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I am so tired but have to report two things.

1) I had to call our RE’s office today to report my CD1!  I will go in for a sonohystogram next week and we will start our FET next cycle (end of August setting us up for a transfer in October) – this one was too close to the end of nursing.  I am just fine with it.  They did tell me that depending on when I get my next period, that their annual week off for a big RE conference could interfere and we may have to push until the following cycle.  Surprisingly, I was just fine with that.  We conceived Matthew in October and if our first FET works, I would like for it to not result in a shared birthday for either of our children.  Beggars can’t be choosers, but I’d be perfectly happy with a month delay if they’d like to give it to me for this very reason.  I’d also be happy getting started as soon as possible.  I’ll take what they give me!

Is it weird that I really enjoyed my conversation with the nurse?  She’s new since we’ve been there and I’ve wanted to get to know her before going in.  We hit it off over the phone – so now I can’t wait until I meet her next week!  I love everyone at this clinic and look forward to seeing them all again!

2) I’m happy to report that we are so on-board with CD-ing (cloth diapering) that I purchased 5 more diapers last week and they’re here!  There was a buy 4 get 1 free deal so I did it.  I now have enough to definitely only wash them every 4th day.  They have the vel.cro closures and I like those.  I only had one like that and I really liked it and that prompted me to buy more.  Exciting times over here!  They better not release any new prints or I’ll need to buy more.  I think CD’s are just so cute and addictive.  Seriously!

Love that padded tushie!



I am alone for the 5th night in a row – only one left and B will be home on Saturday afternoon.  I usually love the alone time, but a week is a LONG time.  Alone time is good in small doses – no more than 3 nights for me.

Matthew is sleeping so well this week, it’s like he knows I need the break.  He’s such an easy baby, but when it’s just me, it’s a lot of work.  When he naps, all I want to do is watch TV so that the house isn’t silent.  I also want to fall asleep to that TV and get some rest since I know I’ll need it when he wakes up.  He’s sleeping 11 hours each night.  ELEVEN!  This is unprecedented and I wonder if it’s here to stay.  He’s such a good boy!  By the time he wakes up at 7:45, I’m more than ready to play and be up with him!

I’m working on a banner for my friend’s baby shower on Saturday.  It’s almost done – not much left to do.  I am off to do that after I post this.  I have a movie all ready to go downstairs while I work on the banner.  I do not like basements – not even my own  😉  I need something to entice me to go down there, and without a TV and DVD player on the main floor of our house, and my need for noise in the house right now – I’m heading downstairs.  It will be fun.  I’ve done this the last three nights in a row and it’s been fun.  I watched “The Vow” last night and “Young Adult” the night before.  I usually rent “no-brainers” for craft time so I don’t need to focus on them.  HA!

I just got done folding/stuffing Matthew’s diapers.  Is it weird that I like washing and organizing his nappies?  Ha!  Stuffing and folding his diapers has always calmed me, even when he was a newborn.  It’s so soothing.  Weird!

I am off to work on a banner.  YAY!  I’ll be glad to have this one done… it’s very limited in the color department and it’s been hard!  I have another one right after this one for a special little guy in Canada and it’s way funner!  It’s actually half done, but his mama hasn’t seen it yet.  I’m anxious to get that one done!


Birthday Photos Are Here!

My friend, Denise, is awesome!  She’s my close friend who does all of Matthew’s photos (and you know I love photos) and she is VERY good to us!  I can’t say enough nice things about her and her girls who have become the most special of special friends to us.  Matthew and I went out for dinner with her and the girls last night and we all just had a ball.  The girls love Matthew, and he loves them like he loves no other kids in the world!   He knows that C and R are special  🙂

Denise photographed Matthew’s party for us – and she is a perfectionist who would not let me see the photos until they were done.  I get that.  I do  😉  But I have been dying with anticipation and the wait was worth it!  Denise went above and beyond and put Matthew’s birthday party photos into a slide show so that everyone could see them… and it’s precious!  She always picks the BEST music to go with the mood of the event!

Birthday Party!

To my surprise, she also made a slide show of Matthew’s first birthday photos.  YAY!

The Big 1!

So there you have it – birthday #1 is officially in the books as we now count down the months to birthday #2.  I already have the theme picked out  😉


Beggars And Choosers

B is out of town… for a week.  Yikes!  Honestly, it won’t be that bad aside from just needing a break here and there.  We have a packed calendar for the week to keep us busy, so that’s good.  It’s hotter than hell here – it was 103* yesterday and will be 105* today – so we need to keep busy indoors.  That’s hard to do, but we’ll make it work.  We’re definitely hitting the pool tomorrow though!

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately.  My late period (still nothing), lack of a BFP, and sore breasts are entirely to blame for it.  I have never been more than 2-3 days late in my life, so of course I figured that maybe, just maybe, we had a surprise BFP like “everyone else” out there.  I mean – when most people are a week late, that means they’re pregnant.  I should not have let my mind even go there – but I did.  Lesson learned.  The only good thing about AF taking her sweet time is that we may be able to start treatments sooner.  If AF came before 2 weeks post-nursing, then they wanted me to wait another cycle because my hormones would still be out of whack.  If AF waits until after Friday, then we may be able to start right away when she decides to show up.  Watch – I’ll get it on Thursday 😉  Beggars can’t shouldn’t be choosers, so I just need to let AF show up when she does (not that I have a choice) and just be happy that we get to start again shortly thereafter.

Matthew is consistently sleeping until 7:00 AM now – without a little wake-up in the 6:00 hour.  This whole thing worked brilliantly and I’m proud of us – we truly shaped his sleep times into what we wanted.  Of course this morning, though, when he woke up at 7:03, I let him fuss to see if he would go back to sleep.  He did not.  What is it about never being happy – or never having enough sleep?  The poor kid sleeps until 7:00 like I shaped and planned, and now I’m trying to get him to sleep longer?  Why would I want him to sleep longer – all that does is mess up his nap schedule!?  Beggars and choosers… beggars and choosers…  The bottom line is that I stayed up entirely too late and wanted to sleep in myself.  I always stay up too late when B is out of town.

Nothing is really new to report – except that Matthew now hisses like a cat.  We do believe he learned that from Lily, our grumpy, diabetic girl.  We used to think that she truly loved Matthew, but right now, she’s just tolerating him.  He gets too close, and she gets grumpy, and sometimes she hisses.  He now walks around hissing at things – not when he’s angry or anything – just whenever he feels like it.  It is adorable!

In case B reads my blog while he’s away, here are some recent photos of them together.  We miss you, Baby!

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