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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday – We’re (Almost) There!

We are on the road to success!  Bryson was in bed for 11 hours last night with only 48 minutes of wake time spread over 4 wakings (yes, 4 is more than “normal” lately but they were short and never required me).  More importantly, he went 9 hours between feedings.  NINE HOURS!  He woke up happy, refreshed, and ready for the day at 7:15.  SEVEN FIFTEEN!

He got over 4 hours of nap time yesterday, and I’m wondering if that’s helping.  After all, “they” say that sleep begets sleep.  (This has NEVER been the case for Matthew, no matter how hard and consistently we’ve tried.)

This is so much easier this time around – I can hardly believe it!  There is almost NO crying involved.  He cries for no more than a few minutes at a time – no longer than he would if he’d start crying when I was, say, in the shower or on the toilet or tending to Matthew.  This is the kindest sleep approach we’ve ever tried in this house (and we’ve tried them all between both kids).

Sleep training

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Sleep Training Spreadsheet

A few people have asked me about this little spreadsheet I’ve referenced.

As everyone knows, I’m not happy unless I’m tracking my latest project with an overly complicated, worky, manual spreadsheet. Here is a screen shot of it – it really sums up each night and lets you visually see what’s going on. I wish I had the spreadsheet from when we did this with Matthew – I have no idea where it is. I do remember his charts being all over the place, and so far, we’re looking better this time around in regards to total sleep.

If you want a copy of this, I keep a template and can send it. Just ask. Remember, though, that it is overly complicated, worky, and manual. 😉

Sleep training

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The Monday Snapshot – It’s Going

Sleep training is in full effect (or is it affect? I don’t know, and I’m banging this out on my phone so I’m not looking it up) over here. Night one was ROUGH with 5 wakings, which was better than the night before, so it’s a win in my book. Night two, last night, was rough in its own special way but looking back on it, was better than night number 1.

We decided to try to eliminate all night feedings during this little exercise so that I don’t have to do it twice. I’m no idiot. So I added that little tid bit to my plan/spreadsheet. I love the Ferber book for making this so easy to figure out. Anyway, here’s our night:

Bryson went 4 hours between feedings on night 1, so our goal was 4.5 hours last night. He went from 8:45 – 3:26 so 6 hours and 45 minutes. WIN

Bryson did wake up before I fed him – a couple of times. Once at 11:00 with a very quick resolution and no checks from me (was asleep before the 5 minute interval was up). The second waking started at 11:40 or so, and went on and on until 12:56. I only went in once because of the timing interval, but he would fall back asleep and up again within 5-10 minutes. This happened several times but he was never up for even 5 minutes after that first waking. I count that cluster of wakings as one since he never really settled in between whimpers.

When Bryson fell back asleep at 12:56, it hadn’t yet been 4.5 hours from his last feeding, so I waited for the next waking to feed him. He didn’t even stir until 3:26.

I did fall asleep nursing Bryson (oops) for an hour. SHIT! But it was nice! I put him back to bed at 4:35 and he woke up then for the day at 6:00.

I forced him back to sleep with me in bed until 7:00.

All in all, Bryson got 9.5 hours of sleep, which I’ll take. A win since he got just over 9 hours on night one. Three wakings are better than 5. Another win!

Naps are rough – he has always cried when putting hm down, but never longer than 14 minutes. That is still the case now. He does fuss and cry mid-nap a lot, but never longer than a couple of minutes before he’s back asleep. I just got him out of his crib from a 1.5 hour nap (with interruptions) and he’s now nursing and sleeping beside me.

So I think it’s going well. Better than it did with Matthew (I think… Because I lost his spreadsheet somehow). This age is much easier so far than 9.5 months was!!


It’s Begun

Get ready for some serious sleep talk.

Out of frustration after Bryson only sleeping 2 hours before his first waking – I decided it’s time to sleep train him. The first waking went well with only 1 check after 3 minutes. He’s been sleeping 1.5 hours since then.

Call me crazy for doing this now given that we head to Colorado in 1.5 weeks, but it’s just time, you know? I was up 5 times last night between the two kids (twice for Matthew) and B was up 2 or 3 times with Bryson. That’s 8 wakings total, and 5-6 were for Bryson.

No – I’m done.

I recreated my old spreadsheet I used for Matthew (I can’t find his anywhere) and I’m armed and ready. The living room is setup for me to wait out the crying intervals. I won’t feed him before 1:00 and I’m only feeding him once. He hardly nurses as it is now, so he’ll be ok.

Here we go! Wish me luck!!


Stressful Week… Productive Week

I’m solo-parenting this week. I’m half-done. I feel like I’m coming apart at the seams. It’s really not that bad, but it’s tiring.

Bryson sleeps like crap, and I don’t even want to talk about it anymore. I think he is frustrated by not being able to stretch out in his rocker, but he refuses anything else. He’ll sleep 4-6 hours. Then is up every 2 hours. Midnight, 2:00, then 4:00 last night before I put him in bed with me. Then Matthew woke up and needed me (us) at 5:33. At 5:53, all three of us got up. Holy hell! It’s a good thing I napped yesterday!

It’s really just the nights that are killing me. And this morning. I’m just so tired. B can’t get home soon enough! He left Sunday morning at 10:00 and comes home Friday at 5:30. It’s essentially 6 days and 5 nights in a row on my own. It’s hard. I have so much respect for single parents, especially those with more than 1 little one.

I enjoyed alone time with Matthew when B would travel.  A week of him being gone never fazed me, because, well, one kid is easy.  Two kids… someone is always being ignored and that makes me sad. 😦  I just pile on the self-guilt when I can’t give either of them what they truly need and want from me.

I told B that Saturday is MY day. My only kid responsibility is to nurse Bryson.  I’m sure I’ll choose to hang out with them all most of the day, but I want to SLEEP and I want to go somewhere, anywhere, by MYSELF while they nap.


The above was written this morning, when I was grumpy, tired, and… pissed off.

I’m much better now.

What changed?  I have no idea.  Maybe it’s the realization that despite the exhaustion and pissiness, I know that things aren’t that bad and that in all honesty, I get a lot of shit done when B is out-of-town.  I mean – I GET SHIT DONE!  Here’s what I’ve done that would normally go by the wayside when solo-parenting:


  • I tried out my new pouch maker!  I steamed up 5 apples and 4-5 sweet potatoes, pureed them, and pouched them up for Matthew to try (I got only 4 applesauce pouches and 4 sweet potato pouches out of that, saving most of the sweet potatoes for a later recipe and also freezing some in cubes for Bryson who starts solids after Christmas)
  • Met up with one of my best friends who moved away a few years ago, and learned that she may move back (YAY!)
  • Bought heaps of produce to make more pouches
  • Laundry
  • Everyone in bed by 8:45

Monday (Preschool Day):

  • Took Bryson to get his photos taken with Santa
  • Scheduled all 3 cats’ vet visits ($$$ ugh!)
  • Bought Christmas PJ’s for our trip to St. Louis after Thanksgiving
  • Ordered 12-18 month sweater one-piece outfits for Bryson (everything we have 12-18 months is for SUMMER)
  • Everyone in bed by 8:36


  • Matthew’s dental exam first thing in the morning (went well!)
  • Lunch with my friend, K
  • Trimmed and steamed 1 large butternut squash, 12 apples (variety), 1 bag of blueberries, 2 bunches of fresh carrots, 2 large parsnips, and 4 bananas for pouches (with Bryson strapped to me on the front as he napped)
  • Blended 5 different types of pouches ending up with 34 pouches and 3 trays (36 cubes) in the freezer
  • Changed out all towels
  • Laundry
  • Everyone in bed by 8:30

Wednesday (Preschool Day):

  • Took one cat to the vet while Matthew was at school
  • Forced 2 pouches on Matthew who refused them until just before dinner
  • The cleaners came (yes, I have cleaners… but most everyone knows that)
  • Took both boys to see Santa (and Matthew rode the train)
  • Dinner at Chip.otle
  • Changed all sheets
  • Laundry (all done now)

Here’s what’s on-deck for the rest of the time while B is gone:


  • Gymnastics
  • Watch my friend’s daughter
  • Go to the grocery store for more produce
  • Steam up the produce I still have (peas, pears, broccoli)
  • Blend 2 types of pouches and freeze them


  • Zoo activity at 10:30
  • Buy new sheets for Matthew (he’s picking them out!)
  • Lunch and naps before picking B up at the airport at 4:30!

I’ve come to realize that even though things get stressful, I like to stay busy when B is out-of-town because I get lonely.  You can only watch so much Bre.aking Bad before you want to just DO SOMETHING.  I’ve always been this way, which is why I have a ton of super crafty scrapbooks to showcase my travels as a single person.  When I’m alone, I don’t like to go to bed – I’m a night owl.  So if I’m going to be a night owl, I should use it to my advantage and get shit done.

I’ve also come to realize that I am really, REALLY good at putting my kids to bed.  I wasn’t sure how it would go with B out-of-town since he reads to Matthew while I nurse Bryson, but we figured it out and will actually modify bedtimes from now on because of what we’ve learned.  Matthew has RUN to his room every single night with B out-of-town because of one little change I had to make (let him watch 15 minutes of CG while I nurse Bryson).  He is excited to read his books now, rather than fighting us because it’s bedtime.  The break between bath and books is what he needs to not feel overwhelmed.  AND THESE KIDS ARE GOING TO BED EARLIER!  I always tend to roll bedtime back while B is out-of-town, but then it slides a little here, a little there once he’s home.  I’m not saying it’s all his fault.  But what I’m saying is that it’s all his fault.  😉  He just isn’t tough enough with Matthew, and I am.  Bedtime, from this day forward, is now 8:00.  Lights out at 8:00.  No toddler needs to be up past 8:00!

So yeah, I’ve been stressed, but I’ve also done a lot of good stuff.  I’ve loaded up our freezer with healthy snacks for Matthew (and some essentials for Bryson that he’ll need in just a month – WOW!), I’ve got all the laundry caught up (this is very important to me before B comes home), everyone is sleeping on clean sheets, we’re still getting out of the house at least once (if not twice) a day, I’ve gotten everyone (including the cat) to all activities on time, and bedtime has been moved back to a reasonable time.  Good things happen under pressure, I think!


Whew!  It feels good to get all of that off my chest!  Now, it’s time for some Breakin.g Ba.d!

I’ll leave you with photos of my boys with Santa!  It went really well – my plan worked and although Matthew did not smile, he did go sit with Santa willingly and gave us some cute things to capture!

Awe... this is IT!


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Stupid DST

I can never remember when we are, and aren’t, in daylight savings time. I really don’t care what’s correct, just as long as we remember to set our clocks back or forward, whatever the case may be. With phones, vehicle clocks, and other devices tied to satellites for time setting, remembering DST has become easier for me.

I woke up at 1:30 to Matthew climbing into bed with us. I don’t put the gate up in the hallway anymore just so that I don’t trip on it during my one million visits to Bryson’s room each night. Matthew hasn’t gotten up in the night for months, so I figure, what’s the need? Ha!

So at 1:30, my big boy climbed into our bed and laid on my chest, and I didn’t stop him. He climbed off of me and laid down between us, snuggling into B. B woke up and I said, “pretty cute, can he stay?”. Of course Daddy said yes!

I realized it had been 5.5 hours since we put Bryson to bed and I hadn’t heard from him yet. Unusual. He looked good on the monitor, but I knew I’d feel better if I checked on him. Of course he was fine! So I went back to bed.

I then woke up to Bryson’s crying at … 1:13. What? Had I read the clock wrong all those times I checked it when Matthew woke up? No – I forgot about DST! I realized that it was actually 2:13 by my (& Bryson’s) clock and that he’d gone over 6 hours between feeds. Huzzah! Was this reallyhappening? It was!!!! I nearly ran to his room!

As I turned on my baby feeding app, it said it had been 5 hours since his last feed. EFFERS! How could they not account for DST? The one night he sleeps over 6 hours between feeds isn’t even reflected in my app. GAH! And more frustrating – the one night he sleeps 6 hours between feeds, and DST sets us back an hour meaning I’ll probably be up with him again before 6:00.

But he did go 6+ hours, and that’s progress! And now I’m in Matthew’s bed as he snuggles with Daddy. We all won tonight (even B because I brought the baby monitor with me), even though DST makes me a loser in the end with yet another night feeding.

Stupid DST!

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THIS Moment in Time (#27) – Can’t Sleep

I just left both boys’ rooms. Matthew was up crying in his sleep, pulling at his diaper (this has never happened so I was concerned a bit). I went in to change him and got to snuggle him a little before crossing the hallway to feed Bryson. I tried putting him in the crib after feeding him just to see if he’d tolerate it half-asleep. He did not and woke up completely. So I put him in his rocker and left him there to put himself to sleep. I’m obsessively watching him on the monitor, almost perfectly content, stopping myself from going in to hold him. I love holding him… Even in the middle of the night.

I’m going in!

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Sleep, Sleep, Sleep!

Skip this if you’re tired of reading about my obsession with my kids’ sleep.

So Matthew is sleeping like a champ – I mean – a CHAMP!  We put him to bed at (gasp!) 9:00 each night and he sleeps until between 7:15 and 7:45 most mornings.  If we put Matthew to bed at all before 8:30, we can guarantee ourselves a 6:00 waking and neither of us wants that!  I can’t remember the last time he woke up in the night, so it’s been well over a couple of months now, and he’s going to bed on his own each.and.every.night without fail.  He whimpers when I leave the room, but that’s the end of it and he’s asleep rather quickly.  He’s sleeping between 10 and 11 hours a night (I hear angels singing in my head when I write that!) and is waking up HAPPY!  Naps are happening every single day and they happen with ease and peace.  Because he’s sleeping more at night, even when I wake him after two hours of napping (he would nap over 3 hours if I would let him), he wakes up pretty happy.  He used to cry and cling to me for well over 30 minutes after waking up from a nap, so this is a wonderful change!  All in all, he’s getting 12-13 hours of sleep in every 24 hour cycle.  PERFECTION!

For future (and B’s) reference, I am documenting our sleep rituals.

Nap Time:

  1. Start the “quiet down” process (steps 2-5) anywhere between 12:30 and 1:15, depending on the morning he’s had
  2. Get his blanket, CG, and Boo Monkey in position in the bed, and make sure he sees me doing it so he knows what’s coming
  3. Turn on any live-action construction video and set volume way low about 15 minutes before I want him sound asleep
  4. Give him a new diaper and get him in just his t-shirt, diaper, socks, and sleep sack once the video is running
  5. Tell him to “go lay down on Daddy’s pillow” and then give him a quick snack (a pouch)
  6. Discard the pouch, put his blanket and the covers on him, and lay with him without making any eye contact
  7. Breathe heavily myself to help work him into a rhythm (this truly works – one of the best tips I’ve ever read!)
  8. Within 2-10 minutes, he’s out
  9. Watch whatever the hell I want – it’s party time (or treadmill time if Bryson is asleep too)!

Bed Time:

  1. Any time after dinner and before drawing bath, set out his nighttime clothes (PJ’s, diaper, and onesie) and books on his bed, close all blinds/drapes, turn on the lamp and sound machine, ensure night-light is on, and turn bedroom light off.  Keep the door open so he hears and sees what’s going on
  2. Draw the bath at 8:15 and make sure he knows it’s happening so that he gets in his head that time is limited!
  3. Put him in the bath at 8:30 (either of us will do this, depending on what steps we’re on with Bryson and who’s doing them)
  4. Out of the bath at 8:40
  5. Put nighttime clothes on
  6. Read books (B does this) at 8:45
  7. B tucks him in at 9:00 and I come in to lay with him, sing, snuggle, etc.
  8. Leave the room any time before 10 minutes are up, but usually within just 3-5 minutes

Bryson’s sleep is getting… better.  Huzzah!

I took the bold step (for me) of moving Bryson out of our room four nights ago on 10/23 and it’s going well.  He’s spent 4 nights in his own room, and he’s only woken up once a night for two of those four nights.  The other two nights, he woke up 3 times before I put him in our bed.  We’re batting 50%, but that’s a hell of a lot better than the 0% we were batting a week ago.  HA!

We made the big mistake of not putting a white noise sound machine in our room when Bryson was sleeping there.  Matthew has used one from the day he came home from the hospital and we take one with us every time we leave town.  Bryson has a sound machine in his room that we use every time he naps or sleeps there, but we didn’t think to bring it into our room when he was bunking with us.  Stupid.  With the white noise sound machine going, his naps and nighttime sleep are both better!

Naps are truly a dream right now for us!  When we’re home in the mornings (not Mon, Wed, or Thurs due to school and gymnastics), Bryson naps in the rock-and-play in his room for 60-120 minutes.  YES – 1-2 hours.  Depending on when he woke up in the morning, I put him down for a nap between 8:30 and 9:30 AM.  This gives him time to nap peacefully but also allows us to grab lunch out because he’s usually awake by 11-11:30.  Bryson will nod off in the car seat on the way home from lunch and sometimes transfers well to the rock-and-play and sometimes does not (today).  Either way, though, I can get him to nap around 1:30/2:00 and keep him asleep until Matthew wakes up between 3-3:30.  That’s another 1-2 hours of naps for Bryson.  He still will take a little snooze around 5:00/6:00 and then we do the bed time process starting at 8:00.

We do not yet see a true rhythm with Bryson’s nighttime sleep schedule, but we have him down by a certain time each night (8:30/8:45) and he wakes up for good around 6:00 AM.  Here is our bedtime routine:

  1. Draw bath at 7:50
  2. Get him naked and ready to bathe at 7:55
  3. Bath at 8:00
  4. Diaper, jammies, and swaddle at 8:15/8:30
  5. Nursing by 8:20/8:30
  6. Books at 8:30/8:45 (B reads the books)
  7. Lights out at 8:35/8:50***

The two nights that Bryson got up only once to eat – he went 4+ hours at a time between feedings.  One night, he woke up at 10:40 (he ate at 7:33 and was conked out – way earlier than I’d have chosen) and then didn’t wake again until 2:32, and then again at 6:22.  The other night (last night), he went 4.5 hours before waking up at 1:25, then again at 5:45.  No matter how many times he wakes up in the night, his first waking is always between 1:00 and 2:30 AM and that’s always after more than 4 hours since his last feeding.  What happens after that first waking is when things get unpredictable.  But again, we’re averaging 50% so far on only having to get up once in the night, so I’m not complaining.

Bryson is sleeping in the rock-and-play for most naps (he naps with me beside Matthew, sometimes, if I’m tired too) and at bed time.  For now, I’ve given up on the crib.  I want to get him consistently only waking once a night before moving him back to the crib.  I was paranoid about this decision but after getting some advice and reading, I realize that I’m just being stupid by obsessing over getting him back into the crib.  As long as he can’t roll out of the rock-and-play, then there is not problem.  As long as he’s swaddled (not during naps, but yes during bed time), he’s not going to roll out of it.  AND – he’s not rolling yet.  My kids sit up before they roll from back to tummy (and he was sitting, 100% unsupported (not even with his hands on his knees), today in a grassy field for family photos!).

We go to Colorado for Christmas on 12/24.  Once we return, I will tackle the issue of moving Bryson back into the crib.  Unless, of course, we get him back in the crib before that just because he wants to be there.

We’ll see.

But I’m not losing sleep over it.

*** As I was writing this, B came to get me to tell me that Bryson was crying (at 10:10).  I was nursing him before books tonight and he fell asleep, so instead of wake him for books, I put him in the rock-and-play.  I think he may have woken up and then wondered, “where’s the boob I fell asleep with?”  I’m actually glad he woke up so that I could re-set him, in a way.  I nursed him until he calmed down, put him in the rocker where he cried for a minute or two, rocked his rocker, and walked out.  Looking on the monitor now, I see that he’s still a little awake after I’ve been gone for over 10 minutes – which is a good thing! 


All About Bryson (… and his sleep)!

Bryson is 4 months old today.




WOW!  It’s gone so fast, but it’s also gone at a perfect pace (it certainly hasn’t gone slowly!).  This little boy is just a terrific addition to our family!  He is very laid back and has been since turning 5 weeks old.  The first five weeks were not so easy, but I swear it’s because poor Bryson never got any peace and quiet.  Once we figured out that he’s a normal baby who needs peace and tranquility at least once a day – he became a very easy baby like his big brother was.

We struck gold twice  🙂

Bryson is very social – as long as he’s in Mom’s or Dad’s arms.  He loves to make eyes at anyone who will look at him, but won’t put on a show if he’s being held by someone he doesn’t know (which is basically anyone but Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa (B’s parents – not mine!), or Matthew).  He has terrific eye contact and he is probably the only person in the world who can make me instantly stop what I’m doing to just to sit in front of him and gaze into his dancing eyes.  He’s just precious!

Bryson has been a giggler for a long time.  When we took him to his 2 month well-baby visit, the nurses commented that he giggled a bit.  I thought I’d heard him giggle once or twice before, but wasn’t sure because he was so young.  But the nurses said that he was for sure giggling, and they were right.  He giggles all the time, and we’ve now found his ticklish spots to make him giggle when we need or want to hear his sweet baby happiness!

B comments all the time about how “smiley” Bryson is.  We remember Matthew being a very happy, smiley baby too, but Bryson just seems to beam his way through his day.  Bring a kitty by to see him, and he will grin from ear to ear.  Talk to him with solid eye contact, and he’ll get so happy and excited that his little tongue will vibrate!  Put his big brother within eye-shot of him, and he will smile and coo until Matthew comes over to converse with him.  Bryson loves many things, but he loves his big brother the most!

As everyone is well aware, Bryson is a big boy.  He’s exactly 20 pounds today and he has only 2 more pounds to gain before we move him out of 6-12 month clothes and into 12-18 month clothes.  Dressing this boy has been difficult to say the least.  I love nothing more than a baby boy in jeans, and Bryson is not built for jeans.  HA!  He wore only one pair of jeans from our 0-3 and 3-6 month stash from when Matthew was born, and that pair only fit a few times before we retired them.  I moved him into 6-12 months jeans a month or so ago and they’re now snug.  I think it’s official that Gap jeans are too narrow in the legs for my chunky monkey so we tried a pair from Crazy 8 and they will work… for a little while.  I refuse to put him in 12-18 month jeans at this age because they will be too long.  Heck, the 6-12 month jeans are too long now!  I have accepted the fact that he is going to be most comfortable in one-piece outfits and I’ve bought a bunch of them, including some super warm sweater one-pieces from Ander.sson because let’s face it – he NEEDS them!  If he can’t wear any of the cute sweaters we have stashed away because jeans don’t fit him, then he can wear sweater outfits!

Bryson was a tremendous sleeper when he was born!  He slept much better for much longer than Matthew ever did, so I thought we were getting off lucky this time.  Until 3 weeks ago, I only had to get up once a night to feed this boy (so why/how is he soooo chunky?  HA!).  Then he got yet another ear infection and we brought him back into our room, and all hell broke loose.  Trying to get him back into the crib has been a nightmare and as of last week or so, I’ve had to get up every 2 hours (and sometimes every hour) to console/feed him.  I would bring him into our bed but even then he would just cry and fuss.  No one was sleeping, and I was really nervous that I’d have to start some sort of sleep shaping before we were ready.  Bryson was taking a 3+ hour nap each afternoon to make up for the sleep he was losing at night, and that was on top of his 1+ hour nap each morning and afternoon.  Something had to change – and if not for me, for him.  I finally checked out (per Josey) and realized that we were missing a very key piece to his sleep process – loud white noise.  I love sleeping to the sound of the ocean turned way up, but B does not – so we didn’t use the sound machine in our room.  BIG mistake!

Two nights ago, I put Bryson in his rocker in his room after the three previous B’s (boob, bath, books, bed) and was hoping for just one waking to drop off.  It did not.  He woke at 11:00 (I don’t count that because I would have woken him anyway for a dream feed), 1:00, 3:00, and 4:30.  At 4:30, I broke the rules and brought him into bed with us where he fussed until 7:00.  Sigh.  But last night – holy smokes!  I fed him at 7:30, bathed him at 7:45, B read him books at 8:00, and he was put in his rocker at 8:10.  He cried in his rocker again, so I sneaked in and rocked it without him seeing me.  He settled down and I left, leaving him in there awake and on his own.  He fell asleep!  I told B at 10:30 that I was going to go in and wake him to eat, but then we heard him on the monitor so that was great!  He did not wake up again until 2:30!  FOUR hours between feedings – YAY!  I was in his room for only 20 minutes and I came to bed, just to wake up again at… 6:23!  Another 4 hour stretch.  HUZZAH!

I don’t think that every night will go as well as last night, but at least we are on the right track.  I’m not hell-bent on getting Bryson back in the crib anymore because you know – you have to lose some battles with your kids to win in the end.  We will move him back into the crib once he’s out of the swaddle… which we’re hoping to not allow for another 1-2 months!

All-in-all, Bryson is a great baby!  I don’t blame him for the sleep problems because those are my fault.  Matthew was a bad sleeper too, which goes to show you that I am too soft and am obviously the problem.  For all of our sakes, I’m fixing things with Bryson earlier than I did last time because we all deserve to sleep!

Here are a few photos of my cutie – all 20 pounds of him!

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