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I got my FET calendar in the mail today.  I flipped immediately to the transfer day.  I was wrong.  I am sort of sick about this.

October 12th is Matthew’s day.¬† I’m not ready to share it with anyone else.

If this works, they will have the same due date.  I will have a scheduled C-section Рand their birthdays will be a couple days apart.

I could cry.¬† I know beggars can’t be choosers, but this makes me sad.

B, on the other hand, thinks it may be good luck.¬† Yeah, most of his glasses are half-full¬† ūüėČ


Spreadsheet Activated

Here is my guess at my upcoming FET cycle calendar.  When I talked with the nurse a while back, she said the cycle would be about 42 days, but that sounded short to me.  I reviewed my calendar from my prior FET and it was actually a 47 day cycle through transfer day.  With that said, I am guessing transfer day to be on/around October 14th (Matthew was transferred October 12th).  We shall see РI get the official calendar later this week.

Here is my nifty, difty spreadsheet that I’ve already started checking things off of (started BCP and baby aspirin an hour ago):

In other news, we had a busy, busy day!¬† We had “Zoo Tunes” down at the zoo today for Matthew and he loved it!¬†¬†“Zoo Tunes”¬†consists of singing songs, playing little instruments, petting the animals, etc.¬† He loves, loves, loves to dance and a few times, he dropped his instrument and ran into the middle of the circle made up of small children and just broke out in dance while they all played their instruments.¬† I don’t like to say that my kid is cute – but it was freaking adorable!¬† I think he thought he was a rock star¬† ūüėȬ† We went through the zoo then afterwards and the bald eagles terrified him but the red pandas made him giggle.¬† It was fun!

“What’s over there?”

I had a lot of things to do today in preparation for the car purchase, so that kept us on the road.¬† All we have to do now is sign some docs at the bank and we’re all set.¬† Our plan is coming together nicely!¬† B and I are a good team when it comes to these types of things.¬† We divide and conquer and get things done in half the time.¬† I married a good one¬† ūüôā

Now that I’m in a cycle, I’ve decided that I need to respect my body and not cheat on the healthy lifestyle.¬† It’s time to get control.¬† I had a few (lot of) Oreos tonight as my last hurrah.¬† I’m done being stupid about this.

My best friend is having her first baby on Thursday but goes into the hospital tomorrow for an induction.¬† The reason for the induction is not my news to share, but before anyone gets all, “inductions are bad” on me (I think inductions are bad, for the most part), I will just say that there is a very good reason to get this baby delivered.¬† She chose to go with my OB and he does not take these things lightly.¬† I am so excited for her, I can hardly stand it.¬† Both B and I are jumping out of our skin, we’re so psyched about this baby!¬† I can’t wait to meet Baby Girl AKS on Thursday (or Friday, if she delivers late on Thursday)!

B reminded me today to keep on living and enjoying life during this cycle.¬† I assured him that this time is different.¬† It really does feel different.¬† I am at such a great place right now, I can’t imagine letting this bring me down.¬† Today, Matthew grabbed my face with both hands, pulled my face to his, and kissed me with so much love that I couldn’t let him go.

Yep – this time is VERY different.


And It’s Upon Us….

CD1, that is.  It is officially tomorrow since it was so late tonight when it started.  I am like clock-work, ladies.  28 days on the freaking nose!

When I spoke with the nurse a few weeks ago, she told me that a typical FET cycle is 42 days.¬† If that is the case, we will be transferring on/around October 9th.¬†¬† The early part of October has always been good to us.¬† On October 7, 2009, we met with our wonderful RE for the first time.¬† On October 7, 2010, we retrieved the batch of eggs that gave us Matthew.¬† On October 12, 2010, we transferred Matthew back to where he belonged.¬† Let’s hope October 9-ish, 2012, is good to us as well!

Here we go!*

* Unless, of course, the proposed transfer date falls during the week that our clinic is closed for their annual conference.¬† I’ll know more soon!



I am without my own vehicle for a few days.  My sweet husband bought me a car in Philadelphia.

We live in Iowa.

I am a nervous wreck about it because what if he flies out there to seal the deal on Saturday and they’ve sold it to someone else?¬† I’ve been micro-managing this whole endeavor because I’m that worried that they’ll pull a bait-and-switch on us.¬† I don’t know why I’m so nervous about this¬†– this is how B always buys cars (we always buy¬†pre-owned vehicles).¬†¬†He bought his first Acura¬†on Ebay, for God’s sake, back when that was really risky!¬† He had the winning bid, bought it sight unseen, flew out there with his buddy, picked it up in SoHo, and drove it home.¬† That car treated us very well.¬† We always wondered if it had been in an accident (it had a clean carf*x report when B bought it) because there was some paint damage and my feet always froze in the winter when I was¬†a passenger in it.¬† (Turned out that there was an accident on the report many years later when we sold it – the accident was just before B bought it so it wasn’t on the report right away.¬† Sneaky of that seller.¬† But honestly, that car was a dream!)

The next vehicle we bought out-of-state was my RDX¬†– and we were a bit more conventional with that one.¬† We found it at an Acura¬†dealership online and drove up to Minnesota to buy it.¬† We knew before we left our driveway and before seeing it that we were buying it.¬† They told us it had a little scratch on the front fender and it turned out to be more than a little scratch, but it was certified, the price was right, and we’d already sold my other vehicle.¬† Meant to be.¬† We bought it.¬† It’s been a great vehicle, aside from its lack of room for an additional car seat.

The next vehicle purchased out-of-state is the one B drives now and we got it at the same dealership as my RDX – but he bought it sight unseen again over the phone and just drove up to get it.¬† They told us it was perfect and it was, aside from a couple soft dents in the trunk that we got fixed for $200.¬† Again, it was certified, exactly what we wanted, and the price was right.¬† It’s been a great vehicle.

When it came time for this new vehicle, we were having a heck of a time finding exactly what we wanted for a good price.¬† We like to spend as little as possible but still have a Hon.da product in the end with few miles and certified, if possible.¬†¬† We even looked outside of our comfort zone of Hon.da/Acu.ra but found that we’d be spending just as much, or more, for a vehicle we didn’t even really want.¬† As we searched, we realized that we were more particular on color than we thought (damn¬†that black MDX that passed B on the interstate when he was pondering our color choices!) and realized that a rear entertainment system may give us the ability to travel again (oh, our hopes are way up on this one!).

The prices in the midwest were ridiculous.¬† I mean – INSANE.¬† So of course B got on Ebay (I shuddered) and found one for a super-duper¬†price (more shuddering).¬† It was too good to be true, but needed to be checked out (even more shuddering).¬† I was very huffy about this particular vehicle because I was having flashbacks of all of those years in the front seat of the CL in the winter time, complaining about my freezing feet and not being able to warm the car enough to defrost them (turned out that the insulation had not been replaced after the apparent accident that was not on the damned report).¬† I refused to drive a vehicle that was bought at a corner no-name/no-brand dealership in Brooklyn that was asking a price that was insanely low.¬† I said that it was super cheap for a reason.¬† I said there was no way, NO WAY, that I would put our son in a vehicle that had not been fully inspected and evaluated by someone with the skills to do so (and this statement was not fair, because it implied that B would put our son in said vehicle and I promise you – he would not)!¬† And no – we were not asking our friend’s friend in Brooklyn to look at it for us – because he doesn’t know what’s under a hood.

And then I cried a bit.

But then B found¬†¬† Have you heard of this?¬† No?¬† It is AMAZING!¬† THEY ARE AMAZING!¬† All B had to do was call them up, tell them the situation and where the car was located, and the guy had someone go test drive it within 24 hours of our call.¬† I believe the test-driver was a mechanic.¬† They did a 130 (or so) point inspection and hooked a computer up to it to read everything there was to read on the vehicle.¬† They took photos.¬† They took notes.¬† They saved us!¬† Note that when we called the dealership about the vehicle, the sales guy said it had a few scratches on the left side, but other than that, “PERFECT.”

Um.. no.

Lemonsquad gave the vehicle a grade of D.¬† I was expecting it to be bad (because I’m a negative nancy that way), but not THAT bad.¬† Here’s a snippet from the report:

“The entire left side of the vehicle has been previously repaired and repainted, as well as the right side quarter panel and doors, including bumpers also. These repairs do not look perfect, some details of the body work are noticeable; the paint finish is not completely smooth, and even dull on some of the areas.”

Seats Normal wear for mileage of vehicle.
Power Window Switches The right front window switch is not working on the main control panel.
Scratches There is a scratch on the right rear door, and a couple on the rear bumper. Other scratches too small to photograph, normal for wear.
Small Dings There are just a few dings overall.
Tail Light Lenses The left tail light lens is broken. See photos.
Bumpers Front bumper is misaligned on the right side. See photos.
Navigation System This system needs the code in order to work. Seller will look into it.
Back-Up Camera Unable to test the back-up camera, because the code is needed to operate the system.

And there were photos… 53 of them showing all of the damage.¬† As B just said (when I was asking for a refresher on all of its issues), “it looked like it had been to the Apocalypse and back.”¬† HA!

This cost us only $150.  Money well-spent, holy hell!

So that brings me to our car in Philly.¬† It’s certified, it has low miles, it’s black, it has the rear entertainment system, it has navigation (I cannot live without that), and it’s the right price!¬† When B called the dealership on Saturday with questions, they mentioned that they’d gotten lots of calls on it already.¬† We wouldn’t normally believe this kind of selling tactic, but the truth is, we’d lost out on two vehicles in Manhattan (not ones from shady dealers) just earlier in the week so we knew that they went fast out east (probably because of their awesome pricing).

B bought it for me.¬† Sight unseen.¬† I’m so happy about it!¬† He flies out Saturday¬† morning to get it and will be home by Sunday night.¬† In the end, this out-of-state purchase will save us about $3,500.¬† I’ll take it!¬† The big unknown was getting rid of my current vehicle and we did that today after a lot of back-and-forth.¬† A dealership flat-out bought it from us for a pretty good price considering the body damage I’d done to it right when we got it (I ran into our garbage cans and just kept going, because, “you know, they’re plastic and they won’t hurt the car”).

So we’re a single-car-family for a week and that usually works out just fine for us.¬† I have to be flexible for B so that he’s able to get to where he needs to be.¬† No problem!

Now I just hope my new car is really there on Saturday!


Memorable Moment Monday – Cat Scratch Fever

Ugh.¬† We had company over last night and our social cat, Jackson, wanted to be close to everyone.¬† I told our visitors that he’s usually pretty good with the kids and will just move if they’re bothering him, which is true.¬† I forgot that he does not move when we have company though¬†– because he really, really likes having visitors.¬† Right after I said that he can be trusted, Matthew got swiped – and it was bad.¬† He bled right away and it bled for a long time.¬† He looked like Frankenstein – the slash was perfectly horizontal on his forehead, about 2.5 inches long, with long drips coming from it along the entire length of it.¬† AWFUL!¬† He was unfazed, thank God.¬† We were horrified.

Jackson still resides here ;), but he was on our sh*t list last night, that’s for sure.¬† I usually defend him but there was nothing to defend this time.

It looks much better today than yesterday.¬† And you may also notice a skinned knee in this photo?¬† That’s a first!¬† He’s getting so big!

This is part of PAIL’s Memorable Moment Monday


Road Trip Hangover

Matthew had a roadtrip hangover today – like – badly!¬† He woke up after just 9.5 hours of sleep at 6:50¬† because we kept him up too late.¬† We let him stay up last night to play with B since he missed him so much.¬†¬†That was sweet and all – but not good for the boy.¬† When he emerged from his room this morning, he seemed deflated that he didn’t have a room full of cousins to play with.¬† Sigh.¬† ūüė¶¬† Good thing I had a play date already setup for him!¬† There were tears this morning over absolutely EVERYTHING (no friends to play with, not enough food (really, he had plenty!), he finished his milk and wanted more, the kitties weren’t accessible, you-name-it!).¬† Mornings like this make me sad because there’s nothing I can do to cheer him up.¬†¬† Bottom line was that he was bored with just me, he was snotty as all¬†get-out,¬†and he was tired.¬† So, so, so very tired.

I didn’t let Matthew nap.¬† I needed to get him back on his regular schedule.¬† He only napped for 45 minutes TOTAL while we were at my sister’s, and I needed to get him back to his 2.5-3.5 hour daily nap.¬† I kept him up until 12:30 which just made things worse for him.¬† We went on our play date at 11:30 and he cried the whole time because, yes, he was tired.¬† My neighbor (the one whose door I knocked on to introduce myself months ago and we’ve been buddies ever since) was totally understanding, thank goodness, and even offered to keep him for me for a few minutes so I could go get lunch for myself.¬† I didn’t torture her by taking her up on that offer!

Matthew cried through his naptime books until I finally tossed them aside and snuggled him.  He was out in less than a minute and he slept 2.5 hours Рand so did I!  It was wonderful.  It was glorious!

And then he woke up.  Pissy.  Again.

Poor Matthew was obviously not yet caught up on his sleep but it was an improvement so we went out to finally get Mama some food!¬† We sold my soul to the devil and went to Chick-Fil-We-Hate-Gays and had some wonderful chicken (seriously – I hate one of their corporate values but really love their chicken as well as all the nice people they employ there!) and Matthew yelled at me as his food supply dwindled.¬† This child does not know when he’s full – we’ve come to this conclusion.¬† He ate 6 grilled nuggets, applesauce, and some yogurt and I had to rush him out of there because he was screaming at me for more food – and I didn’t have any to give him!¬† Sweet Jesus!

We went to Tar.get where he FINALLY relaxed because I pushed the cart (with him in it) ahead of me and then would run up to catch it Рacting like he was getting away from me.  Serious laughter and fun with that little game.  I looked like a fool, but my kid was happy and that made me happy!  I love buying him random toys when we go to Tar.get together so I was on the hunt for something fun!  He loves music so I bought him a cute little percussion instrument set, hoping that he would love it as much as the plain balls I bought him at the consignment event for $5.  HA!

We then went to DQ for a blizzard because, well, there really is no reason.¬† I wanted it – it’s that simple.¬† And it was good.¬† So very good!

We came home, unpacked the new toy (that took 5 minutes because it was packaged like it contained narcotics or something equivalent), had a snack, and played with the drum set.¬† He loves it!¬† He really just loves the sticks and egg shakers but he played with all the¬†instruments and I think he’s going to just love it more and more!¬† I then took my sweetie for a wagon ride and that put the cherry on his sundae!¬† Pure bliss!¬† We visited with the neighbors until B got home, played some more, bathed the boy, and put him to bed too late (again).

And then I re-themed my blog.

The day ended well for us both!¬† I’m hoping tomorrow is better though¬† ūüėČ

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Our Road Trip in Photos

I took a major leap of faith and took Matthew on a big road trip – without B.¬† I sometimes wonder what I was thinking!¬† The trip was 6.5 hours each way (includes a 30-60 minute stop) and I wasn’t really sure what would happen on the road.¬† However, Matthew slept for most of the drives (both of them!) and only fussed for 20-30 minutes each time.¬† Unreal!

On the way there, we stopped at an awesome rest stop and I fed him his leftover salmon from the night before.¬† There was a cow pasture behind the rest stop, so we went to visit with the cows for a few minutes before getting back into the car.¬† We hit some rush hour traffic once in my sister’s suburb, but we just car-danced and sang our way to her house.

Once there, Matthew had the best time!¬† They have a dog which makes him the happiest boy alive!¬† Their dog is wonderful with kids and I didn’t even worry about how she would treat Matthew.¬† He pulled on her and climbed all over her, and she just licked him and loved him.

As I’ve already posted, Matthew didn’t feel much like going to bed alone the first night, but he did the second night and slept until 7:10 this morning.¬† That was nice!

We stayed very busy and I’m so glad I took this road trip with him because now I know he can handle it.¬† And I know that I can handle it.¬† It was truly easy!

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