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Halloween Paint Night

I painted another Halloween painting last night! My friends and I have been waiting for a good one to be added to the calendar and we found it! The class was sold out, and the painting was harder than we thought it would be, so we were glad it wasn’t our first painting rodeo. The three of us together didn’t require the amount of help that a single new person needed, so we’re making progress. Ha!



Who Doesn’t Love a Little Dr. Seuss?

My kids love, love, love Dr. Seuss books!  We started them out young with a book my friend, Denise, gave us that her girls loved – the small board book version of “There’s a Wocket in my Pocket.”  It’s a very special book to me because it was gifted down from her girls, it was the book that their mom read to them over and over again.  I love the rubbed edges that it came with and could get rather edgy if the boys tried putting it in their mouths or peeling the edges  🙂  I started reading that to Matthew when he was a few months old and then added “Fox in Socks,” “Oh the Thinks you Can Think,” and “The Foot Book,” – all in tiny, condensed board book versions.


When you finally acquire yourself a baby (I know not everyone births their own babies!), you get lots of books as gifts and I would say that 15% of them or more are Dr. Seuss books.  We have lots of them, but they can be tricky, and long, to read at the end of the day.  Matthew loves “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” and asks for that year-round.  Both of the boys love “Green Eggs and Ham” and I wish I’d kept the second copy we received of that so we could have one in each room.  We have bought Matthew some Seuss-style books that on the cover, look like they were written by the good Dr. but a closer glance makes it obvious that they’re not.  There are some good ones of those, though, and he loves the Dinosaur one (I can’t remember the title).


On my way to my painting class tonight, I had to stop at Target to buy staples.  What an odd thing to need from Target.  I can’t just go into Target and buy the one thing on my list, so I picked up some paints for the boys and on my way to check out, there was an end-cap at the checkout lanes with heaps of Dr. Seuss books for $5.00 each!  This was a sign!  Why?  Because I was on my way to paint… THE CAT IN THE HAT!  I about cried when I saw the full versions of “There’s a Wocket in My Pocket,” and “Oh the Thinks You Can Think.”  Bryson recites parts of both of those books and it just melts my heart, and being perfectly honest, “Oh the Thinks You Can Think,” has always made me emotional* because of its really, really, REALLY great message (if you use your imagination, you’ll never be lonely).  I picked up two bigger-boy books for Matthew (“There’s No Place Like Space,” because that boy is obsessed with outer space, and “Seuss-isms”) and the two that made my heart skip a beat.  I’m super excited to read them to each of the boys tomorrow night!


Tonight’s painting was “Cat in the Hat,” and I signed up for it probably 5 minutes after Marcy (the teacher/artist) posted it on her site.  I am not 100% sure where this guy is going to go, and I fear there may be a little battle over who gets him in their room, but I’m thrilled to have him home and ready to frame.  Matthew was up when I came home so I showed it to him and he gasped with excitement.  That’s what I was going for!


He’s not my favorite painting so far, but he will be the boys’ favorite, which makes him pretty darn special!

*  I’m an emotional reader




The term painterly is used to describe a painting done in a style that embraces, shows, and celebrates the medium it’s created in (be it oil paint, acrylics, pastels, watercolor, etc.), rather than tries to hide the act of creation.

In centuries past (and in various modern art movements such as Photorealism) painters worked hard to eliminate or conceal any evident brushmarks or texture in a painting, blending and smoothing to hide all evidence of how the painting was created.

It doesn’t meant the paint has to be thick or impasto, it can be thin. The style or approach just doesn’t try to hide the fact that a brush or knife were used to create the artwork, it uses this to create an image that could only be done with paint (or art materials).

My most recent creation, for the holiday I love the most!  I cannot get over how calming this is for me – I enjoy nothing more than sitting down and painting for a couple of hours.  So cathartic, and so introverted!

Pumpkin Paint 2

Pumpkin Paint


Another Night of Painting!

This one is for Bryson’s big boy room, which isn’t even close to being started but the theme is planned.

“Things that Go.”

This will include cars, planes, trucks, trains, etc.  The boy loves, loves, LOVES everything that goes, and he is our favorite “thing that goes!”

Plane Sept 21


This is my 8th project in less than a year, all with the same gal.  I just love working with Marcy because she is a retired art teacher who is also a very successful artist here in the area.  Her art sells for thousands of dollars a piece, so I really feel that I’m learning a lot every time I go and paint with her!  I noticed tonight that I was doing a lot of the work on this painting before she got to instructing the technique, and I was spot-on.  I AM LEARNING!  I have another one scheduled for later this month for our wild Halloween decorations – we LOVE Halloween around here!

Here is a gallery of what we have in our house from my painting adventures so far… only one piece is not hung yet and that’s just because it needs a “clear coat” applied to it before it goes up in the guest bathroom.

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