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Mad Documentation Skills – HA HA!

Hi there!

I had round 1 of my “work done” today and I documented the process on my fitness blog.  It really should be documented here, but because I believe in transparency when it comes to how one looks and the other blog is about fitness and bettering my physique, I chose to put it there.  It was a VERY interesting experience and without seeing results yet, I would recommend it just based on the physical experience of the procedure.  I ran 5.0 miles 3 hours afterwards, and would have run right away if there had been time.

I’ll post progress photos as the weeks go by!

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Book Worm

Mommy: “The frog found a”

Bryson: “Lily!”

Mommy: “The dog found a”

Bryson: “bone!” **

Mommy: “The bird found a”

Bryson: “Tweeeeg!”

Mommy: “And the cat found a”

Bryson: “CONE!”

Bryson’s first ever pine cone! “Room on the Broom,” one of his favorite books, will now mean a little bit more to him thanks to a walk on the trails in Ames. 🐸🐶🐦🐱

** I know the cat comes before the dog in the book! 😉


Super Mom **

I got this text from a good friend today:

“Do you ever have complete meltdowns or are you always super mom?”

I laughed out loud, and then responded honestly. No mom is super mom, and I’m far from it. Hottie has been traveling the last two weeks and my kids are feeling the toll and stress that puts on me and my (very quick) temper. The last two days were not my proudest parenting days and today was only better because I finally got to run, drink diet Pepsi, and eat Chipotle. It’s the small things, ladies, that calm my nerves!

But being perfectly honest, if my kids had mobile phones, they’d post pictures to FB of me losing my mind at them and tag them ‪#‎worstMomEver‬.

I’m totally serious.

All moms have bad days. All moms have bad weeks. Parenting is not always lovely, in fact, it usually is NOT. What we see on FB are the good times, and that’s because public self deprecation helps no one. And I know that I post the good times so I have those to reflect on and remember when things are far from good.

Find the little things that help you survive, let go of the shame in needing those things to survive, and move on after you lose your mind with your kids. We all loose or minds… A LOT.


** (My latest post to FB after having one of those “desperate mom conversations” via text messaging.)



My good lord, I’ve been gone a long time.  Both of my blogs have been very neglected lately.  I feel like I have no time to sit down and really write anymore.  I figure I should be taking to the micro-blog Mondays as that would be a great first step to getting back here more regularly, but I’m not even sure that feels do-able right now.

Things are good here, just busy!  I am training for 3 half marathons scattered throughout a three month span (April 30, June 4, July 23) and that keeps me working out and focused.  I’m trying to lift weights and do PiYo at least twice a week to stay strong and loose.  I’ve painted another painting which will go in our bedroom once framed and I love it!  I’ve been selling stuff on FB the last 3 days so that I can do it all at once and then be done for a while.  Man alive, that takes a lot of time but is worth it – $975 in 72 hours.  It’s hard not to do it when there’s that kind of money to be made.  Hottie is traveling quite a bit right now which is fine but at the end of the day, I just want to sit and do nothing.

The boys are doing great!  Matthew is doing awesome with his speech and in school.  He NEVER complains about going to school, something that truly amazes me after 2.5 years of going.  Bryson loves school and also never complains, but that’s expected right now because it’s still sort of fresh and exciting.  😉  They are both signed up for camps this summer and Matthew is doing 8 weeks of it and I think Bryson is doing 5 weeks (he has to be 3 to go, and that won’t happen until the end of June).  We are potty training Bryson and if he’s naked, he does great.  There has not been a single naked accident even on the first day.  but if you put undies or a pull-up on the kid, he uses that.  It’s aggravating.  My deadline is his first day of camp in July, so there is time.  Matthew is into science and information in general, and Bryson is seriously into puzzles (I just ordered more from Amazon).  Everything is great on the kid front!

I’m scheduling things to succeed with my “Year 41 Plan” and now that I am 40 (oh yeah, that happened on St. Patrick’s Day!), that plan seems a little daunting.  HA!  But I’ll stick to it!  I’m excited about quite a bit of it, actually!

So that’s what’s going on.  Not a lot, just a lot of the same.  🙂  Life has leveled out a bit now that Bryson is approaching 3 and I hope it just keeps getting easier.  I know, I’m kidding myself 😉