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THIS Moment in Time – Roadtrip Sleep

131156197902446144Vacations aren’t a time for sleep. As the mother of two young boys, I know this.

We’re at my sister’s north of Chicago right now and last night was a shit show.  Two kids in a queen bed with me, one of them very likely to roll out of bed. I didn’t sleep. But tonight…. all of the kids are sleeping in the living room and I’m banking on a few hours before anyone wakes me up. Good night!


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THIS Moment in Time – Selfless Parenting

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I’m not one to toot my own horn (aside from my fitness blog which is more of a diary), or my kids’ horns (you’ll never hear me say that they “rocked” anything). But today, I did something completely selfless as a mom. It’s hotter than shit right now (“real feel” of 98*) and on our way home, after doctor appointments and a food truck outdoor lunch, the boys asked to stop at the park.

“No, guys, It’s hotter than shit outside.”

“Ok, Mom. It is hot.”

And I thought, “what do you care if you have to sit outside for 20 minutes while they play?”

So here we are (or…. here we WERE because it was so hot, my phone prompted me to turn it off while writing this post because it was overheating).

(They were more than happy to leave after 15 minutes, thank God!)


THIS Moment in Time – Movie Time!

When we bought this house, we used the theater room ALL of the time. Then we had kids, and the theater room scared them. Now, they’re finally loving it.. and so are we!

We started the boys on Star Wars last weekend for their birthdays. Right now, we’re watching “Return of the Jedi” and they are so excited! It’s fun to hear them talk about the characters they got to know in the first two movies (episodes #4 and #5) and start putting together the overall plot. I am reliving a big part of my childhood through them, and it feels really good! ❤




THIS Moment in Time – Loaner Baby

A friend is in a bind and just asked me to watch her 10-month old from Sunday night through Wednesday. Before I responded, I of course had to consult with Hottie.

Hottie loves babies.

Hottie said, “yes.”

I agreed on one condition… That we won’t revisit the third baby talk once this baby leaves our house. I really like things the way they are.

Hottie smiled…. And agreed.



THIS Moment In Time – Cake Pops!

Matthew loves cake pops from Starb.ucks, so when I saw this cake pop maker on clearance for $10.00, I surprised him with it! Bryson’s at school and we’re learning how to use this thing! We’re getting the hang of it. 😉


Quick update – Bryson and I decorated another dozen this afternoon and used my experience from the first round to make them pretty darned presentable!  Now, what do we do with all of these cake pops?

finished cake pops


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THIS Moment in Time – Shout Out

I’ve had a rough morning, for reasons I can’t share. Some things are not my stories to tell. But when the morning went south, I reached out to a blog friend who I knew would understand. She said all of the things I needed to hear. She said all of the things that Hottie couldn’t to make me feel better. She was the best friend I could have asked for in that moment, and I am eternally grateful. Her words truly dried my tears.

Thank you, my dear URL and IRL friend. You know who you are! ❤

Anyone who says our blogging connections are shallow or “not real” has never had a connection like the ones I have!


THIS Moment in Time – Hardest Four Miles of my Life

I’ve run every morning this week following a 6 miler on Saturday and a rest on Sunday. My body is shot. 19 miles in four days isn’t that much of a cumulative distance, but I usually take a rest after two days of running no matter how far (or not so far) I run in those two days. Four days in a row is tough on me, but the weather has been ridiculously beautiful! So I power on… and take breaks… at the park. You know, the park that is perfectly safe and requires none of my attention. 😁