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Birthday Boy #2

Bryson Boy, I’m so sorry this is late.  You turned one 5 days ago, but we were still getting things ready for your party and I didn’t want to do your post until you, and your birthday, were fully celebrated!

At one year old, you weigh in right at 25 pounds.  You’re our solid little big guy who loves to eat and nurse whenever there’s an opportunity.  You don’t look as big as you feel – you’re thinning down at record speed which means that much of your baby look is melting away, which makes me so sad.  BUT – you’re still very much my baby!  You have very little hair (yet it is coming in more) and you have the cutest baby face on the planet  🙂

You love many, many people, but you love your mommy, daddy, and brother the most!  You are really attached to me right now, which is fine by me!  If I am anywhere within eyeshot or earshot, you MUST be with me.  I can hand you off to others to hold and play with you, but I can’t look at you while doing it or you’ll get very upset.  Even Daddy has to wish me away so he can play with you.  You are your mommy’s boy!  Daddy and Matthew are a close second though.

You like to be in the thick of whatever your big brother is doing, and you handle his antics quite well.  We went through a phase of you getting very upset every time a toy was taken from you, or every time you got knocked down (this happens all the time, poor boy), but you’re taking those episodes in stride these days and have learned to stand up for yourself a bit.  It’s cute to watch you yell at Matthew for taking your things – he’ll give them right back and then you’re best of friends again!  You two share so well with each other, and play together like true friends.  I truly believe you’re each others’ best friends, and that makes me so very happy!  Matthew loves to share his food with you (even his ice cream) and you enjoy his generosity very much.  You laugh so hard at what he does and try to mimic his actions.  He cheers you on, and you cheer him on.  It’s so special!

You love many things, but specifically you love green beans, all green veggies (so far), mashed cauliflower, carrots, bratwursts, cows milk, balls, books, the train table, stacking toys, shooting hoops, playing in water, and clapping.  Your favorite times of the day are shower time in the morning, and bath time at night.  You are willing to shower with anyone who will let you in with them, and you would shower 5 times a day if we’d let you!  You scream for Matthew to join you in the tub each night and the two of you make quite a fun mess.  We love it!

I love you so much, Bryson!  I love that you’re still my little baby!  Your brother turned one and was ready to conquer the world without my help,  but you’re holding onto me extra tight and that makes things very sweet for me.  You may be our last baby and you’re prolonging your babyhood, which I greatly appreciate!  I am in no hurry for you to grow up!

Happy birthday, little man!

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THIS Moment in Time (#?)

I owe a big first birthday post for Bryson Boy, but some family drama (my sister’s, not mine) has caused enough stress that I want to be in a happier place when I do post about the big day. In the meantime, I’m happy to report that Bryson is still my baby, even though he’s now technically a toddler!


Birthday Boy #1

Matthew turned three today. He woke up to the sounds of his dad’s and my voices singing, “happy birthday,” to him; then heard Zoom sing his birthday song from outer space for the first time to him; ate cake for breakfast; went to summer camp (where they made a special birthday crown for him that he wore all morning!); had lunch at his favorite restaurant (chipotle) where his dad met us; took a nap snuggled up to his mom; went to speech therapy which he enjoys a lot; played soccer with his coaches and friends; had his first-ever ice pop; had dinner at “the chicken house” (Panera); opened his presents (a scooter and a remote plane), helped put together his gifts; played; bathed; and went to bed exhausted. I think it’s fair to say it was a fun birthday!

Matthew, you are the light of my life! Your snuggles melt my heart like nothing else on this planet and your smile can change the course of any day for the better. You are my first gift – the one that softened all of the pain leading up to finally getting you. I love you more than you know, and I already worry about the day that you replace me with a new woman of your dreams. 😉 I love you, I love you, I love you! Happy birthday, sweet boy!


Not Done

I had a bad dream last night. I dreamt that I was pregnant with our third baby, and that I, somehow, forgot to go to the OB for the second half of the pregnancy. And then in the 8th month, I remembered I was pregnant and noticed I had no belly and couldn’t feel the baby moving. We went in for an ultrasound and I woke up as we were waiting to be called back, full of doom and despair because I knew we’d lost the baby. We’d lost our third baby. And having our two healthy boys only relieved the pain a little bit as we waited, before I woke up.


We dropped Matthew off at camp this morning, and as we waited to check him in, there was a mom in front of us with a new baby. Another mom and I marveled at how tiny the baby was, as we held our seemingly massive near-one-year olds. In that moment, reflecting on my dream, I thought to myself, “We’re not done yet.”


B (because of his busy schedule) will be setting up an appointment with our RE for July to discuss a spring transfer.

We’re not done yet.


Blog Babies Meet Up #? (I think I’ve lost count!)

When I first started blogging, Steph started following me early on. Her blog was crazy pink and all-girl, while mine was all-boy. We lived close to each other so the next time my family headed their way, we met up. It was my first blog meet-up… And it felt surprisingly natural. We went her direction again and met up again, and again in Chi-Blogo, and again in KC, and again, and now once again. Our kids are getting to be friends and Matthew remembered Chloe this time when we told him where we were going this weekend.

Fun stuff – and special!

We usually struggle to get good photos of our kids together, especially now that there are four of them (wow!). This time, we got a decent photo of all four kids together! I feel lucky! But if we hadn’t gotten a good photo this time, there wouldn’t have been anything to worry about since we’ll be back again!