playing with your cousins today at Grammy and Pooh’s.  You guys had a ball!  I also loved the nap we took together to try to get you some rest.  It was a great snuggle!

11/23/2012 – I loved taking you to see Santa today.  It did not go well, but you were a very good boy for us once we got on his lap with you  😉

11/24/2012 – I love that you fell asleep in your high chair for the first time ever today!  I was cutting herbs for prime rib and I turned to look at you – and you were sound asleep.  Ahhh… so sweet!

11/25/2012 – I loved taking you to buy your first Christmas tree today  🙂  You really enjoyed yourself and picked a great little tree!

11/26/2012 – I love how you hug your Christmas tree all the time!  You really love it!

11/27/2012 – I love how much you love cutie oranges!  I love sharing them with you!  We are quite a pair with our bowl of oranges every day.

11/28/2012 – I love that you sit on my tummy while watching Curious George!  You think I’m your chair!

11/29/2012 – I love that you held my hand tonight as you fell asleep on my shoulder!

11/30/2012 – I love that you were so relaxed with your cousin, Helena, today.  You two had a great time!

12/01/2012 – I loved taking you out for a fancy dinner tonight!  You lasted a solid hour and ate salmon, green beans, and avocado, some oranges, some fancy (stinky) cheese, and scallops (you loved that!).  It was a real treat taking you out on the town!  You kept getting excited about the lights out the window – and that was super fun!  We took you to look at Christmas lights afterwards and you loved it!

12/02/2012 – I loved our snuggle while you napped today.  It was the only way we could keep you asleep – by letting you sleep on me for an hour and a half.  This does not happen often so when it does, it’s so nice!

12/03/2012 – I loved spending lots of time in the book section today at with you, reading little books to you that you picked off the shelf!

12/04/2012 – I love how you put everything around your neck – like your bib!  We were at Zoo Tunes today and every prop they gave you went around your neck.  You did the same thing with the garland tonight.  It’s adorable!

12/05/2012 – It’s early in the day but I already know my favorite thing!  I love that you fell asleep today while I was reading books to you before your nap.  So sweet!  I could have rocked you all day long!

12/06/2012 – I loved your kisses tonight as I rocked you tonight!

12/07/2012 – I loved watching you be a big boy today at Back.yard!  You started out wanting me to help you climb the equipment and ended with climbing up, playing on, and sliding down the slide all by yourself.  Unreal!  You’re growing up!

12/08/2012 – I love how you know your kitties’ names and point to each one when we ask.  It’s awesome!

12/09/2012 – I love how you stroke my hair when I’m holding you.  It melts my heart every time!

12/10/2012 – I loved our little 12:30 AM snuggle this morning when you woke up needing some pain medicine.  You snuggled in quite quickly and we fell asleep together!  I also loved how much you wanted to hang out with me at baby gym.  You’re feeling a little under the weather and you’re super tired, which explains your wanting to be in my lap.  I got lots of hugs today  🙂

12/11/2012 – I loved you in your new lion sweater!  You look AWESOME in it!  Daddy calls it your “Lily with a hat” sweater.  HA!

12/12/2012 – I love that you enjoyed your pork today at Chip.ot.le when I mixed it with your guacamole!  I learned a new trick to get you to eat the things I want you to eat.   HA!

12/13/2012 – I love that you stuck a cutie sticker in your ear at dinner and we forgot about it until bath time.  I laughed so hard when I peeled it off your ear tonight!  You crack me up!  You were excited to see your sticker again  😉

12/14/2012 – I love that your daddy loves you so much (and that you love him too!) that he bought you your Christmas lawn ornament!  You seem to love it already and I’m anxious to see how you react to it as the days go by and you start expecting it at your house when we come home at night!

12/15/2012 – I love how you enjoyed Sarah tonight at dinner.  You had the best time sitting next to her and showing off for her.  She loves you so much, and you return her love every time we see her!

12/16/2012 – I love how much fun you had running around Mickey’s tonight after dinner.  You thoroughly enjoyed yourself and so did we!

12/17/2012 – I love how you waited patiently for your stamp today after baby gym.  You knew exactly where to go sit and wait your turn!  I also love that you were excited about the bubbles and popped them with such enthusiasm.  They used to mesmerize you and you’d sit very still, but now you chase after them and try to pop them all!

12/18/2012 – I love that you were anxious to pet the ferret today at Zoo Tunes!  Finally, and animal you could touch again! 

12/19/2012 – I love how much fun you had at breakfast with Aggie today!  You guys played off of each other and had a ball!

12/20/2012 – I love that you handled our power outage so gracefully, much better than Mommy did.  You didn’t even notice not having CG to watch.

12/21/2012 – I love that you sat on my lap, with your head on my shoulder, watching Daddy clear the snow today.  It was such a nice snuggle in the middle of the morning!  I also love that you took your pants off for the first time.  You were so proud of yourself!

You just started spinning today!  I love it, and so do you!  You spin and spin in circles on both feet or one foot at a time.  It’s adorable… especially your smile once you stop and realize that you’re dizzy!

12/22/2012 – I love how you gobbled up my homemade mashed sweet potatoes tonight!  You loved them, and that makes me very happy!!!!

12/23/2012 – I love that you squeezed my arm, over and over, as you drifted to sleep tonight in my arms as I sang.  I knew that you were getting into a deep sleep and it made me so happy to be holding you while you relaxed so.

12/24/2012 – Happy half birthday, Matthew!  And merry Christmas eve!

12/25/2012 – Rough day today – you woke up at 1:30 AM with a terrible fever.  BUT – I loved the snuggles you gave us all day long.  Daddy even got lots of snuggles and he loved that!

12/26/2012 – I love that your fever broke on its own today.  Enough said.  RELIEF for mama – I was worried about you!

12/27/2012 – I loved your chitter chatter today – and that you were back to your normal self after being sick for 2 days  🙂

12/28/2012 – I love practicing new sounds with you.  We work together and you mimic everything I do – which is super fun!

12/29/2012 – We went to Kevin and Terri’s today for their holiday party and I loved watching you watch Jack and Emma (dogs) play outside in their dog run.  You kept talking to them and hollering at them – I think you wanted them to come play with you!  We would ask you where Jack was and you’d run to the window to show us.  So cute!

12/30/2012 – You have startede snuggling with me between getting you in your jammies and putting you in your sleep sack.  It’s wonderful – something I always want to remember!  You wrap your arms around my neck and bury your head into my neck and shoulder, and stroke my hair.  You sometimes sing into my shoulder too.  I just love it!

12/31/2012 – I love how much fun you had in the tub tonight!  We took the best video of you splashing all around.  The bathroom was a mess when you were done with it (which is so hysterical since the cleaners were just here today) but it was totally worth it to hear your uncontrolled laughter!

01/01/2013 – Happy New Year!  I love how you hug Daddy all the time.  You run up to him and ask for hugs – wrap your arms as far around his neck as you can – and then get down to play again.  It’s precious!

01/02/2013 – I loved our morning out together!  Daddy’s been home for a long time on vacation and this was the first day that you and I got out to do our normal routine and we had the BEST time.  We went on a play date, then to the mall for new shoes for you (which you love, by the way!), then to Chipotle for a super fun lunch!  On the way home, you chatted me up and danced to the music.  This (YOU) is just what I needed!

01/03/2012 – I love that you were a little tentative at the neighbors and hung onto my leg for a short bit.  You made me feel very, very loved and needed!

01/04/2013 – I love how you kept asking Pooh to pick you up.  That made us all smile, especially Pooh!  I also love how much fun you and Callie, the kitty, had together!  She misses you already – that’s what Pooh says.

01/05/2013 – I love how you brightened my grandpa’s day today.  You are the best medicine for someone who is feeling under the weather!  You were a good, good boy!  We love you so much!

01/06/2013 – I love how you ate the biggest dinner of ALL time tonight.  Well, not of ALL time, but it was a close second!  We took you to Mickey’s because I wanted a reuben sandwich and you ate green beans, cherry tomatoes, brocolli, an ENTIRE plump chicken breast, a pickle, and blueberries.  You finished everything.  It was wonderful!

I also love how you took my hand and walked with me down the hall to the shower.  It made me think about the times ahead of us when we’ll walk hand-in-hand to fun things, and not-so-fun things.

01/07/2013 – I love that you finally hung from the bars today at gymnastics.  Holy smokes!  You’re getting so big!

01/08/2013 – I love what a good boy you were today at lunch while your friend was losing her mind and being quite naughty.  I was worried you would mimic her for fun, but you just watched and kept on eating.  You were so sweet today – in the pool and at lunch.  I love, love, LOVE spending every day with you!

01/09/2013 – I love what a big boy you were today at your hair cut.  You sat in the chair all by yourself, and didn’t make a peep!  You held your monkey under your cape and watched videos of yourself on my phone.  You only seemed concerned when the hair dryer came out, but even then, you weren’t upset!  You make me so proud!

01/10/2013 – I love, love, love how much fun you had at gymnastics today!  You didn’t just hang onto the bars, but you swung on them too!  You were so pleased with yourself!  While you were swinging, you threw your head back and laughed and laughed at your new accomplishment!  You had such a great time today at the gym – you were definitely out of your shell and showing off!

01/11/2013 – I love how you’ve started to play with my hair.  You stroke it and then rub your own head, almost comparing the lengths of our hair.  You love playing with my hair, and I love that you love it!

I also loved holding you today after your short nap while you watched CG.  You sat up against me, drinking your milk, for over 40 minutes.  It was wonderful!

01/12/2013 – I love how much fun you had at Cade’s basketball game today.  You had a blast watching the big boys play their game and throw that ball around.  It was super fun watching you run around the court after the game was over!

01/13/2013 – I love how you told us you were ready for bed by signing “all done” when I was singing to you.  It was so cute and adorable.  “All done, all done, all done!!!!”  You were a tired boy and ready for bed.  You even had me put you in your bed awake and sitting up and you went to sleep without a peep.  I think things are changing.  It breaks my heart that I can’t rock you to sleep at night anymore, but we still have your naps!

01/14/2013 – I love that you sat down on the blue mat, half way through gymnastics today, pointing to your hand for a stamp.  You were ready to be done just so you could get that exciting stamp on your hand!

01/15/2013 – I love how you run down the hall towards me with your arms open, squeeling happily, running into my open arms waiting to hug you!  I especially love that you do this over, and over, and over again – after we hug, you take off in the opposite direction, then turn arond, and run to me for your hug again.  I think you did this 6 times tonight before moving onto other things  😉

01/16/2013 – I loved how you nuzzled into me tonight at RB before dinner.  It was so wonderful – you wrapped your arms around my neck and burried your face into my shoulder and just smiled.  I love your hugs!

01/17/2013 – I love that you cooked with me tonight!  You stood on a chair and helped dry mushrooms, load them into the bowl, season them, and then watched me prep chicken.  You loved it and so did I!  It was super fun!

01/18/2013 – I love how excited you got about a new CD today!  You had the cutest look of surprise on your face when Counting Crows started and you danced quite a bit!

01/19/2013 – I loved your “bed head” today.  It was AWESOME!  You totally looked like such a big boy with your hair all over the place!

01/20/2013 – I love how much fun you had with Aunt Sue and Uncle Larry’s dogs (Maggie and Sadie) today.  You all had a super fun time, and you were all very well-behaved!  You also made me so proud with your good eating, and your FABULOUS patience at the breakfast table.  WOW, Buddy!

01/21/2013 – I love how you hug me so much, without me asking.  I cannot get enough of your arms around my neck!

01/22/2013 – I love how much fun you had with Weston and Vera today on their second birthday!  Remind me to show you the video!  And oh my goodness, I love how happy you were when you woke up today from your nap!  AWESOME giggles and smiles, Buddy!

01/23/2013 – I loved watching you run to the door to watch Daddy come up the driveway.  You were so excited to see him, and he saw that through the window!

01/24/2013 – I love that you learned how to say (and throw your hands in the air while saying it!) “Ta-da!”  It is the cutest thing ever, and Daddy sure enjoyed it when you did it for him tonight!  Weston taught you today while he was over playing, and you loved it and did it immediately.  AWESOME!

01/25/2013 – I love that you tried, and LOVED, peppadew peppers tonight at dinner.  You are an eating champion!

01/26/2013 – I love that you are learning to jump, and are trying new things with it.  For instance, you were just jumping on your feet for the first time tonight, and then decided to jump onto your bottom (onto the hard floor, oh my!).  You just love jumping around and getting super wild before bed time.  We enjoy this time, listening to you giggle, watching you wear yourself out (ha!), and just rolling around with you!

01/27/2013 – I love that we can now tell when you prefer Daddy, or Mommy, to rock you after books at bed time.  We just knew tonight, watching you relax in Daddy’s arms, that he was your guy for tonight.  Last night, we could tell the same thing, but it was my turn to rock you.  You are getting pretty easy to read, and it’s nice!  It makes it easier on me to let Daddy do some of the snuggling  😉

01/28/2013 – I do not love how difficult you were at dinner tonight ;), but I did love your friendliness with all the babies and children at the restaurant.  You are such a sweet little guy!

01/29/2013 – I loved listening to you chat with me this morning when I came in to try to get you back to sleep.  You woke up WAY too early and I tried to salvage your sleep, but I was too late.  SO – instead, I rocked you and listened to your super sweet morning chatter, which melts my heart!  You point to shadows and softly ask, with a high pitched voice, “what’s that?”  Precious!

01/30/2013 – I loved spending the day inside with you today.  It was freezing and windy outside, so you and I hunkered down, with Daddy working downstairs, and kept each other company all day long.  It was fun!

01/31/2013 – I love how your rubbed your face up against my face tonight while we were singing “Puff the Magic Dragon” to you.  Daddy says that it looked like you were kissing my face, over and over again.  It melted my heart.  I selfishly didn’t want it to end.  🙂

02/01/2013 – This is selfish, but I love that you slept 11 hours last night, like old times!  It made us BOTH so happy.  You woke up super happy and ready for the day, and I woke up before you, waiting in anticipation for your call to me!

02/02/2013 – I love how you would turn around tonight to look at Daddy every time he stopped singing “Puff the Magic Dragon” to sneeze.  It just wasn’t the same for you without Daddy singing too.  So sweet!

02/03/2013 – I love that had such a super time at Mickey’s for the Superbowl!  We were there for 2 hours and you made friends with Jack and Shosh, and had the best time we’ve seen you have in a very long time!

02/04/2013 – I love how patient you were today when I got my blood drawn at the doctor.  You were so patient, that you sat on my lap during the whole thing and just watched.  You seemed a little concerned about what was going on, and that was sweet!

02/05/2013 – I love that you wanted me to rock you to sleep tonight, instead of Daddy.  We both thought you were in the mood for Daddy snuggles, but as I walked out, you cried for me, so of course, I came in and took over.  It was a nice snuggle.

02/06/2012 – I LOVED watching you swing from the bars today at gymnastics!  It was your first class as a “Big Beast” and you jumped right in with the big kids!  A couple of weeks ago, you hung from the bars, but today, you stood on the little stand, reached out for the bar, and then swung back and forth with no support.  AMAZING!

02/07/2013 – I loved watching you have lunch with your friends, V & W, today at their house.  The three of you had such fun together and goofed off like normal toddlers do!  It was very nice of you to let V feed you your avocados – she loved that!

02/08/2013 – I loved watching you and Vera play so kindly together, sharing the car and pushing each other up and down the hallway.  So sweet!

02/09/2013 – I love how much you LOVED your dinner tonight!  We went to Flying Mango and you were in heaven.  You ate everything we ordered – brisket, sweet potato cake, and spiced baked apples.  You also ate some extra fruit we brought with us and some tomatoes.  You did GREAT and it was fun watching you love a meal so much!

02/10/2013 – I love how much of a show-off you were today when your grandparents were here to visit.  You had the best time showing them all the things you can do!  You showed them how outgoing you are (they already knew!) and made them smile from ear to ear.  You are such a sweet, loving boy to everyone!

02/11/2013 – I love that you found your mower, all by yourself, in the garage and had such a good time with it.  It was fun to watch you explore it and LOVE it!  It’s your new favorite toy!

02/12/2013 – I love that you made our first night without Daddy (in a very long time) easy.  You were such a good boy all day, all night, and even in the morning, sleeping until 7:20.  It’s like you knew I needed an easy time.

02/13/2013 – I love that you knew that I needed lots of hugs – really GOOD ones – today.  Thank you for that, sweet boy.  Thank you so much!

02/14/2013 – I love that you fell asleep tonight, facing me with your head on my shoulder.  I just gazed at you for several minutes, enjoying every second of it.  Your sweet face melts my heart!

02/15/2013 – I forgot to log this until tonight when I was telling Daddy about it.  I love that I could feel your heart beating against my chest the other night when I was rocking you before bed.  You were all settled, and positioned in such a way that for the first time ever, I noticed your heart thumping against mine.  It was special.  I’ll never forget that!

02/16/2013 – I LOVE that you are making the lion sound whenever we ask.  You totally have it down, and your roar is so sweet and quiet compared to other kids.  You even do it now when we drive by the lion picture at DMCS.  It’s wonderful!

02/17/2013 – I love how much you loved getting Daddy Kisses tonight after dinner.  You giggled and giggled as Daddy kissed your neck over and over again.  It was too sweet!

02/18/2013 – I love that you started singing tonight along with us to “Puff the Magic Dragon.”  I had just told Daddy earlier that day that I could not wait to hear you start singing – and you did tonight!  It was the sweetest thing, and it took everything in Daddy and me to keep singing and not just stop and listen to you!

02/19/2013 – I love that you are becoming more verbal.  It’s neat to see you practicing your sounds and you really started enunciating today, which we both noticed.  You are very busy learning new things, and practicing, practicing, practicing the things you learn.  It’s so awesome to watch!

02/20/2013 – I LOVE that you are laughing at CG now.  You just bust out and laugh and giggle at him, especially if you’re watching it on our phones.  It’s the sweetest sound ever – the sound of your genuine laughter.  I LOVE it!  (You just did it as I was typing this!)

02/21/2013 – I loved watching you mimic your friend, W, today while he was here.  He is a bit older than you, but you try to keep up and it’s fun watching you challenge yourself.  I’m not thrilled about the things you’re learning from W, like climbing shelves, but I do love watching your mind grow!

02/22/2013 – I love that you napped so well for us today after delaying your nap time by a couple hours.  You had to visit V and W while Daddy and I went for Wilson’s special ultrasound, and we figured you wouldn’t nap there and worried you’d strike all together once we got you home.  But no – you fell right to sleep and only slept 1.5 hours, putting you just 30 minutes past your wake-up time.  We then took you out for a LONG dinner to celebrate Wilson’s happy ultrasound and you were an EXCELLENT boy the entire time.  And you ate lamb for the first time, and loved it!  We love the little adventurous eater that you are, Matthew!

02/23/2013 – I love how much fun you have with V and W tonight at their house!  We went there for dinner and the three of you had the best time for over 3 hours!  It was fun for Daddy to watch you with your friends – he doesn’t get to do that too often since he works all day.  We all had a great, fun time!  We did NOT love your table manners tonight – throwing your food at your friends is not acceptable!  😉

02/24/2012 – I loved watching you play in the front seats of the car today.  I know that this is your favorite things in the WHOLE world right now, and it’s so hard to say no to you when you ask to play up front.  I do NOT love the fits you throw when it’s time to either put you in your seat or bring you inside.  HA!

02/25/2013 – I love that you just whipped out the word, “door,” today at nap time when I was reading to you!  You pointed to the door on the school bus and shouted out DOOR, with such pride.  You even did it for Daddy when he came home!

02/26/2013 – I love that you LOVED watching the snow fall outside the car this morning as we ran some errands.  You just kept chattering away, pointing at the snow and being very curious about it.  You like to watch out the front door when it snows, but watching it outside the car was like a whole new thing for you!  You enjoyed it so much that I let you go into the restaurant for breakfast WITHOUT a hat (GASP!) so that you could feel the snow on your face and head.  You loved that!

PS – I also loved our breakfast date  😉  You were such a good, fun little guy and made me very proud to be out with you!

02/27/2013 – I love how much fun you had running around naked after our shower.  HA!  You played with all of your toys, stark naked.  You had the best time doing it!  I took a few photos but won’t post them!

02/28/2013 – I loved watching you have fun with Denise and the girls at the yogurt place.  I ESPECIALLY loved that you fed me most of my yogurt – that was the sweetest thing ever!  You had the absolute best time feeding me and thought it was SO FUNNY!  It was pretty funny, actually!  You are just the sweetest, funniest, most lovable boy I’ve ever met!

03/01/2013 – I love that when you say, “big car,” it sounds like “good God.”  It makes me laugh every time you say it!

03/02/2013 – I love that you were so darned charming at Hailey’s birthday party today.  You made friends with EVERYONE – everyone of all ages, sizes, etc.  You especially enjoyed hanging out with Jack (who’s 8) and Justin, Hailey’s 14 year old cousin.  You were so friendly with everyone – you are your daddy’s boy.  No one is a stranger when you’re in the room, Matthew!

03/03/2013 – I love how loving you were with Adelaide today.  She was so excited to see you and she was quite the mother hen with you, and you let her guide you around the house and treat you like the baby that you aren’t any longer  😉  She was very sad when we left (you desperately needed a nap) and Aunt Nicki told me later that Adelaide had the best time with you!

03/04/2013 – You had a rough day today – you weren’t feeling well at all.  BUT – I did love your immediate snuggles when we came home to nap after visiting V and W.  You settled in so nicely and just zonked out.  You were up a LOT last night with sore teeth and getting a cold, so you were ready to sleep.  I loved rocking you while you relaxed!

03/05/2013 – I love that were my little traveling buddy this morning!  We went to breakfast with Denise, then to W Foods for groceries, then home (and I let you play in the garage by yourself with the door propped open to the house – you LOVED this!), then out to meet Kristin for lunch.  You were in a pretty great mood all morning and then took an awesome nap, resulting in a super fun mood when Daddy came home.

03/06/2013 – I love how freely you gave hugs to V and W today!  They BOTH came up to play and you were so excited!  You just gaze at V and give her hugs constantly, and tried stealing a few kisses too 😉  The three of you played so well together – it was super fun to watch!  I also loved the hugs you kept giving me while they were here – claiming your mama a little which is fine by me!

03/07/2013 – I loved our lunch together at home.  I was not feeling well and had leftover soup and you happily ate a hot dog, avocado, and grapes, nibbling on my soup here and there.  We’ve been eating lunches at home more often these days, and it’s more time to connect with one another and it’s fun!

03/08/2013 – I loved that you were a little tentative at music class today – affording me some lap time with my sweet boy!  I just love holding you, and I know that those times will end one of these days.  I take them whenever I can get them!

03/09/2013 – I loved, loved, LOVED our hotel snuggle today during nap time!  I think I took 50 photos of us snuggling together.  It was heaven.  I didn’t miss out on a thing that everyone else was doing – I was having the time of my life with you!

03/10/2013 – I loved watching you play at Grammy and Pooh’s today, looking for Callie the kitty.  I know you missed her a great deal.  She’ll be there next time we’re there, and you’ll have to be careful because she’ll only have 3 legs next time you see her.  But she will be OK!

03/11/2013 – I loved taking you to the grocery store today!  You showed everyone your Star W.ars shirt with such pride and you and I chatted the entire time we were there.  It was super fun, even if it did mess up your nap schedule.

03/12/2013 – I loved watching you laugh and laugh at Weston today when he was jumping in the jumper.  You both got such a kick out of watching each other jump around in there, and took turns very nicely!  I also loved all the hugs you gave him, unsolicited.  You are the most loving boy I’ve ever met!  You also gave me so many wonderful pats during dinner – it was like you were thanking me for your ribeye and parsnips!

03/13/2013 – I love all the big, strong hugs you gave me at nap time today.  So many times, you just reached up and wrapped your arms around my neck and hugged me so tight!  You also gave me many much loved kisses!  THANK YOU!

03/14/2013 – I loved watching you and Vera interract today!  I told you to give her a kiss, and she took off running and told you to “catch me if you want to kiss me!”  TOO CUTE!!!  You chased her, caught her, and kissed her lovingly.  I loved it!

03/15/2013 – I loved watching you draw with markers for the first time tonight at dinner!  You did a REALLY good job and didn’t get any on your face!  Your hands were a different story, but that’s to be expected.  You loved playing with all the colors and tried sharing them with Daddy and me… but we let you keep them!

03/16/2013 – I loved your unsolicited kiss tonight when I was rocking you.  You really wanted a kiss on the lips and I was happy to give it to you!

03/17/2013 – I loved spending so much time with you today on my 37th birthday!  I also love how much fun you had with all of the big kids at my party!  Every time you’d hear the doorbell, you ran to the door asking, “who is it?” and you got so excited when you saw another kid to play with!  You showed off for C and P and they thought you were adorable (because you are!).  You were such a delight and made my birthday so special!

03/18/2013 – I love that you got back to your normal nap schedule today.  THANK YOU!

03/19/2013 – This sounds selfish, because it is, but I love that you missed me today when I left you at Erin’s so I could go to the eye doctor.  You don’t seem to miss me much, so that made me feel special!

03/20/2013 – I love how much fun you had with Hailey today at lunch!  You two just smile at each other, and make each other laugh, and it makes me so happy!

03/21/2013 – I love that you started meowing tonight while I was rocking you to sleep.  HA!  You were so relaxed, and all of a sudden, “Meow.  Meow.  Meow.”  It is just so cute how realistic your meow is, and to hear it come out of nowhere really makes me chuckle!

03/22/2013 – I love how patient you were with us tonight when trying to find a place to eat dinner.  I was not expecting you to be so good while taking you in and out of the car, checking restaurants for availability.  You surprised me and worked with me very well.  THANK YOU!

03/23/2013 – I love that you ran straight to Greta today when we went down to see your friends!  It is so sweet how much you love her.  You like to show her to me and rub her head, point out her eyes, nose, and EARS, and give (and pull out) her binkey.  So sweet!  You’re going to be a great big brother to Wilson!

03/24/2013 – I love that you layed down with Daddy to watch TV tonight – it was so cute of the two of you!

03/25/2013 – I love that you hopped onto my feet to dance with me tonight!  That was such a shock, but it turns out Daddy does that with you  😉  I had no idea… and I LOVED it!

03/26/2013 – I love how smitten you were with Vera today!  You just sit so quietly and watch her play, with the sweetest smile on your face!  You’re a sweet boy!

03/27/2013 – I love that you snuggled in bed with Daddy tonight before his trip tomorrow.   He loved the time with you and it was so nice that you calmed down and really layed in bed with us for so long.  I let you stay up late just to be with Daddy, and you made his heart melt with your snuggles!

03/28/2013  – I love how much you love Lily, and how you tried to comfort her when she was frightened at the vet today.  She is one of your best friends and you love her so much – and she loves you too.  Watching you two together makes me happy, even if your snuggles are too rough for the old girl.  She tolerates them because she loves you, and I love that.  Thank you for being so kind to her (and your other kitties, of course!).

03/29/2013 – I LOVED our hour at the park today!  You had the best time and it was our first time at the park this spring.  I took so many pictures – you were just so stinking happy to be OUTSIDE!  It was marvelous!

03/30/2013 – I loved how tight you held my neck as I rocked you today.  You nuzzled in so close and kept your arms around me, nice and tight.  You become MORE affectionate each day, which is not what I expected of my toddler boy.  I am not complaining – quite the contrary.  I know I’m VERY lucky to have such a loving snuggle bug!

03/31/2013 – I love that you kept popping up to remind me to keep singing as I drifted off while rocking you today before your nap.  It was so sweet – you would lift your head up and look me square in the eyes and make a questioning sound like, “why did you stop, Mom?”  It was wonderfully sweet!  I always have wondered if you like my singing, and I think I can assume that you do!

04/01/2013 – Oh what a night!  Daddy is out of town and I forgot to give you your ibuprofen before I brushed your teeth, so I decided to try to let you have a night without it.  You woke up an hour after going to bed, and again another hour later.  What I loved about this is that you crashed hard on me the second time you woke up, and just kept your heavy, sleeping weight on my chest for a little while.  I loved listening to you breathe and moan a little in your sleep!

04/02/2013 – I love that you started practicing your words just before I put you to bed.  You were sound asleep on my shoulder (or so I thought) and then popped up and started chattering your new words and sounds.  It was so cute – like your brain just wasn’t ready to rest yet.  I laughed, which of course, made you even more alert.  But you still went to bed nicely!

04/03/2013 – I love how much fun you had with Denise’s dogs… and Claire.  Who you love so much!  You had a great time, especially with their water spray bottle which you used to spray yourself in the face.  You laughed and laughed as you soaked yourself, and showed off for Claire!

04/04/2013 – I love how you and Weston were showing each other how strong you were during lunch!!  It was so cute to watch you both take turns “being strong” while watching the other one and laughing along.  You two are best buddies!

04/05/2013 – I love how happy you were to see Daddy today when you woke up from your nap!  He’s been gone for 4 whole nights and 5 whole days, and you’ve asked for him repeatedly and today, I told you he’d be here after your nap.  You were VERY happy to see him, but not surprised.  I think you knew the whole time that he’d be back!

04/06/2013 – I love how you pull me out of the way of the hot water when we’re in the shower.  Daddy would agree – Mommy is a hot water hog  😉  It’s cute how you grab around my leg, and gently pull me to a corner where there is no water spraying, and then run under the stream and just stand there and soak it in.  I love it!!!!

04/07/2013 – I love how gentle you were with Callie, Grammy and Pooh’s kitty, and how well you listened to Daddy and me when we told you to calm down with her.  She just got over her leg amputation and is fragile and needs TLC, and you gave it to her.  You were so good to her, you sweet little boy!

04/08/2013 – I loved napping with you at Pooh and Grammy’s house.  There was no way you’d nap by yourself, and I wouldn’t try to let you anyway, so we snuggled up and took a 2 hour nap and it was WONDERFUL!  I loved it so much!

04/09/2013 – I loved having breakfast with you and Daddy today!  The cleaners came bright and early so the three of us went to La Mie for breakfast, and it was super special having a breakfast out, together, as a family during the work week!

04/10/2013 – I love how quickly you ran to the big blue mat today at gymnastics to get your stamp.  You LOVE getting your stamp, and you get so excited about it!  It’s so fun watching you love specific things.  You are truly your own person now!!

04/11/2013 – I loved sharing the 801 fillet with you today for lunch – even though I got very little of it because you loved it so much.  HA!  I love it when you eat fancy food – it helps me remember that even kids (or at least you) get bored with food and need variety!

04/12/2013 – This was our travel day to Florida – and I LOVE how easy you made it on us.  We have avoided trips, just not sure of how they would go with you.  We planned and planned how to make this eausy for us all and you did just great!  You even sat patiently in the car as we drove 40 minutes out of the way to drop off our friend at her aunt’s house.  You were such a good boy – and we will definitely travel again with you ASAP!

04/13/2013 – I LOVED your excitement during the street parade today at the Magic Kingdom.  You loved it.  You loved it so much, and watching you enjoy it so much was wonderful for me!!!!  I actually teared up watching you have so much fun!

04/14/2013 – I love how much you enjoyed showing Daddy all the things you were exploring at Animal Kingdom today.  This day was all about you and Daddy, because I was having lots of ligament pain and was having a hard time keeping up with you guys.  You both had such a fun time together, and it was super fun watching the two of you.  I love you both so much!

04/15/2013 – I love that you climbed into bed with me this morning and fell asleep for almost an hour.  You just were not ready to get up!  Daddy came in to snuggle with us and we all loved it.  So special – this never happens!

04/16/2013 – I love how much you love seeing ducks, boats, and buses.  At EPCOT today, you could not get enough of those three things!  I also love how you say “bye bye.”  It sounds like “bye boat” and for the longest time today, we thought that’s what you were saying, but you say it to everything and we figured out that’s how you say “bye bye.”  So stinking cute!

I also loved, loved, LOVED watching you play in the fountain at EPCOT – the one that was made for kids to play in.  You had a ball and met a cute little red-headed girl named Quinn who you followed around, and who followed you.  You two were quite the buddies and shared the water sprayers so well with one another!

04/17/2013 – I love how you enjoyed showing off for Caitlyn tonight at dinner at the Biergarten.  You LOVED her and really lit up every time she’d look at you.  It was precious!  You love your girlfriends  😉

04/18/2013 – I love how you squeeled with delight when you saw the Magic Kingdom sign lit up at night.  I also loved watching you enjoy the Electrical Parade on Main Street of the Magic Kingdom tonight – it was truly magical for you and you showed me all sorts of things that you liked!  You talked into Daddy’s and my ear through the whole thing – it was super fun!

04/19/2013 – I love how you weren’t ready to get up this morning when we woke you up at 4:30 to drive to the airport.  You clung to me and snoozed on my shoulder as I packed up our remaining things, and it was very sweet.  It was hard work, but wonderful!

04/20/2013 – I love how easily you bounced back to our normal schedule being home from our trip.  You are one adaptable boy!

04/21/2013 – I love the play time you and Daddy shared today outside!  I got lots of fun photos of the two of you playing together… it was wonderful!

04/22/2013 – I love how much fun you had at the mall playground today!  I finally let you play there, and you thought you’d hit the jackpot!

04/23/2013 – I love that you’re saying “mama” now when you want me, or when you want comfort.  I have waited a long time for this!  You totally know that I’m your mama, as you’ll point to me when Daddy asks where mama is, but you’re now calling for me and I love it.  Melts my heart!

04/24/2013 – I love how much fun you had watching the cement trucks down the street today!  I put you in the wagon to take you down there to watch and you could not take your eyes off of them!

04/25/2013 – I love all of your hugs – you give them to me all the time now and it’s wonderful!

04/26/2013 – I love how easy you made our first day with Daddy on his road trip.  That was so nice of you!

04/27/2013 – I love how much fun you had in the car with Amelia on the drive to Omaha, and then how much you enjoyed the zoo today!  You just love babies and you enjoyed taking, and then returning, her binky during the drive down.  You two held hands for a lot of the trip, which was adorable!  Then at the zoo, you had a great time seeing the giraffes, the penguins, the monkeys, and the cats.  What a day!  You did not take a nap and you were a very good boy the entire day.

04/28/2013 – I love how good you were at breakfast with Grammy and Pooh today.  I was nervous because you were a little punchy after a horrible night of sleeping, but it worked out just fine and you were a gem!

04/29/2013 – I love how much fun you had outside today!  We went down to Vera and Weston’s for a couple of hours today and you guys all played outside the whole time, and then we went out to dinner with Daddy and sat on the patio and you LOVED that!  It was so wonderful to be outside, and to see you loving the outdoors as well!

04/30/2013 – I love how your friend Vera asked you for hugs tonight, and that you gave them to her!  She really wanted lots of hugs and loves from you, and you did start to say no, but you always relented which was sweet!  I got an extra chuckle when she said, “Matthew, put your arms around me,” and you did it.  You two love each other so much – it’s just too sweet!

05/01/2013 – Oh my, I loved watching you be independent today at baby gym!  You joined the other kids without me, you pounded away on the mat when told, you rode on the parachute (HOLY MOLY!), and you loved shooting baskets with the balls!  At the end of class, you and Molly sat down first for your stamps, but sat at the end of the line.  The two of you were so patient!

05/02/2013 – I love that when we were snuggling in bed today, you stuck your foot out in front of Jackson and he rubbed up against it.  You loved how that tickled your foot, so you put both feet out and you rubbed his neck with your toes.  It was PRECIOUS!  You both enjoyed it a great deal!

I also love how long we snuggled today.  It was so special to lay in bed and hold you while you were awake, and just content to be in my arms!

05/03/2013 – I love that you’re handling this crappy weather as well as you are.  I’m not handling half as well as you are.  You’re a trooper.  SNOW IN MAY?  Gah!

05/04/2013 – I love that you rebounded so well from knocking your poor teeth on the train ride at the Boone Scenic Railway.  What a rough deal for you!  You were having so much fun and then WHAM!  You cried a bit as your mouth bled, and then you bounced right back to your happy self.

I also loved how much fun you had looking at the trains.  You LOVE trains!

05/05/2013 – I love that you let me snuggle you a bit this last night when we had our alarm system incident.  I was so worried that something had happened in your room, that I wanted to just hold you.  And you let me!  You woke up and said, “Mom mom” and I scooped you up and we snuggled.  Thank you!

05/06/2013 – I just LOVE that you pretended to share your water with Boo today at nap time.  You melted my heart, little boy!  you are such a good friend to all of your friends!

05/07/2013 – My favorite thing, by far today, about you is that you played so well with your friends!  You guys usually play together for a bit and then go your separate ways (parallel play), but today, you and Weston, and then you and Aggie, played together for a very long time.  You took turns, showed each other how to do things, tried new things together – it was super fun to watch!

05/08/2013 – I have two favorite things today!  It was Daddy’s birthday, and I loved watching you open his presents!  It was the first time that you knew exactly what to do without anyone telling you – you saw those presents and went for them!  We’re looking so forward to your birthday in a month or so – it will be fun to watch you open your presents!

I also LOVED watching you play with Tim, Collin’s daddy.  You love him – he is so awesome with little kids and he loves you as much as you love him!

05/09/2013  – I love that you snuggled with me while watching CG today after you woke up frantic after just an hour of your nap.  You never just lay with us, so it was super special to just lay there holding you, with you totally relaxed!

05/10/2013 – I loved having family pictures taken with you today!  It was our last round of photos as a family of 3, and it was special!

05/11/2013 – I love how you played with all the other kids at Sarah’s birthday party today!  We can take you anywhere and you find your own friends.  You are such a little joiner!  You met lots of new kids and treated them all very kindly!

05/12/2013 – I loved spending time with you at the ballpark today!  What a great Mother’s Day!  We had breakfast together and then went to Cade’s game.  You LOVE watching the big boys play ball and we had a hard time tearing you away from the fence!  You also tossed your full-size football around and had a great time.  You’re going to be a sports enthusiast, I think!

05/13/2013 – I love that you were so good for Nettie today when you had to stay with her while I got my hair cut.  You were a good boy and played very nicely with V and W.  You don’t know Nettie well, but you just folded right into their groove and had a great time!

05/14/2013 – I love that you were reading to yourself in the rocker in your room today.  That was precious to walk in on.  You were reading “Curious George Rides” and you were totally enjoying yourself and your voice!  LOVE!

05/15/2013 – I love that you tried the air track at gym today, even though you were very scared of it.  You are very brave!!

05/16/2013 – I love how much fun you and W had together at the water table today!  You guys had a ball, and got soaked.  Neither of you was ready to come in, but you were chattering from being cold.  HA!  I have videos of you two playing and it was sweet!

05/17/2013 – I did not love that you got up at 3:15 and wouldn’t go back to bed, but I did love that you snuggled up and slept with me from 6:00 – 9:00.  Daddy got cute pictures of you sleeping with me, and they’re precious!

05/18/2013 – I love that you were so patient today at the campground when the fire trucks and emergency vehicles came.  You just stood there with me and watched the lights, and didn’t ask to go down there or anywhere else.  You were such a good boy!

05/19/2013 – I love that you grabbed Daddy’s and my hands today and said (what we swear we both heard as), “Come on, Mom Dad,” as you led us to your room.  It was so sweet!

05/20/2013 – I love how good you were at the hospital tonight when we took Daddy to the ER for his chest pain.  You were so tired and were a bit fussy, but nothing like you could have been!

05/21/2013 – I love that you said, “throw ball MOM!” at me today while you, Daddy, and I were playing basketball with your jumper.  Daddy and I were both stunned by your very clear 3-word sentence!  I also love how much fun you had at the park today with the boys you just met!  The four of you had a ball, and there was quite a spread in your ages.  Daddy especially loved watching you play with the boys!

05/22/2013 – I LOVED playing basketball with you today in the back yard.  SO FUN!  We have a great time together, and we take turns so well with the ball  😉

05/23/2013 – I love how much fun you had watching the big boys play at your friend, Molly’s, birthday party tonight.  We were sad that they wouldn’t play with you, but you didn’t seem to care.  Just watching them was fun for you!

I also loved hanging out with you and your friend, Aggie, today at the park with her mom.  You two are so good to each other and play nicely, even when what she’s doing isn’t necessarily what you want to do!  You’re a great friend to everyone!

05/24/2013 – I loved having “leftover Friday” together!  We cleaned out the fridge, you and me!

05/25/2013 – I love that you were so calm today at our friends’ house.  You are a little more energetic than their daughter, and you don’t like to be closed into their gated area (I don’t blame you!) – and you handled both situations just great!  You were very gentle with both your friend and her little sister, and you quickly realized that you couldn’t go up the stairs.  It was so nice to not have to worry about you because we knew you were being so good!

05/26/2013 – I love that you spent so much time snuggled up to both Daddy and me today while you were sick.  I sure hate that you’re so sick, but it was nice to spend so much time in bed, snuggling and loving each other!  I also love that you know that I lay on your right, and Daddy lays on your left!  You got rather feisty with Daddy when he laid on my side of the bed.  Several times today, you’d point to where you wanted us and would say, “sit down.”  So cute!

05/27/2013 – I loved watching you interact with Daddy while watching Cars.  You started by tapping his nose and laughing, then tugging at his face, and then you gave him the sweetest kiss and hug.  It melted my heart!  Neither of you knew I was watching, which made it extra fun!

05/28/2013 – I love how you’ve taken to grabbing Daddy’s or my face whenever you feel like it to give us a nice kiss!  It is so sweet – you are so loving!  We both talk about it a lot – how you make us feel so loved when you do this!

05/29/2013 – I loved watching you and Daddy play at the Little Gym today before you got your medal – and I also loved watching you get your medal.  But most of all, I loved watching Daddy WATCH you get your medal – he was so proud of you and it really made his day to be a part of that!

05/30/2013 – I didn’t love that you woke up at 2:00 this morning, needing nothing but MOM!  But I do love that when you finally settled down at 5:00 (yes – you were up for 3 hours!), that you rested on me and found much contentment in my supportive arm, belly, and legs.  You were all over the place, but never woke up until it was time to get up at 10:10.  I loved it!

05/31/2013 – I love that you are now saying, “sit down” and pointing to exactly where it is you want us to sit!

06/01/2013 – I love that you warmed up to Emily so quickly and made her feel welcome in our house.  You love her!

06/02/2013 – I love that you went to bed in your big boy bed without even a concern!  What a brave boy you are!  I think you were excited about the new bed, and even more excited that Daddy and I could lay with you while reading and singing!

06/03/2013 – I love that you had so much fun with the Playdoh today at your friends’ house! It was so fun to walk in and see all of you playing and having such a great time!  AND.. I love that you didn’t eat it!

06/04/2013 – Oh my goodness – I LOVE that you had your two monkeys kiss each other tonight when putting you to bed.  Daddy and I were both there to see it and it was precious – too cute for words!  You were so happy to have them love on each other.  AHHHHH… so sweet!!!!

06/05/2013 – I love that you jumped right into gymnastics today without needing me to help you warm up to the group!  It was fun watching you run to the first activity without looking back for my hand!

06/06/2013 – I love that you are making kissing sounds now when you want a kiss from us, the kitties, your big CG, or your stuffies!  We also loved playing catch with you today with your two new sports balls.  You thought that was pretty fun!

06/07/2013 – I loved our morning together!  We went to Target, and I let you sit on the big Target ball, which you thought was fun!  We then went to the park for over an hour “throw”ing the ball and having a great time!  I took tons of photos of your happiness!

06/08/2013 – It was a hard day – lots of fits because you were tired.  I love that you settled down, though, for us so nicely after Hailey and her family left.  We ended the day rather well given how it started out.

06/09/2013 – We loved watching you spend time with Grandma and Grandpa this morning.  What fun we had at Home Depot looking at plants, flowers, etc.  You were afraid of flowers today, which was interesting, but you still had a great time riding in the cart basket for the first time and running up and down the aisles.

06/10/2011 – I love that you NEVER got tired of throwing baskets today!  It’s all you wanted to do.  You were a very good boy today, especially at the mall when we left the playground, but the minutes we’d get done doing something, you’d ask to, “throw?  Throw?”  It was super cute and keeps you so incredibly happy!

06/11/2013 – I love how you laid with Daddy today, and with George, watching CG.  You had a great time holding onto Daddy, and leaning on your bestie, CG!  You’re all such great buddies!

06/12/2013 – I love that you had a great time at gymnastics today, even though your normal friends weren’t there.  You made new friends and shared just as well as you always do.  You make me so very proud!!!

06/13/2013 – I LOVED playing with you at Inc.redible P.izza today!  We went with Aggie to celebrate your birthday, and you two had such fun!  Of course I could not pull you away from the ball games, but that’s OK!  You had a great time, and thoroughly enjoyed your 2 very low-quality hot dogs  😉

06/14/2013 – I love that you mimicked Vera today when she said your balloon was stuck.  You kept saying, “stuck! stuck!” and were very concerned.  It was precious!  AND – it’s a new word for you!

06/15/2013 – I love that we are able to see you sleeping in your new big bed, all relaxed and content on your back with your arms above your head!  It makes us laugh because I sleep the same way!

I also love how tentative you were at “Touch a Truck” today.  You wanted me to stay close and wouldn’t let me put you down, which is sometimes just how I like it now that you’re getting so grown up!

06/16/2013 – I love how you snuggled with me before you fell asleep tonight.  You slept with your back up against my chest, and held my hand as you drifted off.  It is so sweet!

06/17/2013 – I loved sneaking a peak at you and Daddy reading books so happily tonight!  I took a photo… cute stuff!

06/18/2013 – I love that you adjusted so well to falling asleep without me beside you.  That was harder on me than it was on you.  You were so sweet and wanted me there, but accepted me by your bed instead.

06/19/2013 – I love that you’re enjoying the snot sucker at night!  Who would have expected that?!

I also love how much you and Lily loved on each other today.  So sweet!  You love her so much!

06/20/2013 – I love that you didn’t want to play at the mall today.  I think it’s fun that you’re not one of those kids who demands to get out of the stroller.  I made you play there, and you had a great time… but you were ready to go when it was time!

06/21/2013 – I love how much fun you had with your friends, VW, today when they came up to play!

06/22/2013 – I love how much fun you had at your birthday party!  You were a great host and we all had a great time!

06/23/2013 – I loved your patience at breakfast today.  Daddy and I were impressed with your cooperation!

06/24/2013 – I loved everything about you, and about this day, today!  Happy 2nd birthday to you, sweet boy!!!

06/25/2013 – I love that you gave your new brother lots and lots of love today!  You kissed and hugged him freely while you visited us in the hospital.

06/26/2013 – I love that you kissed me several times today when you came to the hospital to see me!  I got very little attention from you yesterday and it was nice to get lots of love from you!

06/27/2013 – I loved your long visit to us in the hospital today.  I’ve missed you so terribly much.  There have been many, many tears for me over missing you.  Your visit tonight was wonderful!

06/28/2013 – I love being back home with you.  Enough said!

06/29/2013 – I love that you and your brother hung out in our bed this morning!  It was so cute to see you each laying in your pillows!

06/30/2013 – I love that you needed me last night and slept in bed, in my arms, with me almost all night.  We both needed that!

07/01/2013 – I loved watching you get excited about riding in the Burley with Daddy!

07/02/2013 – I LOVED watching you and Daddy play at the park today!  You had so much fun together for so long.  I felt like a very lucky fly on the wall!


07/06/2013 – I loved watching you play with your dinosaur today at the food of the bed.  You kept walking him back and forth along the foot rail.  You really enjoyed this play!

07/07/2013 – I loved taking you to the lake at the mall to see the ducks.  They were very friendly and you enjoyed watching them, until they got too close to you once or twice!  I took lots of fun photos!

07/08/2013 – I loved watching you love Jackson this morning.  We’ve had some rough times with you and the kitties – you’ve been pretty hard on them.  It’s so nice seeing you being loving with them all!

07/09/2013 – I love that you were asleep within 16 minutes tonight.  SUCCESS!  You were rather tired though!

07/10/2013 – I loved holding your hand tonight as you fell asleep.  I’ve really enjoyed spending the bed time with you again – it’s like old times!

07/11/2013 – I love that you climbed up onto my chest tonight to fall asleep.  It was so wonderful to have you snoozing on me like you used to each and every night before I was so pregnant.  It melted my heart.

I also loved taking you and your brother to the mall today – without Daddy.  Daddy is great, but it was fun to get out for the first time as a party of three!  We did great – and you were so patient with me as I took a while to get you both loaded up to go to the mall and then back home.  You’re a trooper!

07/12/2013 – I love that your new favorite word is “stuck.”  You love telling us what is stuck, including yourself.  Daddy says that you woke up last night and were tangled up in your blanket, declared that, “I tuck,” and then went back to sleep.  So precious!

I also loved playing at the park with you today – just the two of us.  That was special, and so fun!

08/02/2013 – I love that you told me to put Bryson down today by pointing to him, then the swing, saing, “dit doe!” (sit down).  Cute!

08/03/2013 – I love when you say, “bye,” to any and everything!  You have a different tone and volume, and it’s awesome!  I got it on video so we never forget!

08/05/2013 – I love that you asked to hold Bryson today, and then “read” a book to him while he was in your lap.  You are the sweetest big brother ever!  I just love watching you love him!  He is going to repay you with lots of love so soon – I can’t wait to watch you two!

7 thoughts on “My Favorite Things

  1. Awwwwww! I just saw this! THIS is my favourite thing today. 🙂

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  3. I was searching for your etsy store link and just came across this – soooo cute! Whatever, BJB, what kind of man comes up with this (awesome, super cool, sentimental, amazing) kind of idea!? Jealous! My hubs did write a letter to the girls though (sealed tightly, I didn’t even get to read it!) which I think is pretty neat. Courtney, your list reads like a gratitude list, it’s so so neat and will be so special for Matthew one day. Now tell me – how DO I find your etsy store!? 😉

    • Here is the link:

      I need to clarify that everything on the site so far is by my sister. She is AMAZING! I am working on our holiday line 😉 Same type of stuff, but holiday themed.

      Thanks for your comment on this page. I love doing this – it makes me happy! I am so glad SRB mentioned it in one of her posts!

      • Aw, her stuff is so cute! I’ll be keeping an eye out for what you add for the holidays… seeing your halloween stuff that you posted about earlier made me want to decorate for halloween… but man, it’s tough to squeeze money out of the budget for decorating, especially when the girls are still just too young to really “get” it. *sigh*

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