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So It Seems…


… that people like to see what their friends are wearing.  I know I do.  I know that when Josey posts a Sti.tch F.ix post, I hop right on over to check it out.  When Chon puts up a “What Chon Wore” post, I’m all over it!  I have a preschool mom friend who has such great fashion sense, that I stalk her FB page to see if she’s posting pics of anything that I should be considering.  I think I get most excited about people’s fashion posts, simply because I have limited fashion sense and I need ideas.  And I love seeing others pull off what I don’t think I can.

This morning at preschool drop-off, I was in my running clothes because I like to run my 5 miles with Bryson right after dropping Matthew off.  The weather is perfect right now and I just can’t get enough of it!  All the moms know I’m a runner, so they always ask where I’m headed, how far I plan to go, and how long it will take me.  Most of the moms are dressed for the day, so I take in their attire and make mental notes for myself.  Today, the friend I mentioned up above, was wearing a cute sleeveless dress.  I thought to myself, “see, that makes perfect sense and you have something like that at home!”  After my run, you can bet I showered and pulled out my dress – and I felt so good and so COMFORTABLE for the rest of the day.  We went to the park for an hour and I felt great!


Kavu Eve Dress, size M. The PERFECT outdoors dress ever made!

Now that fall is around the corner (or is it here?  I think it may be!), I took an inventory of what I have to wear.  I’m sort of excited about changing things up and adding some more flattering pieces to my wardrobe, and I thought it wise to not only take note of what I have, but record it here for when I get the bug to buy more.  I tend to buy too much of one thing (as you’ll see when you get to sweaters below…) and a place to come back to for some perspective is necessary.

I needed jeans that fit, and I’ve spent a small fortune on 3 pair in the last week.  There is one more pair I’ll buy in a week once I can spend my Ga.p C.ash (redemption start 9/19 for those of you holding coupons!), and then I’ll have 5 pair of jeans that fit me correctly.  Here is what I have so far:

Left to Right: Bana.ana Re.public Washed Indigo Skinny (Size 28), Slightly Curvy Bootcut (size 6 short), Ed.die Ba.uer Destroyed Boyfriend Slim (size 4)

Left to Right: Bana.ana Re.public Washed Indigo Skinny (size 28), Slightly Curvy Bootcut (size 6 short), Ed.die Ba.uer Destroyed Boyfriend Slim (size 4)


Dear John Joyrich (size 27)

Dear John Joyrich (size 27)


The jeans I’ll be getting, or so I plan to be getting, are the Ga.p Reso.lution Slim Straight jeans.  They fit ridiculously well and I really liked them, especially for $70 (but they’ll be $35 with G.ap C.ash).  In all honestly, I’m itching for a pair from BR, but their jeans are so damn expensive that I can’t justify buying 2 pair in a month.  G.ap jeans are just fine, especially for a 5th pair to just finish up the weeks throughout fall, winter, and spring.

Ga.p slim straight jeans (size 28)

Ga.p slim straight jeans (size 28)


Ok – onto shoes.  I have said this before, but I’ll say it again, I have horrible feet to fit and when I find something that fits, well, I buy them.  I learned at a very early age that my shoe budget must be higher than the average gal because my size is usually only made by high-end shoe makers (my parents bought me fabulous shoes while I was under their roof because they both had impossible feet to fit – and they felt sorry for me and wanted me to have shoes that fit correctly).  It turns out, I have quite a few pairs of boots (with one on the way – WHERE ARE THEY ALREADY??) which isn’t a bad thing.  I have NO dressy shoes (but am constantly looking) and just a few pair of casual shoes.  I need more in the realm of casual flats/slip-ons and definitely a pair of black strappies for dressy occasions.

Ecco Rise Tall Boot (size 42), Bass Tan Suede Boots (size 11), Ugg brown booties (size 11), Franco Sarto black booties (size 11)

Ecco Rise Tall Boot (size 42), Bass Tan Suede Boots (size 11), Ugg brown booties (size 11), Franco Sarto black booties (size 11)

My must-have boots 2 years ago - Sor.el Joan of Arctic

My must-have boots 2 years ago – Sor.el Joan of Arctic

Chaco black, Chaco brown, and Keds

Chaco black, Chaco brown, and Keds

As you can see, I love my boots, and I need a few more lower profile shoes.  I found some today that are $150 (of course they are) so I’ll skip them and head to D.SW this week to see what they have (and probably leave in tears, like I almost always do).

Coats.  I love coats.  I used to buy jackets like they were tops – I moved back from Chicago with tubs full of jackets and coats.  It was pathetic.  BUT – now that I’m smaller, I’ve gotten rid of almost everything and am left with just these three coats.  I’d like to add a pea coat to the mix this year.

Ann Taylor cream coat (I love this coat!!!), North Face Men's Summit coat (LOVE!), Eddie Bauer Micro Therm Storm Down (I hate this coat - it is not warm at all)

Ann Taylor cream coat (I love this coat!!!), North Face Men’s Summit coat (LOVE!), Eddie Bauer Micro Therm Storm Down (I hate this coat – it is not warm at all)

I don’t think I need anymore coats, even though I’d like one.  I’m skipping it this year unless I find a great pea coat on a major sale.

For dresses, I have very few that fit.  I have a formal skirt and top that are beautiful, but on the verge of being too big and I’m not sure the cost to alter them will be worth it.  I have two casual dresses, one being the one I wore today, and the other being a gray one just like it (I buy in bulk – it’s ridiculous).

Kavu Eve Dress in gray (size M)

Kavu Eve Dress in gray (size M)

I have my eye on this dress at An.n Tay.lor, but the 6 seemed too big and they didn’t have a 4 to try on, so I’m waiting to see if they get one in.  I am thinking of getting this for Hottie’s formal holiday party and dressing it up with some nice strappy shoes.  We shall see…

Shift Dress

For nicer tops, the types I’d wear out on date night, I have plenty.  PLENTY.  I bought a bunch while I was in KC in January and I regret one of them, just because it snags easily and I never wear it because of that.  The last thing I need is more tops like these.

Hottie picked out the striped An.n Ta.ylor top and I do like it.  It's the wine colored top I don't like - it's just... cheap looking (and feeling) and snags if you look at it wrong.

Hottie picked out the striped An.n Ta.ylor top and I do like it. It’s the wine colored top I don’t like – it’s just… cheap looking (and feeling) and snags if you look at it wrong.

I love the black dress top - worn with the leggings on the shelf there.  The red top hasn't been worn in 2 years - but I like it.

I love the black dress top – worn with the leggings on the shelf there. The red top hasn’t been worn in 2 years – but I like it.

I love this sweater - it is so fun to wear!  It has a tie neck in the back and it's open in the back

I love this sweater – it is so fun to wear! It has a tie neck in the back and it’s open in the back

My favorite date night outfit for fall - Dear John skinny jeans and that awesome gray sweater with tall or short black boots!

My favorite date night outfit for fall – Dear John skinny jeans and that awesome gray sweater with tall or short black boots!

OK – so here is where it gets embarrassing.  SWEATERS.  I have always, ALWAYS, been a lover of sweaters.  Wool sweaters, warm sweaters, thin sweaters, cotton sweaters, fair isle sweaters (I DO need a new one of these!), turtleneck sweaters, V-neck sweaters, etc.  I have never been able to resist purchasing beautiful, warm, cozy sweaters.  I think all of my spending money in college went to my sweater collection (I still have a few of those – do you remember when J Cr.ew did holiday sweaters every year???) and once I was making real money, it just got worse.

After getting thinner last fall, I was desperate for sweaters that fit and weren’t too big.  G.ap had a killer sale and I bought heaps of them.  HEAPS.  Then BR put out the most delicious line of sweaters and I just had to have one.  Then I found Nord.strom Rack and they had a couple of gorgeous sweaters that I could not leave behind.  And then we went to Seattle and there were some fun, lighter weight sweaters that we bought in preparation for this fall (Hottie cannot resist buying me sweaters either, and the Seattle sweaters were all his idea).  I have NO BUSINESS buying sweaters this year unless they are truly special – like a gorgeous fair isle sweater from Da.le of N.orway (hint, hint, Hottie!).

So I’m just going to stop justifying my obsession and put the inventory out there.  Please don’t judge me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So that’s it!  That is what I have for the fall and winter.  I think I need tops of the non-sweater variety and a pair or two of casual flat shoes.  Please weigh in though on what you think is missing, and if there’s something you see that you are thinking, “she cannot wear that!” please tell me.  We’re all friends here!

Author: Courtney

Hi, there, I’m Courtney. I never planned to stay home with my kids, but I got sucked into motherhood when my first baby came into our lives after years of infertility and multiple rounds of IVF. His brother followed closely behind, something we didn’t plan on after having such a rough road with achieving parenthood the first time around. My boys are IVF cycle twins, conceived on the same day but born two years and one day apart (they were both transferred on the same day in October, but with two years between them). My boys are the best of friends and my husband is a terrific husband, father, and most importantly… friend. He fully supported my desire to stay home (“I just wanted it to be your idea and not mine, I totally want you to stay home and raise our kids!”) and encourages me in everything I do. I am a lover of projects, spreadsheets, fitness, healthy cooking and eating, crafts, selling my stuff on FB (HA!), and the outdoors. If I’m active, I’m pretty darn happy!

23 thoughts on “So It Seems…

  1. Wow, it’s fun to see your whole wardrobe laid out in one place like that. This makes me want to take stock of my wardrobe again, purge what needs to be purged, and organize what is left. I’m putting SF on hold for a bit b/c of the money issues with our truck, and I want to figure out what I actually have and how to wear it together at this point. This was a super interesting post to read for me! I’ve always avoided sweaters, probably because I have always carried any extra pudge in my midsection and sweaters tend to add bulk. You obviously don’t have that problem though, and I love the ones you have!

    I can’t wait for your new boots to get there – I’m sure you’ll love them! Mine are definitely my fav.

    • I can’t wait for my boots either. I am dying for them to get here!

      I’ve worn sweaters forever – and I used them to hide the pudge in my mid-section for years. I don’t think sweaters make anyone look thin (with one exception – it’s coming) so I always figured that no one really knew what was under them when I wore them to hide things. And honestly, looking back on pictures, they did a great job of hiding what I didn’t want people to see. Now – there is one sweater that I SWEAR makes every person alive look thinner and that’s the Gap eversoft V-neck (I have three of them now, and also had them in maternity). They were, by far, my most flattering maternity sweaters so I bought them last year and every time I wore them, I looked 10 pounds thinner than I was. They go on serious sale too – I think I paid $18-$20 each and they’re machine washable. It’s going to be hard not to buy more this year, but I will resist because I have plenty. They are so damn comfortable and flattering, it’s ridiculous.

      You should do a post like this. I’d LOVE to see what you have and where it came from (because I lose track of what came from SF). I remember your maternity posts with Harv and you ALWAYS looked great. You definitely know how to dress yourself. You try colors I wouldn’t dare to try, and they look great on you!

  2. I so should do this! I put a load of clothes to go out at the start of summer but I still can never find anything in my wardrobe! We have annoying sliding doors so it’s difficult to see what’s there and I always forget stuff that isn’t right at the open part!

    Love the furry boots. They look perfect for snow! Plus you have great arms and legs! 🙂 Mine are chunkier so I always want to cover them up! I get the sweater thing. I do cardigans a lot – not sure if you have them in the US!! I do have sweaters too but they’re more casual. My issue is that my stuff is either formal for work or super casual!! I can’t wait to have a bigger wardrobe so I can sort through stuff! Thanks, I really enjoyed the post! 🙂

    • Thank you for the arms/legs compliment! I’ve never had great arms or legs and I think that’s because I neglected them. Running shapes up legs in a New York minute!

      As I was writing this, I thought, “you need some cardigans.”. We do have them here, and I need to get one or two.

      Yes – ultra dressy or totally casual. That’s me too. I need an in between.

  3. Fun post! This is a great idea!
    I love your jean choices!!!!! And your dressy tops, good call hottie on the striped shirt!
    You may have these and just didn’t post, but maybe get some scarfs and accessories? I tend to be a bit on the plainer side with clothes wishing and it I was more fashionable and I found that fun necklaces and scarfs help!
    I am a sweater person too, it started in middle school with A&F and has never stopped!

    • Yes, A&F had the best sweaters! Did you watch Felicity? Sure hard fantastic sweaters!

      I do need scarves. I have NONE and I’m sorry if scared of them. I’m not good at accessories.

      You asked how tall I am. How tall are you? I always assumed you were 5’4 or 5’5. It’s funny what we assume about people! I’ve always thought of you awe a small person!

      Sent from my Windows Phone ________________________________

      • Yes! Loved Felicity!!!!!
        I am 5’6 so not far off! It’s funny bc I look at your pics and think oh she looks great. But look at myself and I’m like well you need to drop 5-10 more pounds. But we are pretty similar. (Except I carry a lot of my weight in my butt and thighs though)!
        Try some scarves with your simpler sweaters. Loft has some pretty fall ones!

      • Scarves are my search item today!

        I was just telling my neighbor yesterday that when we’re heavier, we look in the mirror and think we look younger than we are. And when we’re thinner, we look in the mirror and think we’re heavier than we are. I take pictures a lot for this reason – the camera sees what others see, and the mirror sees what our minds see. It’s how I keep myself from obsessing about being thinner, thinner, thinner.

        Sent from my Windows Phone ________________________________

  4. Oh I loved this Courtney! Can I just say that I was totally in love with the burgundy lace dress you want to buy from Ann Taylor. It was stunning and will look amazing. I also loved the camel jacket (not so much a fan of the blue, especially if it doesn’t even keep you warm!). I also have a bit of a boots obsession. The thing is if you get the right pair they last for ages so you kind of start accumulating. Also. YOUR LEGS ARE SMOKING HOT. so toned. I am totally doing this 12w challenge, if I can just get some tone back. I couldn’t see the sweater accumulation my computer wouldn’t show it 😦 The jeans as well, love the boyfriend. I am going to get some now aren’t I. Love these glimpses into our lives – we are more than just IF survivors!!

  5. I finally bit the bullet and scheduled my first (and probably last) SF. I really want the pants a few friends have been raving about, but since we have so many shopping options in KC, I can’t really justify the price of SF on a regular basis. I am kind of a nut about sweaters too – they work well for everyday with jeans, or you can dress them up with nicer pants or even a skirt. That gray and black sweater is very cute! I think having a good solid collection of jeans to choose from is nice. They used to be like bras to me – I’d have a favorite and wear the same one all the time. Now I mix them up and like it more.

    • I am soooo thinking about doing SF. I signed up long, long ago so no one will get a credit if I do it, and that’s one of the reasons I haven’t done it yet. Someone should get something for it!

      Are you going to post your SF box for us all to see?????

  6. I love the grey date night sweater with the black lace sleeves, so cute! I also have the Sorel Joan of Arctic boots, I don’t get to wear them too often here since it doesn’t hardly ever snow. A great lightweight down coat I recommend is by Arcteryx, kind of pricey, but I found one on sale last year at REI. I’m envious at how often and far you run and to push a stroller to boot! 🙂

  7. Love the post! Fashion is fun!! I need to do something like this, as I am definitely going to be paring down my closet for fall soon. Until then I’ll just kind of go a little crazy window-shopping for you… 😉

    Let’s see… first off, I am a little floored at FIVE pairs of jeans. I have, I think, 2 that I wear regularly and another pair that is good for dirty jobs. I just know that I wouldn’t personally wear anywhere close to all of those with any regularity. I guess maybe that’s because I can only really wear jeans 3x/week? If it were me (and obviously it’s not), I’d not get any more jeans (I’m pretending like I didn’t read your newer post yet 😉 ) and spend that money on the pea coat you want.

    Second, I really like all the tops, especially the striped one. I like a little bit of interest on the top to set it apart, and all of those have something special.

    Thirdly, sweaters – I am so NOT a sweater girl. I do have some, obviously, and I wear them in winter, but they’re not my favorite item of clothing. I think maybe they’re too classic for me? The ones I do have are more sweater-tops, if you know what I mean – more like your grey one than the others in the slideshow. It’s probably not surprising, given what I said about the tops, that my favorite in the slideshow is the red and grey one. I’d totally wear that on the weekend with jeans and boots. I think, also, because I like a little more… what’s the right word? flare? (Office Space FTW) that I would want to add some accessories to the sweaters. Scarves, statement earrings, long necklaces. I find that you can mix and match basics and accessories for lots of different looks.

    As for tops, since you mention maybe wanting to get a few… it seems like maybe you don’t love prints all that much? Not much of what you have is in a print, with the exception of some stripes. Do you prefer solids? I went looking for ideas and found all of these, most of which are now on my shopping list for my trip this fall… Obviously there are a million stores besides Express, but I found so many here that I love…

    Sweater-tunic. Neutral. LOVE. Great with skinny jeans/jeggings/leggings depending on where it hits you and boots or a colorful flat.

    Plaid is so in right now and I love both of these:

    I happen to love the Express Portofino shirt. It’s a classic cut plus can be worn early spring and late fall. They have a billion colors and patterns…

    I also love this shirt, plus denim shirts in general are on point.
    And since you have GAP dollars or whatever, I found this one:

    As for shoes, Ah, glorious shoes, how I love thee. I am shoe-obsessed. I think it’s because I never felt sad when I went shoe shopping because nothing fit plus I am a standard 7 (37-38) which means tons of display shoes are my size and I can just slip them on without having to ask for help. Anyway, I know you have a tough size to find and buy, but here are some suggestions (all available in at least an 11)… I kind of LOVE a statement shoe that brings in a pop of color.

    These are more athletic-casual shoes, if that’s up your alley. I am on my 3rd pair of the Go Walks and they are so fricking comfortable. I cannot reccomend them enough.

    As for something casual, but not sporty.. here are some ideas. I personally consider red, metallic and animal-print to all be pretty much neutral (unless you’re wearing a print, in which case the animal probably wouldn’t go…):

    Also, for whatever reason I’m kind of in love with these moccasins…

    Okay, I think that’s about it. Oh, yeah, I really like the Ann Taylor dress too. 🙂

    • I checked everything out… I love the shirts! I was just thinking yesterday that I need to get comfortable with plaid. That denim shirt is happening because of my boys that are almost here!

      Those moccasins are awesome! So I tried on sketchers yesterday, and cried. They are too short. My ecco boots are too, and they pinch my toes. I love the stuff you linked, an me I need to try those brands on. Here is the shore I’m obsessed with… In denim our red (god, I want red shoes).

      I think we’re on the same page!!

    • This was my first reply to you that got eaten by the internet! Oh my, this is what I needed. Thank you!!! I am clicking each link today!

      I want to have prints. That’s my problem, I go for plain Jane and I don’t want to. I found a, few cool things last night and I’m excited to shop third weekend in KC. Rules for me, NO top shopping at Eddie Bauer and (mostly) gap. BORING.

      Jeans are my everyday item. 7 days a week. Maybe that’s a problem in and of itself! I totally agree on the gap jeans… Going back to neighbor friend TODAY. I’m starting to not like boot cuts… PROGRESS.

      Seriously, thank you for this!

    • I think I want to marry you 😍😍 I have loads of jeans too. I can’t help myself 😂

      • And now that song is stuck in my head. 😉

        I was thinking – are colored jeans still “in” in the States? They are here. Even just a blue or a grey can be a good twist on denim jeans (not to mention red or green!!). Or white. Both of you, Court and Chon, would look awesome in white jeans!!

      • Funny…. I was just trying on grey jeans yesterday when I picked up that denim shirt from Gap that you recommended!

        Sent from my Windows Phone ________________________________

      • Grey jeans were too big (boyfriend cut and I tend to go down a size in those) and they weren’t in the store. I LOVED the color!!! I may order them today.

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