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Memorable Moment Monday

Yes…. This is it for sure! After lots of pounding on the keyboard, this is what happened after I shut the lid and Matthew tried ferociously to get it back open. Look at his face – priceless! I’m not sure if that’s an uh-oh face or his, “I surprise myself with my strength” face. 😉


Beggars And Choosers

B is out of town… for a week.  Yikes!  Honestly, it won’t be that bad aside from just needing a break here and there.  We have a packed calendar for the week to keep us busy, so that’s good.  It’s hotter than hell here – it was 103* yesterday and will be 105* today – so we need to keep busy indoors.  That’s hard to do, but we’ll make it work.  We’re definitely hitting the pool tomorrow though!

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately.  My late period (still nothing), lack of a BFP, and sore breasts are entirely to blame for it.  I have never been more than 2-3 days late in my life, so of course I figured that maybe, just maybe, we had a surprise BFP like “everyone else” out there.  I mean – when most people are a week late, that means they’re pregnant.  I should not have let my mind even go there – but I did.  Lesson learned.  The only good thing about AF taking her sweet time is that we may be able to start treatments sooner.  If AF came before 2 weeks post-nursing, then they wanted me to wait another cycle because my hormones would still be out of whack.  If AF waits until after Friday, then we may be able to start right away when she decides to show up.  Watch – I’ll get it on Thursday 😉  Beggars can’t shouldn’t be choosers, so I just need to let AF show up when she does (not that I have a choice) and just be happy that we get to start again shortly thereafter.

Matthew is consistently sleeping until 7:00 AM now – without a little wake-up in the 6:00 hour.  This whole thing worked brilliantly and I’m proud of us – we truly shaped his sleep times into what we wanted.  Of course this morning, though, when he woke up at 7:03, I let him fuss to see if he would go back to sleep.  He did not.  What is it about never being happy – or never having enough sleep?  The poor kid sleeps until 7:00 like I shaped and planned, and now I’m trying to get him to sleep longer?  Why would I want him to sleep longer – all that does is mess up his nap schedule!?  Beggars and choosers… beggars and choosers…  The bottom line is that I stayed up entirely too late and wanted to sleep in myself.  I always stay up too late when B is out of town.

Nothing is really new to report – except that Matthew now hisses like a cat.  We do believe he learned that from Lily, our grumpy, diabetic girl.  We used to think that she truly loved Matthew, but right now, she’s just tolerating him.  He gets too close, and she gets grumpy, and sometimes she hisses.  He now walks around hissing at things – not when he’s angry or anything – just whenever he feels like it.  It is adorable!

In case B reads my blog while he’s away, here are some recent photos of them together.  We miss you, Baby!

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Still no AF.

I just finished one beer, and was wanting another.  I thought, “let’s just test again for good measure before I have another.  You never know.”

But I do know.  I always know.

Still a BFN.

Where the hell is it????  I could care less about not being pregnant right now, but holy hell, I am ready to be done with this PMS, or whatever it is.

My left breast hurts.  I haven’t nursed since Friday night but the poor-producing left breast has decided to make things difficult while the right, over-producing breast is just drying up like it’s supposed to.  Why has the left one decided to be a superstar now when it was such an under-producer for the last year?!?!

I’m done complaining.

Time for another beer.  I think I’ll have 6.


My New View

When I was weaning Matthew, I never thought that there would be things that would come from it that would make me thankful that he’s weaned. I thought that I would just miss everything about nursing and that that certain closeness would be gone.

But something entirely new, and spectacular, has emerged. Matthew, who would only cuddle while nursing, now does this:

And this:

And this:

I have a snuggler!

I am typing this on my phone as he naps on my chest. And this is what I’m looking at:

When he is drifting off to sleep now in the rocker, he’ll randomly pop up to kiss me. LOVE!!!! I can bury my nose into his hair and smell his fresh baby scent. And I can flutter his eyelashes with my nose as I sing softly into his ear, helping him drift to sleep. Right now, he just stirred and grabbed me tightly before coo-ing himself back to sleep. We couldn’t/didn’t do any of these things while we were nursing.

I’m in heaven!



Just a quick thing I want to record.  B went on a day trip today for work – just a 2 hour drive from home.  He left around 5:30 this morning and was home (met us at Pan.era) at 6:00.  Really, this was a normal work day for him, from my perspective.  Matthew wakes up after 7:00 now (THANK GOD!) so many mornings, even if B is staying in town (which is the norm), he doesn’t see Matthew in the morning before going to work.  But B feels like he’s been gone FOREVER… and he’s crawling around on the floor with Matthew as if he hasn’t seen him in days.  There is nothing but joy in our living room right now… and it’s bath time but I don’t want to break up the party  😉

It’s precious.

I feel like the luckiest mom and wife in the world right now!  He is such a loving man  🙂

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