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8 Week Countdown to NYE – Week 2

Latest fitness stats are here…. with one week left to go in my 12-week challenge. Finishing strong before Thanksgiving is my goal of these past 12 weeks!

ever-changing evermore

Week 2 (Ending 11/18/15)

  • Week 2 Statistics
    • Weight:  138.6 pounds
    • Body Fat %:  21.3%
    • Time Spent Being Active (>= 5 hours): 7 Hours 5 Minutes
      • Miles Run (15-20 a week when decent weather):  13.11 Miles (HORRID weather)
    • Days within Calorie Goals per MFP (1390): 6 days
  • Exercise: 
    • Thursday – PiYo lower body (21:00); Ran 4.5 miles in 45:00; walked 0.51 miles in 7:00
    • Friday – PiYo Sweat (37:00); INSANITY Pure Cardio (38:00)
    • Saturday – PiYo Core (30:00); Name Game (27:00); Abs (3:00)
    • Sunday – REST
    • Monday – Ran 4.5 in 43:10; Walked 0.10 in 2:00; PiYo Upper (20:00)
    • Tuesday – Ran 3.0 in 32:30; Walked 0.50 in 7:30; PiYo Sweat (37:00)
    • Wednesday – TurboFire FIRE 45:00; PiYo Core (30:00)
  • Notes: 
    • I am exhausted and am finding myself rather fatigued quite easily.  I’m struggling
    • Just two days into the week and I’m at 2.5 hours of exercise.  Body fat is still in the 21%’s…

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Lessons I learned from selling books door to door

This is a must-read no matter where you are in your life right now. Powerful stuff!!!!

From zero to zygote

(Or: Everybody has donut days.)

Years ago when I was at uni, a friend of mine asked me if I would go along with her to a recruitment event for the chance to work in the USA for the summer.

Being an Americophile*, I jumped at the chance. I’d already worked the previous summer in the US and I was of the age (19) where I was adventurous and up for doing anything.


Americophile ‎(pluralAmericophiles)

  1. a lover of the United States and/or their way of life


As it turned out, the firm was called the Southwestern Company and what they did was recruit university students to sell educational books door to door during summer break in the USA.

My friend decided it wasn’t for her, and ended up going and working in a US summer camp.

I somehow got talked into it, and ended up…

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I can hardly read or talk about today’s Supreme Court decision without tearing up.  I honestly cannot believe it.  Gay marriage has been legal in my lovely state for over 6 years now (what a proud day that was – our conservative little state granted rights to a minority group before they were told by the federal government they had to do so!), but I truly wondered if I would ever see this day, when all Americans are free to marry the person they love regardless of their sexual orientation.

As I was driving the boys home from the neighbor’s today, I told Matthew that this was a very important day because, “mommies can now marry mommies, and daddies can now marry daddies, like your mommy married your daddy.”  He does not understand this at all (and of course you don’t have to be parents to get married – duh!), but I felt the need to tell him how important this day is.  Because it is.  My children and I have both witnessed a very important piece of history in our shared lifetimes together.  I will tell them about this one day, and will tell them where we were when we heard the news.  What is interesting to me is that they will never know anything different.

Isn’t that amazing?  Our children will never know what it’s like to be told that they can only get married if they marry someone of the opposite sex.  This amazes me in the same way that I’m awed by the fact that they will never know what a real dial tone sounds like, or know how to use computers without touch screens.  It’s just… weird.

And it’s awesome!



We Need Prayers

I’m not the praying kind until there’s a tragedy, so I feel like a hypocrite. But we need prayers right now. Turns out, everyone was worried about the wrong person in the accident and my cousin is in very bad shape. We need a good 72 hours. Please pray for Sam.

I think his friend is stabilized, but we don’t really know. So K needs prayers too.

I can’t believe this.