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A mom, two boys, a husband, and a whole lot of adventure!



A few months ago, Hottie’s sister texted him asking for advice on how to communicate with her husband.  She said that she specifically wanted to hear about how he and I communicate and see if she can use any of it to help fix her marriage.  Her husband told her the night before that he wanted a divorce.  Hottie met with her the next day to talk about everything, and we both felt that she had very little time to remedy things – her husband had never mentioned divorce in the past.  We thought he was serious and steps needed to be taken immediately to try to repair things.


A few days ago, Hottie got up with Bryson AFTER I’d rocked him for 25 minutes prior (while Hottie slept – he didn’t even know I was up with him).  Because Bryson wanted him, I went back to sleep.  I have never thought that if one parent is up, that they both must be up.  No way!  Once I was up (38 minutes later) and we were getting ready, Hottie said, “I missed you this morning…” and he continued to look at me.  I was waiting for it… waiting for it… waiting… “I didn’t know if you were back here in bed or on FB.”  THERE IT WAS!  The comment.  The POINT.  The goddamn passive aggressive behavior he learned from his mother.

I was furious.

I didn’t say much because I knew he would not hear me, that he was too preoccupied with his own perception to hear anything I had to say.  I quickly quipped, “As if it matters what I was doing, I was back here sleeping.”

We both started the day angry.

The minute he left for work, I sent the following email to his personal account (we’ve agreed that these should not go to his work email) with the subject line of “Continuing”:

Hi there,

I feel like we were not talking on the same level this morning, and there are some things I’m feeling that need to be shared, that were brought up within me when you made your comment about “whether you were sleeping or on Facebook” this morning.  (And that wasn’t a glare, like you like to say, it was pure anticipation of, and then confusion with, your comment.)

I feel like when we are in the same space together (weekends, mornings, nights) that I need to be doing something you “approve” of at all times.  I feel like I cannot do anything without it being OK with you, and that isn’t right and it isn’t fair.  I even feel like I need to “get permission” first by mentioning what I’m going to do before I do it so that you don’t get mad or wonder what it is I’m doing.  This is all because of the comments you make, like the one you made this morning.  You conditionalize my activities, or just simple resting, based on the value it is to you.   You take it personally if I don’t want to do EVERYTHING together, with you or as a family, when you’re home.

I spend every waking moment with kids who need me.  I can’t carry a thought in a bucket (you have no idea how long it is took me to bang out that first paragraph above) until they’re asleep, and even then, I’m distracted with them getting out of bed, or waking up too early (too early for them, not for me), etc.  We do not have to do everything together.  This has been a thing with us from the beginning – me needing just a little space and alone time and you wanting to do everything together.  I don’t require much alone time, but when I know that you want to do everything together, it makes the very little alone time I do get stressful because I know you’d rather we be doing things together.

There is no reason for us both to always have to be up just because the other one is.  I think it’s great that you do get up and play with the kids in the morning because it gives me a much needed break and delay to the push and pull I get with them.  If I’m up with you and Bryson, he only wants me, and my day of holding and consoling a toddler starts just that much earlier.  You always say you don’t get enough time with them, but when you do have your own time (like this morning), you’re upset that I’m not up sharing in the fun – and it was only 38 minutes.  It makes no sense.  I got up with Bryson at 6:24 so that you could keep sleeping and rocked him until 6:50, laid back down because he WANTED you, and was back out there at 7:28.  (I think it’s sad that I even know the exact times, but I know I have to note them so that I don’t feel TOO guilty for taking a LITTLE time for myself.)

The comments – we’ve talked about those over and over again.  Your mention of missing me this morning would have been just fine, but honestly, I stood there waiting for the comment.  I KNEW it was coming.  I knew you couldn’t help yourself.  I recognize that this is a learned behavior from your mom, and that’s why I don’t lose my mind over it every time it happens, but it’s gotten bad again.  There doesn’t always have to be a comment to make me fully aware that you don’t approve of the things I am (or am not) doing when you’re with the kids on your own.  There doesn’t always need to be a point behind everything, but your comments are just that – a point to make about something you’re upset about that I’m doing.  Please think about how you feel when your mom does that to you (us).  That is what you’re doing to me.

I love you, I want to spend time with you, and I truly miss you all day long when you’re gone.  That is precisely why I’m trying to roll back naps and bed times – so that we can spend time together at a decent time each night.  6:30 AM is not the time that I want to spend the time together (and it’s not really “together” because at least Bryson, and often times Matthew, are up) – it just isn’t.  I appreciate the break.  I’m sorry – but I’m being honest here.  I am on and playing with these kids from 8:00 – 5:30 (or later depending on traffic) every single day – that’s 9.5 hours of no break (unless they nap at the same time, which is not looking great).  So yes, if I can get a little extra sleep in the morning while you play with them, or god forbid, I get to read a quick article or even two while you play with them, then I really appreciate that!  It’s no different from our parents reading the paper in the morning when we were kids.

I wish you would understand this.  Please think about this from my perspective.  I will think about it from your perspective, and maybe we can find a middle ground where we can both feel satisfied and loved.  But please know that I love you more than anything.

Hottie wrote back within an hour:  “Thanks for the email.  I read it and recognize your concerns.  I do love you and don’t want you to feel the way you describe below.  I don’t have time for a full response right now, but I’ll work on one later.”  When he came home that night, we were happy, and calm, and loving.  We never spoke of this again, because what needed to be said was said, and it was said uninterrupted.  Our actions towards each other have improved since this email exchange and the weekend was terrific… and I got some alone time and he got some “just us” time!


Money.  Oh God, must we have “the money talk” again?  Well, yes we must, because some mistakes were made and we’re feeling the pain now as the fiscal year is ending.

Hottie’s pay plan changed drastically in July of last year.  He gets two different bonuses quarterly that are quite substantial and yes, we live off of them a bit.  His employer decided to delay one of the bonuses until year-end (paid out this September 15) and that was a huge hit to us.  This all happened after we bought our third car, a sports car that Hottie has wanted for a very long time.  Had the pay change happened prior to buying the car, we would have paid for it differently by getting a loan, but things didn’t happen that way.  And then, to add more pain to the situation, Hottie’s company offers an Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) that he signed up for to the tune of a LOT of money each month.  I told him that it wasn’t the best idea due to the pay change, but that we could try it and re-evaluate later.  We never re-evaluated it because I do the finances and I KNEW we’d get by, but that it would be tough.  What we didn’t think about with the ESPP is that the money was held until a quarterly purchase window, and then those stock purchases had to be held for 12 months to avoid short term taxes (why we didn’t think about this, I have no idea).  Essentially, the money we were putting into the ESPP was frozen and unusable for 15 months!  Well, when you then add in our WEEKLY date nights ($40-$50 for the sitter, $100 for dinner), we were not even coming close to playing it safe.

When I started feeling the pain a few months ago when I paid the bills, I approached Hottie and said that the ESPP had to stop for now because of the pay change and the cash paid for the car.  He hadn’t realized how cumulative the effects of everything were, and when I put it down on paper, he agreed.  He almost died, being perfectly honest, when he realized that all of those things (car, ESPP, pay change) in addition to the date nights were adding up to the same amount we’d spend on one of our credit cards each month (we use our cards for everything and pay in full each month, and yes, we do spend more money than most eating out and on our groceries that are all fresh and never processed).  It was a colossal disaster just waiting to happen.

I’d move money from savings to checking, from one bank to the other, and used all of my FB sales money to pay things off in full, but money was being depleted quickly.  The ESPP was halted but it took two pay cycles for them to stop taking money out of the checks, so that was painful. Date nights came to an end for the near future.  I KNEW we’d get to one bonus payout in August that would then get us to September for the big annual bonus (and the one they held for the entire damn year) that would restock the savings account in full, but it was going to be tight.  I knew all of this, but I didn’t want to have “the money talk,” (we have it 2-4 times a year, which isn’t bad but is always stressful) so I just kept paying bills, moving money from one place to the other, and didn’t mention it after we’d had that one talk about halting the ESPP and date nights.

Well, Hottie asked about it the other day and said it was causing him stress.  I said it was causing me stress too, but that we’d be OK.  I immediately tried to figure out exactly what would be left in savings before the bonus re-load in September, but I just didn’t have the time to focus on it without kids bugging me.

The next morning, I got an email from Hottie, who had been up since 4:00, with the subject line of “Finances.”  Ugh.  Well, he’d done the analysis I was trying so hard to find the time to do, and came to the same conclusions that I knew in my head.  His email was not accusing, it was factual.  He was more panicked than I was and suggested a few immediate changes that I didn’t think we necessary, so I wrote back:

Looks like you did the same analysis I was trying to do yesterday.

We will get to August without the scottrade $. It’s tight, it’s no fun, but we can do it.  Is that cash that you’re transferring or are you selling stock?

The 401k drop is ok only because you max out in September anyway, but what was it at?  I bet X%.  I’d take it down to X% at the least.  We still want to max it out this year without a doubt.  This is something to consider for long term though, if we set out at X% (our whatever) per check, will we still max out each year?  By September, you’re no longer contributing because you’ve reached the max, so can we change it to spread that out to December and have more take home each month?  I can’t believe I haven’t thought of that before.  I’m sorry.

My biggest hits are groceries, gas, and… Lunches.  I buy nothing for me (besides painting every other month) and the kids clothes are minimal.  My dad gave us $300 to spend on their clothes in preparation for school, so that’s good.  I need to figure out how to lunch at home too.  I’m worried we’ll fall into hot dogs.  I don’t want to be cooking 2 meals a day and the way the kids really makes lunch at home hard.

This would not have happened if we hadn’t done the ESPP or bought the car.  I’m not regretting the car, just saying that that cushion was used that we use every year before savings load in September.  The combo of those two things and the pay plan change and we were doomed.  Our spending has NOT changed.  The paychecks did.  The bonus change was, essentially, $X (pre tax) per MONTH ($X quarterly) and the ESPP was $X per month, so combined that’s $X per MONTH we didn’t have that we had all other years.  That is significant.

Not an excuse, but that is the reason.  I don’t want you thinking I’m off spending money with abandon this year.

No need to sell company stock.

Saving more is always good, so I like your thoughts in the email.

I came out and told him I’d responded to his email.  He then read it, and responded to me.  “401k contributions were at X%.  Totally agree with your plan below. Let’s keep at X% for now and reevaluate once savings balance is higher.   I don’t think you’re spending money with abandon. If anything I am – on lunches.”

We were on the same page, we both felt better about the situation, and we did not speak of it again.  We will get to August, and then September, with money in savings and then we’ll reload savings, and we’re going to decrease our monthly spending because it’s the right thing to do.  Done.  (And I know this is not easy for everyone to do – we are just both very aware of spending and love saving money, so we really take it seriously and know that we’re fortunate enough to be able to fix the problems by lowering our monthly spend.)


I sometimes think that the way we communicate when the topic is incredibly unpleasant is ridiculous.  Email?  We send each other emails?  But yes, we do send each other emails.  We send them, and then we tell the other one, “I sent you an email about XYZ.  Please let me know when you’ve read it.”  This sounds so crazy as I write it out, but it works for us.  And that’s what matters.

When Hottie’s sister asked him for tips on how to communicate, I asked, “did you tell her that we send emails when the topic is too hard to talk about without interrupting each other?”  He did tell her that.  He also told her that she can’t be passive-aggressive or wait for her husband to bring things up that are bothering him.  If he seems bothered, ASK him what is upsetting him.  If there is a giant elephant in the room, send an email and get your thoughts out cleanly, respectfully, and COMPLETELY.  We both think that the most important thing when discussing hard things is to get your thoughts out completely without being interrupted.  We’re both TERRIBLE at interrupting each other, especially during an argument, so when the topic is really hard, we step back and use email.

We’re not perfect, and some therapists would probably think we have big problems if this is how we communicate, but doing it this way helps to keep our verbal communications pleasant and respectful.


Sadly, Hottie’s sister’s husband filed for divorce last week.  We all saw it coming because neither of them was trying to make a change.  Another marriage broken because of communication problems (and other problems, of course, but his sister says this was their biggest problem).  If we ever get divorced (of course we won’t, said every married couple!), it won’t be because we don’t communicate (notice I didn’t say, “communicate correctly”!!!).



I can hardly read or talk about today’s Supreme Court decision without tearing up.  I honestly cannot believe it.  Gay marriage has been legal in my lovely state for over 6 years now (what a proud day that was – our conservative little state granted rights to a minority group before they were told by the federal government they had to do so!), but I truly wondered if I would ever see this day, when all Americans are free to marry the person they love regardless of their sexual orientation.

As I was driving the boys home from the neighbor’s today, I told Matthew that this was a very important day because, “mommies can now marry mommies, and daddies can now marry daddies, like your mommy married your daddy.”  He does not understand this at all (and of course you don’t have to be parents to get married – duh!), but I felt the need to tell him how important this day is.  Because it is.  My children and I have both witnessed a very important piece of history in our shared lifetimes together.  I will tell them about this one day, and will tell them where we were when we heard the news.  What is interesting to me is that they will never know anything different.

Isn’t that amazing?  Our children will never know what it’s like to be told that they can only get married if they marry someone of the opposite sex.  This amazes me in the same way that I’m awed by the fact that they will never know what a real dial tone sounds like, or know how to use computers without touch screens.  It’s just… weird.

And it’s awesome!



Happy 2 & 4!

Yesterday and today are all about birthdays! Matthew turned 4 yesterday at 11:54 AM as we ate lunch with Hottie, and Bryson turned 2 today at 8:03 as we decorated his cake!

These boys are full of spunk and energy and I think the next year is going to be exhausting! But I KNOW it’s going to be great!!!

Happy birthday, sweet (and naughty 😈) boys of mine! We love you both so very much!!!


Cheaters All Around

About a year ago, my younger sister (L) called me with some disturbing news.  She told me that my older sister, H, would likely be calling me to tell me about an affair she’d been having.  L had just hung up from listening to H tell her about an affair she’d been carrying on for months with a guy in her running club, a guy she was now in love with.  She went on and on to L about how in love she was, how happy she was, etc. and all L could do was keep herself from throwing up.

I didn’t wait for H to call me.  I called her immediately and asked what she had to tell me.

Same story, same enthusiasm, same nauseating love story about how her husband no longer “gets her” and that this new guys does (of course he does).  She had no shame.  She wanted me to be… happy for her.  After all, “I supported you when you got messed up with that guy 14 years ago who was married.”  A – he said he was in the middle of a divorce (a lie), B – I was 24 and it was 14 YEARS ago and I was in a rather severe bout of depression, and C – “you should never have supported me in that.”  Just because she supported me 14 years ago in the biggest mistake of my life (when I had no husband, no kids of my own) did not mean I had to support her tearing her own family apart.

No way.

Her husband knew about it because he’s a web security professional and knew how to intercept her emails when he suspected something was going on, and she was INFURIATED by his betrayal.  HIS BETRAYAL.  How dare he betray HER like that!  Holy hell, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  She was ready to move out and leave the kids with him, and a few weeks later, that’s exactly what she did.

My sister left her children to be with a man who then denied the affair to his own wife.  He denied it at first, but then blamed my sister for it because she “pushed him into it” (of course she did.  Good god, man!).  My BIL got involved and shared the emails with the other wife and to prove that they were both very willing, active participants in the affair.  What a hot mess.

My sister eventually moved back home because life without my BIL was rough (that’s what we all think, anyway.  He filed legal docs to prepare for divorce and locked her out of his inheritance, his life insurance, his retirement from that moment forward, etc.).  My BIL did the right thing – he kept the house (on my dad’s legal advice) and the kids and kept life going for everyone while she got her shit together and figured out where she wanted to be.  He’s a patient man, my BIL.  I don’t know that I could have done what he did.  I always say that people make mistakes and I’d do anything to save my marriage, but man alive, that man paid dearly to keep his marriage.

During this entire time, my sister kept saying, “I deserve to be happy.  I deserve to have the life I want.”


My next door neighbors are newly separated.  She kicked him out after lots of counseling and when he said the one thing he needed from her was to stop putting him down.  She kicked him out almost immediately after that marriage counseling session.  Now, we don’t know what all goes on in their marriage, but we do know that she’s frosty and always acts annoyed by everyone around her, including our kids.  We do know that her husband would do anything for anybody (and has helped us out quite a bit in a pinch) and is a friendly, genuine guy.

We didn’t know about the separation until our other neighbor told us, but I did wonder what in the world was going on over there.  He would swing by during the day quickly to mow the lawn, which made no sense, or stop by to let the dogs out and then go back to work.  I didn’t think anything of it beyond the fleeting thought that it was strange and I certainly didn’t mention it to Hottie.  But I did see something from her that made me raise an eyebrow, but then I dismissed it because I figured I had to be wrong.

Hottie came home a couple of months ago from visiting with the neighbor across the street.  “Have you heard about W and A?” he asked.  I said no, because I hadn’t.  He filled me in on the separation and asked if I had any clue.  I told him that I saw something from her just one week earlier that raised suspicions, but I wrote it off because it wasn’t my business and I could easily be reading into things.  I had seen her come home in some guy’s car, into her garage, and unload her bike from his bike trailer and flirt back and forth with him a bit.  I figured it could be a coworker or something perfectly innocent, so I brushed it off.  I didn’t even tell Hottie about it until he asked me that night.  He was stunned that I had seen this and not mentioned it, and that I’d seen her husband stop by to mow and let the dogs out during the days, but never said anything to him about it.  I know he doesn’t like it when I gossip and I figured he wouldn’t want to know about it, so I didn’t mention it.

Since then, she has had this man, and other men, coming and going from her house in the broad daylight.  She sometimes acts weird when we’re outside and they come and go, but mostly, she acts like it’s OK.  Our neighbor across the street keeps in touch with her husband and said that he does know about the guy(s) and is devastated by everything.  While W lives with his parents, devastated by his ending marriage, his wife A is out and about dating very openly.  She is bringing men into her husband’s house.  It is so strange to me.


There’s been a lot of cheating going on around me in the last 1-2 years.  People I know being badly hurt by it, the cheaters expecting me to keep their secrets, kids losing the family life they grew up with.  I don’t understand it.  Every single time, it’s cheating that is justified by the cheater because, “they deserve to be happy.”  My question to my sister was, “what makes you so entitled to your fleeting definition of happiness, but your kids and husband don’t deserve that same entitlement?”  My own MIL defended my sister with, “she deserves to be happy in the way she wants to be happy.”  (My MIL is a man-hater, by the way.  I’m not sure I’ve mentioned that before.  If I would cheat on Hottie, we’re pretty certain she’d probably say that I deserved to be happy and it was his failures that drove me to do it.)

Why are people so shameless with their cheating these days, when it wasn’t like this 10, 20, 30 years ago?  Why is the quest for individual happiness more important than family happiness?  When did people become so selfish, willing to risk their family’s embarrassment and humiliation for their own open happiness?

I just don’t get it.


Birthday Party 2015!

The party is over.


It was a busy day starting with lawn and yard work at 7:00 sharp before a quick shower and errands. I love a freshly mowed lawn, especially for the kids to play in! Everything was tip top in the yard by 8:15 and I had 45 minutes to shower and dress before picking up cupcakes. Hottie fixed the shower heads so I took my time, enjoying his hard work to make my showers relaxing (rather than painful from too much pressure). I love my rare showers without kids in there with me. 😁

Hottie took the kids to the store for buns, and to just get them out of my hair so I could wrap everything up the way I wanted them. He knows me so well! The cupcakes were ready on time so I got home quickly to construct the cake.

Decorating the cake was, in a word, FUN! It turned out just as I wanted and I finished it right before the boys walked in. They loved it! And then they asked for their donuts. Ha!

We got all of the serving dishes out last night so we were really in a good place by 10:00. The cupcake toppers were on and the cupcakes were on their serving plates and platters, the cake was ready and safe from little fingers, and the banner and door sign were hung. We just needed the food to arrive.

10:30 came, and 10:30 went, and we had no food. No one was answering their phones so I was a bit panicked. Did I forget to verify the date on the quote? A quick check confirmed the date was correct. Whew! At 10:50, they called to say they were close. They arrived at 11:05. The party started at 11:00. But they were very efficient at setting it up and the food was ready by 11:10. Not bad considering the 35 minute delay!

Everyone but one family came, so we had 33 people including us. That’s small for us… Most of those people were family. It was a really good sized group. Manageable. The bounce house was setup out back, t-ball was ready in one part of the yard, basketballs were out by the court, and a water table was fresh and clean in the adult seating section. It was an outdoor haven for the kids. Inside, the kids played in the cool (I mean temperature!) basement and left the adults upstairs to eat and visit. Over half of the food was consumed and only two bottles of wine were drunk (and no beer… that surprised me).

The birthday song was sung at 12:05 (goal was noon) and the house was empty by 1:06 (goal was 1:00). The house was clean by 2:45 and the kids were napping by 3:00. And then I headed off to a friend’s son’s birthday… Because one party wasn’t enough for me. Ha!

The only pictures I took are here. We have some of the boys blowing out candles on the SLR, but they’re not that great. Ugh!

It was fun, but I’m glad it’s done!


Almost Ready!

My cakes are baked and leveled, my chocolate graham crackers are pulverized into “dirt,” my fondant decorations are hardening, my chocolate for the frosting is chopped, and my raspberries for the filling are thawing. I’m in a good place with this birthday party right now! I can’t construct my construction cake until the boys are in bed, for obvious reasons.

So now I focus on dinner… after I rest!

(I got distracted while writing Matthews name on the yellow “sign” so I made a new one. It was still drying, so I used the messed up one for the layout diagram.)


THIS Moment in Time – Hardest Four Miles of my Life

I’ve run every morning this week following a 6 miler on Saturday and a rest on Sunday. My body is shot. 19 miles in four days isn’t that much of a cumulative distance, but I usually take a rest after two days of running no matter how far (or not so far) I run in those two days. Four days in a row is tough on me, but the weather has been ridiculously beautiful! So I power on… and take breaks… at the park. You know, the park that is perfectly safe and requires none of my attention. 😁


Party Re-Vamp

I’m exhausted.  My kids hardly give me a moment of peace these days.  If Bryson falls asleep to nap, Matthew fights his for an hour.  By the time Matthew is asleep, I get about 20 minutes to myself before Bryson wakes up (too early).  Today, Matthew fell right asleep and Bryson fought it and fought it, screaming and screaming, sending tension through my shoulders.

I just want to make their damn birthday cake, but by the time they’re both asleep, I’m only left 20 minutes and honestly, I’d rather just sit, dammit.

I had these grand (well, not really that grand) plans and now I’ve hired it all out.  I’m not even kidding.

Food?  Being catered.  By the time we buy everything I need to cook what I want to cook, it costs the same.  Then add in the time to prep and cook and my head was spinning.  My favorite place is catering the party with chicken skewer pita sandwiches with Gyro sauce and veggies (build your own).  They’re also bringing their amazing hummus (it’s ridiculous).  Done.

med fresh

Cake?  I’m only making the top tier for them to blow out candles.  I’ll be making white cake for their real birthdays on Wednesday and Thursday, so why make a whole other white cake now when I was always planning on having cupcakes in addition to the cake?  Stupid.  I don’t want a lot of cake left over like last year (really, I would like that, but my ass wouldn’t).  So I will just be making the top chocolate part of this little masterpiece (?) and will put some little fondant signs on the sides, make some fondant cones, whatever.  I can do those things late at night without making noise, and working with fondant relaxes me (isn’t that weird?).  They will blow out their candles and they will like it.  Then they will eat cupcakes (they don’t even like chocolate cake, but the digger can’t dig up white dirt!).  I’ll be making the awesome raspberry chocolate cake I made for Hottie last year for his birthday.  I’m ordering 4 dozen cupcakes for this party and the guests – we’ll keep the chocolate cake for us once candles are blown out.  Done.

Cake front

(After inserting that picture, I’m feeling guilty about not doing the whole damn cake.  Hmmmm… we’ll see.  No, we won’t see.  I’m just doing the top tier, dammit!)

Party favors?  Purchased as planned.  They are cute, they smell good, and they sent them in the bigger bags I requested so I can add something to the bag.  But what to add is the question.  I don’t want to put any food in there because it will absorb the soap smell.  I wasn’t thinking on that one.  I may just leave them with just the soap and call it a day.  Yes, that sounds good.  Done.


Decorations?  Purchased as planned!  They arrived the other day and they are just perfect.  I wanted these same decorations and theme last year for Matthew’s birthday but hopped on the Cur.ious theme because I knew he’d outgrow it by now (and he did), so I put this on the back burner.  Good thing I did, because this theme is perfect for the two boys who play trucks and construction site all day long together.  The banner, door hanging, and toppers look as great as, even better than, the photos.  Done.

il_fullxfull_373817890_q2ni il_fullxfull_274450651 il_fullxfull_250796317

I am doing purchasing/hiring out just enough to make it look like I know what I’m doing.  I do know what I’m doing, I’m just burned out beyond belief and don’t want to work on party supplies, cakes, and favors this year.  I just don’t.  I’d rather use my limited free time to sit at my computer and hammer out a few posts on my blog (loser!).  I told Hottie today via text that I feel like a bad mom for not wanting to work on this.  He said, “No need to feel terrible.  They’ll love the party just the same.”

He’s right, they will love it no matter what, and Matthew keeps saying that he doesn’t even want a birthday, so who cares if he doesn’t love it!



Week One is DONE – And an Update!

I finished up my first week of “Marathons for Sammy” on Friday.  It was a good week – not GREAT – but definitely good!  Stats are there if you care at all  😉

In case you’re wondering, Sam is doing GREAT!  We got devastating news a week ago this past Friday (docs said he’d never wake up) but then Sammy started kicking it into overdrive.  HE IS AWAKE!  Even better, he is starting to stand for longer and longer every day (up to 3 minutes, 45 seconds yesterday), moves his arms and legs and head etc., SMILES, laughs, talks, and can eat anything he wants now!  My aunt keep reminding everyone that he is far from healed and has a long road ahead of him, but all that matters to me is that he is on the road!

It sounds like they will likely be moving Sam to my fair city for rehabilitation.  This is great news for SK and me, and my other cousins and second cousins and aunt and uncle who live here.  It is further away from home for my Aunt K and Uncle D, so that’s tough.  But I think my aunt is looking forward to being closer to so much family.  SK has decided to skip her NYC internship and stay with us longer – which we are very excited about!  Her internship here is letting her stay on as long as she wants and she wants to stay close to Sam until she has to go back to school (only 45 minutes from here).

So – things are good!  But you know, I always thought he’d wake up and recover.  I honestly am not surprised.  When I got the call a week ago that he would never wake up, I was DEVASTATED and in total shock and disbelief.  I’ve just always thought he needed time to recover and get back to his life.  He’s doing that!