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THIS Moment in Time (#35) – Special

Someone asked me the other day if I still nap with both boys every day. It’s hit and miss, and Bryson is sleeping longer in his crib now so most days, he’s really ready to be up when he wakes up. This works well for my workout schedule but not so well for my need for snuggles.

Bryson took a nice morning nap and was due at 1:45 for his afternoon nap. He actually laid down on our bedroom floor as I got Matthew in bed. By the time I got to Bryson, he was overtired and punchy. He wouldn’t nurse, he wouldn’t sleep. He screamed bloody murder for me. I went and tried nursing again and that time, he dozed off… But screamed again when I put him in the crib.

He’s in bed with us now. It’s magical and perfect and I know these days are numbered so I’m embracing it!





I read a blog post on Tuesday that blew my mind – and may have changed my life!  This sounds dramatic, but it’s true.

KeAnne, from “Family Building with a Twist,” posted about an art project she did with a group of gals while sipping on wine.  I had never heard of such a thing, but quickly looked into it because A) I am crafty and LOVE the next new art challenge and B) why the heck not????  I immediately found 515 Wine With Design here in DSM and their project coming up in just 4 days was a teal and orange owl canvas.  PERFECT for Bryson’s room.

I signed up!

I painted my owl today and it is just what I wanted for Bryson’s room.  It is awesome and it turned out great (I have no problems admitting when a project turns out as I’d hoped, and I have no problems admitting when they don’t!).  I was the only person there without a friend, which was fine by me because I had an owl to paint.

Like KeAnne’s project, the owl was pre-drawn on the canvas and Marcy had added texture to the canvas already.  All I had to do was paint it, and instruction was given on just how to do that.  There was a gal there who was a professional painter and boy was her finished project something to admire!  I loved seeing how everyone made their painting their own and I was thrilled to come home with a painting that, quite honestly, I probably would have paid a lot of money for had I found it for sale somewhere.  Hottie loves it and Matthew thinks it’s pretty cool that Mommy painted a picture for Bryson’s room.

Now both boys have paintings in their rooms that I’ve done, and that makes me happy!

Thank you, KeAnne, for posting about your beautiful painting!  Without you, I would not know about this new social experience that is sweeping the nation!


I started taking photos step-by-step, but that became difficult and I just got down to my task at hand – painting!

Me with "Noel," who was named by Matthew  :)

Me with “Noel,” who was named by Matthew 🙂



Fitness Stat-urday – Week 7

Starting Statistics on 08/30/2014

  • Weight:  155 Pounds (took 0.6 pounds off during my stabilizing week)
  • Body Fat %:  25.1% (took 0.7% off during my stabilizing week)
  • BMI:  24.3
  • Predicted Weight from  140 Pounds (targeting 1.5 pounds per week)

Goals for the Next 10 Weeks (Ending 11/22/2014)

  • Weight:  143 Pounds
  • Body Fat %:  23%
  • BMI:  22.4
  • Push-ups:  90
  • Sit-ups:  53
  • Mile Run Time:  7:26

Week Ending 10/25/2014

Week 7 Statistics

  • Weight:  148 Pounds
  • Pounds Lost or Gained:  1.4 Pounds lost since last week, but even with Week 5 (148 pounds) – so 0?
  • Body Fat %:  23.7
  • Body Fat % Lost or Gained:  0.04% lost
  • BMI: 23.2
  • Workout Days (goal is 6 days):  6 Days
  • Time Spent Being Active:   6 Hours  55 Minutes
  • Average Number of Steps Per Day:  16,914
  • Food:  We went to my brother-in-law’s garden to harvest veggies and came home with lots of beets, butternut squash, and carrots.  I’m going to be making soup out of them this week – so I’m hoping that helps to trim me down a bit.
    • Sunday – German badness = grilled cheese (the Munster cheese made it German) and fries (this was a free day!)
    • Monday – Squash soup, French onion soup
    • TuesdayButternut squash soup (fresh squash from my BIL’s garden = AWESOME!) – I made some of the modifications noted in the comments and it was awesome, but next time, I’ll be using sour cream or Greek yogurt instead of the cream cheese.  Froze 4 servings!
    • WednesdayBeet soup (fresh beets from my BIL’s garden – 3 pounds of them!) – I used beef stock instead of chicken stock, added some goat chees with garlic and herbs, and used 0.5 cups of heavy cream instead of the half and half.  Froze 8 servings!
    • Thursday – Skinnyl.icious shrimp tacos Che.esec.ake Factory. GOOD! 560 Calories
    • Friday – Healthy Thai food (seriously, no rice or fillers!)
    • Saturday – Veggie pizza
  • Exercise/ActivityI’m planning on running quite a bit and walking with the boys – I need to get more steps in!  The first half of the week is going to be beautiful, and I’m planning to take advantage of it.  I will also go for 7 hours of good activity again – I think 7 hours is a great goal not including walking.
    • Sunday – None – rest day – 8,500 Steps
    • Monday – Morning run (53 minutes), morning walk (45 minutes), kickboxing (14 minutes), ISAN.ITY Core (8 minutes), additional core work (8 minutes) – 24,7000 Steps
    • Tuesday – Evening run (50 minutes) – 20,000 Steps
    • Wednesday – Morning run (52 minutes) – 16,500 Steps
    • Thursday – Strength class (50 minutes), treadmill running (35 minutes) – 17,000 Steps
    • Friday – Treadmill running (43 minutes), walking cool down (17 minutes) – 17,700 Steps
    • Saturday – INSAN.ITY )40 minutes) – 14,000 Steps
  • Notes and findings: 
    • I am taking this week very, VERY seriously to get back on track.  I have been slacking a bit in the steps department and it’s a beautiful week ahead here in Iowa, so I plan to get outside!
    • My diet needs to get better – cleaner – and I’m working hard on that.  I had fries on my free days in the last two weeks, and that’s just not good.
    • Cupcake day is worth the splurge though.  We go once a week, and I look forward to it ALWAYS!
    • New things are worth a try!  Beet soup was a hit in our house, which is good since we have 8 servings now in the freezer.  I am stocked up for next week when Hottie is out of town
    • While walking into the Y on Thursday, I thought, “why am I walking the track when I could easily be running?”. Enter the treadmill! I ran 2+ FAST miles before my weights class and 1.5 decent-paced miles afterwards. I’ll be doing that every Thursday and/or Friday, if possible!
    • Back to 148 pounds (and 147.2 this Sunday morning)… Whew!
    • I’m so excited to be under 24% body fat!
    • Good things are happening all over my body. My abs are starting to take shape, my saddle bags are shrinking, and my arms and legs are becoming more defined. I’m thrilled!


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Fitness Stat-urday – Week 6

Starting Statistics on 08/30/2014

  • Weight:  155 Pounds (took 0.6 pounds off during my stabilizing week)
  • Body Fat %:  25.1% (took 0.7% off during my stabilizing week)
  • BMI:  24.3
  • Predicted Weight from  140 Pounds (targeting 1.5 pounds per week)

Goals for the Next 10 Weeks (Ending 11/22/2014)

  • Weight:  143 Pounds
  • Body Fat %:  23%
  • BMI:  22.4
  • Push-ups:  90
  • Sit-ups:  53
  • Mile Run Time:  7:26

Week Ending 10/18/2014

I didn’t get my pictures or measurements done at Week 5 because we were headed out of town.  I took these yesterday (Friday) after a long INSAN.ITY and kickboxing workout – hence the sweat.  I am not thrilled about that area around my belly button – no matter what I do, I think it will always be there from pregnancy.  BUT – I’m lucky I don’t have stretch marks – so I’ll live with this little bit of loose skin.  After all, it’s the only physical reminder I have left of my pregnancies besides my C-section scar so I shouldn’t complain.  😉  (Taking these photos felt like taking my weekly pregnancy photos – it was a little surreal.  I was not sad to realize that that is all behind me, but it did take me back to that precious time.) (Note to self – self tanners are worth it for these photos.  Holy pasty belly!)

Flexed abs, but not sucked in.  Progress!

Flexed abs, but not sucked in. Progress!


With clothes on, which is actually more important to me than without clothes on! (This was taken in the new clothing sizes after the first 5 weeks of this session.)

  • Week 6 Statistics
    • Weight:   149.4 Pounds
    • Pounds Lost or Gained:  1.4 Pounds gained
    • Body Fat %:  24.1%
    • Body Fat % Lost or Gained:  0.1% Gained
    • BMI: 23.4
    • Workout Days (goal is 6 days):  6 Days
    • Time Spent Being Active:   7 Hours 1 Minute
    • Average Number of Steps Per Day:  13,042
  • Food:  Hottie is back in town for the week – so we are cooking again in this house!
    • Sunday – Free day – came home from night away without kids so kept the party going with baaaaad-for-me pizza!
    • Monday – Hottie brought home cheese and crackers – the fancy good kind. That was dinner (and wine). It was good!
    • Tuesday – Pumpkin soup (out of the freezer) and two small slices of leftover pizza
    • Wednesday – Curry burgers (beef), Brussels sprouts, and peas
    • Thursday – Greek chicken and carrots
    • Friday – Smoked meat, green beans
    • Saturday – Veggie pizza
  • Exercise/Activity: Sunday was set to be a rest day since Hottie and I would be driving back from a night out of town without the boys.  This means that there is a lot of time to make up to hit 7 hours of good activity! 
    • Sunday – None (that’s right, none) – 6,700 Steps
    • Monday – INS.ANI.TY (66 minutes) – 12,700 Steps
    • Tuesday – INS.ANI.TY (66 minutes)- 11,700 Steps
    • Wednesday – IN.SANI.TY (27 minutes), kickboxing (24 minutes)- 13,300 Steps
    • Thursday – INSANI.TY (33 minutes), weight training (45 minutes), track walking (32 minutes), wagon walk with boys (15 minutes)- 17,300 Steps
    • Friday – INSA.NIT.Y (50 minutes), kickboxing (14 minutes) – 12,000 Steps
    • Saturday – Afternoon run (49 minutes) – 17,600 Steps
  • Notes and findings:
    • The weekend away was nothing but food and fun – so I don’t expect to loose an ounce this week and am actually hoping to be back at 148 when the week is done.  I’m starting the week with a lot of work to do
    • Bryson needed a morning nap after dropping Matthew off at school on Monday, so we came home. He slept over an hour and I did 66 minutes of INSA.NITY before waking him to get Matthew. That worked out and I hope to do that again!
    • I’m sacrificing steps for more calorie-burning activities like longer cardio and strength sessions.  I don’t feel good about it, but I need to burn some fat this week!
    • I finally got a GOOD strength day in – I’m feeling it more than 24 hours later.  PAIN = happiness!
    • It’s Wednesday and I’m thinking of converting this week to a +1 week since we enjoyed our trip to KC way too much.  I could use a stabilizing week.  We’ll see.  This week proves that fried foods will get you – even if only consumed in fewer than 24 hours.  We had cheese curds, truffle fries, and calamari all on Saturday and I’m still fighting it in both weight and body fat %.  GAH
    • I didn’t get measurements last week, so I did them today. Progress… See belowThe gals who measured me at the gym pulled the tape tighter than I do, so the waist is still confusing me as to how they ever got 32.5 (belly button waist).
    • I have gone down one pants size (from a 10 to a comfortable 8 in the same jeans) and one tops size (large to a medium in the same shirt) after the first 5 weeks of this session.  I’m happy with that and honestly don’t think I care to get into a 6 – too much pressure.
    • I’ve decided not to convert this week to a +1 because that wouldn’t be right, but I do want five weeks from measurements to measurements… So I’m adding an 11th week to my challenge which means I’ll do final measurements in five weeks (November 22 – the weekend before Thanksgiving)


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Something Has Changed

This post has been LONG in the making.  Weeks?  Months?  I’m not really sure.  But something has been brewing around in my head for a long time that needed to be worked out before even verbalizing it to anyone (including Hottie).

Recent happenings, recent conversations, recent feelings have all driven me to change my mind on something really big.  I never saw this coming, but when it did come, it happened just like everyone said it would.

“You will just KNOW.  You will have an overwhelming feeling that you finally know, and that you’re at peace with whatever your decision is.”

And I know now.  I’m at peace.  I’m happy about it.

There will be no more Courtney/Hottie babies.  We are done growing our family.  Our little family of four is feeling pretty darned complete.


I told one friend about this last weekend and her response was, “really?  You were so sure you wanted three!”  That’s a normal reaction – I think it myself a lot of the time.  I started suspecting that this was coming when I noticed that I’d stopped daydreaming about what we would name our third baby, and when I noticed that, I thought to myself, “but you really WANT three.”  But I realized that maybe I didn’t really want three anymore, and then I started wondering why I no longer seemed to want to have three.

There are so many reasons for this decision, and when I finally had the nerve to bring it up with Hottie, he agreed with all of my reasons 100%.


We went out for a late(r) dinner on Friday night with the kids after Matthew’s swimming lesson.  We had to (gasp!) wait for a table and that went remarkably well.  The kids ran around and played and had a great time while we waited with other groups of people, and it was relaxing.  Once seated, we looked around at the full restaurant and smiled at each other, and Hottie said, “isn’t it fun to be out with lots of people for a later dinner on a Friday?  We’re finally there!”  And I said, “I have something to talk to you about.”

Right there, with the kids beside us and hundreds of people surrounding us, Hottie and I had a very rational, unemotional conversation about where we are right now, how we feel about our family, how we feel about each other, and how we’re both happy with the current state of our family.  I felt relieved that it was finally out there.  This was a pretty tough thing to work through on my own, but I knew I needed to really know how I felt about it before discussing it with Hottie.


There are so many reasons for this decision.  I hate listing them out in a list because it just feels cold.  Coming to this conclusion was the furthest thing from being a cold, hardened process.

I have been concerned about health and safety lately.  I have a uterine issue that could, ultimately, kill me and/or an unborn baby if things went wrong.  We unknowingly had that risk with Bryson, and had I labored at all prior to my scheduled C-section, the outcome could have been horrific.  Two doctors told us that laboring prior to delivery would have likely killed one or both of us.  I have brushed that thought aside for over a year because I really wanted another baby and the doctors said that we could most likely manage a future pregnancy with monitoring and careful planning.  But lately, I’ve been thinking, “it would be awful to start laboring at home, feel the rupture, and know all along that this did not need to happen.”  Knowing that there is a very real risk to having a third baby should be enough to stop me.  It hasn’t been enough, but at the end of the day, that really is the deciding factor for me.  Hottie has always been concerned about this and is relieved that I’ve finally realized the severity of this myself.

I love my two kids.  I don’t like to leave them too often and would almost always rather have them with me than without me.  I have friends who don’t feel this way about parenting, and it boggles my mind (but I don’t judge because we’re all different – I just cannot relate).  I have friends who get sitters or drop their kids at the gym daycare every single day so that they can get away from their kids – and I don’t understand that.  I take my kids to Tar.get and the grocery store – it’s what we do!  I take them to lunch every day, and we love it!  I want them with me!  Sure, I need a break here and there, but for the most part, we’re a unit.  I was talking to one of my friends a while back about this (a friend who does get breaks from her kids daily) and she said, “a third changes everything.  I started yelling more, I needed more “me time,” I became more withdrawn.  If you’re thinking you may be done with two, I’d suggest you really give it some thought.  You’re the mother I’m not – and having a third could change you into the mother you don’t want to be.”  This conversation was so important to me – because she’s right.  I have watched so many people go from two to three kids and this very thing happened – they went into survival mode and their parenting changed.  I’ve been yelling a lot lately (but have been better in the last week) because three years old is so hard for us all – and I have thought, “if I have another baby, I’ll be yelling for the next 4-5 years until that last baby is four or five.”  I don’t want to be frazzled and yelling for that long.

I’m scared to death of having a girl.  Not because girls are bad or undesirable in any way, but because that would be like starting all over again from scratch.  I’ve got this boy thing figured out – even though my two boys are entirely different people, they are both similar in their love for trucks, sports, and each other.  A girl would be the odd-man-out and that would make me sad.  These boys are “as thick as thieves” and I just cannot wrap my head around having a child who doesn’t have that with a sibling, and that could very easily happen if our third was a girl.  Heck, that could happen if our third was another boy.  You never know, but there is a part of me that doesn’t WANT to know.  I love my harmonious little set of boys just how they are!

Babysitters are so easy to find right now.  People love watching two kids – they offer it up without you asking!  Hottie and I have gone out on dates more in the last 2 months than we did in the year prior.  We escaped out-of-town last weekend because a friend ASKED to take the kids for a weekend.  If you talk to my sisters and friends with 3 kids, they’ll tell you that people, including grandparents, stopped offering to watch the kids once #3 arrived.  Three kids can be daunting for babysitters and family members, and honestly, I don’t know that I’d be comfortable leaving three kids until the youngest was at least one.  I remember being a babysitter and it was exponentially harder with three kids than it was with two, and that terrifies me as a parent.  We enjoy getting out together, we enjoy taking a night or two to ourselves, and the prospect of that becoming harder is not something that makes me happy.

Travel – oh how we wish we could travel more with the boys.  We wish that the kids were at a point where I could bring them with me to meet Hottie out in Seattle or wherever else he may be for a work trip.  We are SO CLOSE right now to that being possible – like NEXT SUMMER close!  I would have no fears of traveling with the two boys without Hottie – but I can’t say I’d be willing to do it with three.  Actually, I know I wouldn’t be willing to do it until they were all much older.  Hottie travels to fun places enough that this is something that I’m ready to do ASAP – and next summer’s trip to Seattle will be the trial trip for me.  It will involve a layover, each boy having their own seat on the plane, and no breastfeeding.  It is time.  It is time to move on and travel with these kids!  We’re all ready!

And while I’m talking about travel, Hottie’s work schedule now involves travel every other week for anywhere from 3-5 days at a time.  This is exhausting for me – bedtime is our worst time of the day when Hottie’s gone and it makes me feel like a bad mom.  No one wants to end their kids’ days on a bad/stressful note.  I honestly know that I don’t want to handle a third child with this current travel schedule.  I know that Hottie won’t travel like this all the time, but the reality of being pregnant, tending to a newborn with two other boys who need me, or getting up in the night multiple times when I’m solo parenting is not something that I care to take on.  I can’t take it on – it wouldn’t be fair to anyone.

We really, really want to be able to consider private school for the boys.  Unfortunately for us, the school we would send them to is about twice as expensive as the other private schools in our area.  Paying to send two children to this school is do-able and palatable.  Paying for three children to go to this private school would not be an option for us.  We like having the resources to travel, buy fun things, eat nice meals, etc. and paying $21,000 a year for three kids to attend private grade school would hinder all of that.  Life experiences are too important to us and to our children to limit them if at all avoidable.  This may seem petty to some, but it’s important to us.  Part of growing your family and deciding how large it will be has to do with deciding what is and is not important to you in regards to how you bring those kids up and what you expose them to.  At the end of the day, we may decide to send the boys to the public schools here, but we want to make that decision based on education and not financial resources.

One thing that worries me about having a third is that those embryos are all we have – there will be no more.  If, God forbid, something bad happened to one of the boys, we could maybe do genetic diagnostics on those embryos to try to have a baby that could help our boys.  I’m only willing to thaw them once since they are all we have.  They are precious to me for many reasons, but they are most precious because they are all we have.  They are our only chances if something bad would happen in the future.  I like knowing that they are there for us, and that we are there for them.  They are so much more than potential children – they are hope.

One of the biggest reasons for me wanting to be done at two children is that Hottie and I are in a really great place right now.  I feel like we’re finally “back amongst the living” and we’re really enjoying each other.  We go on dates, we leave town together, we listen to each other because the kids don’t require AS MUCH as they used to, we do nice things for each other, and we just really LIKE each other.  It took a lot of work to get back to this place – infertility really took a toll on us and then parenting young babies and kids just continued to deteriorate our relationship.  We feel like we’re back where we were before we were told we couldn’t have children easily – and that feels really, REALLY good.  Adding an IVF/FET cycle to our lives would only add stress, and adding another baby would take us right back to survival mode which is not where we want to be.  I like Hottie too much to mess this up!

As I was contemplating all of this, we received news that a friend had just delivered their second baby who was unexpectedly born with a difficult, painful disease.  That news sucked the air right out of both of us – it was so hard to even think about what that would be like.  We can’t imagine living it.  We have two healthy boys after years of infertility and invasive treatments.  We are lucky.  We won the lottery twice.  How awful would it be to go for a third and possibly lose it, or lose my own life, or have a rough road in front of all of us because of a health issue with the baby?  I always worried that we’d try for a third and we’d have a late-in-pregnancy loss (stillbirth is my worst nightmare) or the baby would die of SIDS or be born with poor health.  I don’t want to risk our current “easy” family life for something that could devastate us and possibly kill one or more of us.  How awful would it be to have a uterine rupture and know that it was avoidable?  How awful would it be to lose our final baby in its sleep?  I just can’t fathom it – and knowing that I can’t have a 4th pregnancy, I just don’t want to risk it.  I don’t want to finish growing our family with a tragedy or great devastation.  That’s senseless to me.


Hottie seemed almost relieved when I told him my thoughts.  He is so concerned about my safety and health with a third pregnancy, and we both know that I wouldn’t enjoy being pregnant because of the risk involved with it.  Every twinge, every pain, every “has the baby moved recently” scare, every ultrasound would bring stress and fear.  The odds of the pregnancy ending in tragedy are… well… I don’t even know.  But I do know that we “dodged a bullet” (doctor’s words) with Bryson’s pregnancy and neither of us wants to risk that again.  Why would we?  I was in denial for 16 months, but I’m not anymore.


I’m ready to sell off our baby stuff.  When a friend asked how sure I was of this decision, I said, “I want to have a garage sale next weekend!”  Hottie has asked me not to sell a thing since I could change my mind like I just did.

We agreed to hold onto things for a year.


Another Get-Away

A great blog friend of mine commented on this post, “and then you’ll think WHEN CAN WE GO AGAIN?”

She was right!

From the moment we had dinner that first night in Telluride last month, Hottie and I knew we wanted to get away again… and soon!  We had a back-up sitter lined up for our Colorado trip who asked us to find a weekend soon that she could come and stay with the boys.  With Hottie’s work schedule involving so much travel lately (3-5 nights a week, every other week), I’ve been losing my mind a bit each time he travels.  I needed a break!

I texted our friend just over a week ago asking if she could stay with the boys soon and she asked, “next weekend?”. OK!

It was only one night and the boys loved it. And we loved it! We ate great food, shopped together, grabbed cocktails in between stops, had REAL conversations, and held hands. Just what the doctor ordered for this tired mom and her Hottie!

We’re going to try to do this every-other month!


Fitness Stat-urday – Week 5 (Mid-way!)

Starting Statistics on 08/30/2014

  • Weight:  155 Pounds (took 0.6 pounds off during my stabilizing week)
  • Body Fat %:  25.1% (took 0.7% off during my stabilizing week)
  • BMI:  24.3
  • Predicted Weight from  140 Pounds (targeting 1.5 pounds per week)

5-Week Statistics on 10/11/2014

  • Weight:  148 Pounds
  • Pounds Lost in 5+1 Weeks:  7 Pounds
  • Body Fat %:  24.0%
  • Body Fat % Lost in 5 Weeks:  1.1% (note that measuring in “normal” mode and holding the monitor the old (wrong) way, as I did in week 1, registers 23.5% showing a 1.6% loss)
  • BMI: 23.2
  • BMI Points Lost in 5 Weeks:  1.1
  • Predicted Weight Based on 5-Week Stats:  142.2 Pounds (based on a 1.166 pound loss per week which is my average loss in 5+1 weeks)

5 week stats


Week Ending 10/11/2014

  • Week 5 Statistics
    • Weight:  148 Pounds
    • Pounds Lost or Gained:  1 Pound lost
    • Body Fat %:  24.0%
    • Body Fat % Lost or Gained:  0.4% lost
    • BMI: 23.2
    • Workout Days (goal is 6 days):  7 Days
    • Time Spent Being Active:  8 Hours 53 Minutes
    • Average Number of Steps Per Day:  16,271 Steps
  • Food:  It’s another week of travel for Hottie, so we’ll be doing mostly leftovers for dinners this week.  After two nights/days in a row of eating pretty freely over the weekend, it will be good to dial it back!
    • Sunday – French onion soup
    • Monday – Chicken non-tortilla soup (out of the freezer from my last batch and it was as good as when it’s made fresh!)
    • Tuesday – Oatmeal
    • Wednesday – Smoked chicken and brisket, green beans
    • Thursday – Chicken non-tortilla soup
    • Friday – Smoke chicken and brisket, green beans
    • Saturday – Date Night
  • Exercise/Activity: I really want to hit 7 hours of activity this week.  I was 40-ish minutes shy last week.  Working out with Hottie out of town may prove difficult but I’m committed to doing it every day.
    • Sunday – Mowed the lawn (42 minutes)- 12,000 Steps
    • Monday – Evening run (39 minutes), leisurely walk (30 minutes) – 18,800 Steps
    • Tuesday – Morning walk (68 minutes), INSANITY (41 minutes), track walking (18 minutes)- 20,400 Steps
    • Wednesday – Cardio/strength class (40 minutes), track walking (30 minutes) – 15,200 Steps
    • Thursday – INSANI.TY and kickboxing (57 minutes), after-lunch walk (30 minutes)- 15,500 Steps
    • Friday – INS.ANITY (48 minutes), track walk (30 minutes) – 16,000 Steps
    • Saturday – Walking (60 minutes) – 16,000 Steps
  • Notes and findings: 
    • I ran without Bryson on Monday night and ran 4 miles at a 9:30 pace, which is really good for me (I’m a slow runner).  I want to try to run solo at least once a week, if possible, just to keep that speed going
    • I need to scale back the Diet Pe.psi (just writing that made my mouth water – I am THAT addicted to it)
    • This week is the half-way mark of my 10 weeks.  I’m going to try to do measurements, but will skip pushups, sit-ups, and the mile run because Hottie and I are going out of town sans kids on Saturday night and we’ll be rushed to get on the road.  Those stats are more of a 10-week thing, so I feel OK skipping them.  My ankle is so weak right now that my mile run will be longer than it was 6 weeks ago.
    • I tried a new class at the Y tonight (Wednesday) and although it was good, it wasn’t terribly exciting.  I was a little disappointed and wish I’d done INSA.NITY in my garage this afternoon instead.  Taking the kids to the Y for a 6:30 class seemed cruel, but they had a great time!
    • The Wednesday class got all muscle groups strengthened with weights – yay!
    • When I hold the body fat monitor the old (wrong) way, set to “normal” mode (not athlete), the body fat reading is 23.6% which actually should be compared to my starting value because that’s how I was holding it and it was set to “normal” mode.  But this is a minor detail and since I measure daily in “athlete” mode while holding it correctly, I’m keeping the 24.0% for tracking purposes.  But I want to note for myself that based on how I measured on day 1, I’ve lost 1.5% body fat in the 5 weeks so far
    • It’s Thursday and I’m calling it right now – I’m going to end the week where I started on weight.  This is feeling like a plateau/stabilizing week to me.
    • Finally a dip in body fat!  I couldn’t be happier with this week.  There was no weight loss, but gain in muscle mass is way more important to me at this rate.
    • Holy smokes – I lost a pound right there at the end of the week. Hooray!
    • I will be modifying my 10-week goals to match what has happened in the last 5 weeks – want to keep things realistic!

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First Emergency Stitches

I never needed stitches as a kid. Errr… I should correct that. I never got stitches as a kid. There was one time when I needed them terribly (could see the bone) but my parents told me I was fine and sent me back downstairs to play (I still have a hole in my ankle there, but it’s just fine). I digress…..

Bryson got stitches yesterday morning. He tripped on a stupid rug (one that I’d bought and Hottie had said would kill one of us one day because it was so easy to trip on) and slammed his head into a footstool. Hottie swooped him up, calmly announced that there was blood, brought him to me and I said, “he needs stitches.”. We were loaded up in the car, our family of 4, within a few minutes with clothes and snacks packed for the kids. No one cried, no one yelled, no one got stressed… We all just went.

Bryson stopped crying and was back to smiling the minute we were in the car. He’s such a big kid! The ER got us right in and Bryson was very cooperative. He got some versed for the actual stitching process and was groggy for a couple of hours afterwards.

3 stitches, a big breakfast, and a mall nap later and he was back to thinking that life is grand and that he is invincible!

(I must note that Matthew was such a good boy all day! He was so concerned about his little brother and just rolled with the punches with patience and happiness!)