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Fitness Stat-urday – Week 5 (Mid-way!)


Starting Statistics on 08/30/2014

  • Weight:  155 Pounds (took 0.6 pounds off during my stabilizing week)
  • Body Fat %:  25.1% (took 0.7% off during my stabilizing week)
  • BMI:  24.3
  • Predicted Weight from  140 Pounds (targeting 1.5 pounds per week)

5-Week Statistics on 10/11/2014

  • Weight:  148 Pounds
  • Pounds Lost in 5+1 Weeks:  7 Pounds
  • Body Fat %:  24.0%
  • Body Fat % Lost in 5 Weeks:  1.1% (note that measuring in “normal” mode and holding the monitor the old (wrong) way, as I did in week 1, registers 23.5% showing a 1.6% loss)
  • BMI: 23.2
  • BMI Points Lost in 5 Weeks:  1.1
  • Predicted Weight Based on 5-Week Stats:  142.2 Pounds (based on a 1.166 pound loss per week which is my average loss in 5+1 weeks)

5 week stats


Week Ending 10/11/2014

  • Week 5 Statistics
    • Weight:  148 Pounds
    • Pounds Lost or Gained:  1 Pound lost
    • Body Fat %:  24.0%
    • Body Fat % Lost or Gained:  0.4% lost
    • BMI: 23.2
    • Workout Days (goal is 6 days):  7 Days
    • Time Spent Being Active:  8 Hours 53 Minutes
    • Average Number of Steps Per Day:  16,271 Steps
  • Food:  It’s another week of travel for Hottie, so we’ll be doing mostly leftovers for dinners this week.  After two nights/days in a row of eating pretty freely over the weekend, it will be good to dial it back!
    • Sunday – French onion soup
    • Monday – Chicken non-tortilla soup (out of the freezer from my last batch and it was as good as when it’s made fresh!)
    • Tuesday – Oatmeal
    • Wednesday – Smoked chicken and brisket, green beans
    • Thursday – Chicken non-tortilla soup
    • Friday – Smoke chicken and brisket, green beans
    • Saturday – Date Night
  • Exercise/Activity: I really want to hit 7 hours of activity this week.  I was 40-ish minutes shy last week.  Working out with Hottie out of town may prove difficult but I’m committed to doing it every day.
    • Sunday – Mowed the lawn (42 minutes)- 12,000 Steps
    • Monday – Evening run (39 minutes), leisurely walk (30 minutes) – 18,800 Steps
    • Tuesday – Morning walk (68 minutes), INSANITY (41 minutes), track walking (18 minutes)- 20,400 Steps
    • Wednesday – Cardio/strength class (40 minutes), track walking (30 minutes) – 15,200 Steps
    • Thursday – INSANI.TY and kickboxing (57 minutes), after-lunch walk (30 minutes)- 15,500 Steps
    • Friday – INS.ANITY (48 minutes), track walk (30 minutes) – 16,000 Steps
    • Saturday – Walking (60 minutes) – 16,000 Steps
  • Notes and findings: 
    • I ran without Bryson on Monday night and ran 4 miles at a 9:30 pace, which is really good for me (I’m a slow runner).  I want to try to run solo at least once a week, if possible, just to keep that speed going
    • I need to scale back the Diet Pe.psi (just writing that made my mouth water – I am THAT addicted to it)
    • This week is the half-way mark of my 10 weeks.  I’m going to try to do measurements, but will skip pushups, sit-ups, and the mile run because Hottie and I are going out of town sans kids on Saturday night and we’ll be rushed to get on the road.  Those stats are more of a 10-week thing, so I feel OK skipping them.  My ankle is so weak right now that my mile run will be longer than it was 6 weeks ago.
    • I tried a new class at the Y tonight (Wednesday) and although it was good, it wasn’t terribly exciting.  I was a little disappointed and wish I’d done INSA.NITY in my garage this afternoon instead.  Taking the kids to the Y for a 6:30 class seemed cruel, but they had a great time!
    • The Wednesday class got all muscle groups strengthened with weights – yay!
    • When I hold the body fat monitor the old (wrong) way, set to “normal” mode (not athlete), the body fat reading is 23.6% which actually should be compared to my starting value because that’s how I was holding it and it was set to “normal” mode.  But this is a minor detail and since I measure daily in “athlete” mode while holding it correctly, I’m keeping the 24.0% for tracking purposes.  But I want to note for myself that based on how I measured on day 1, I’ve lost 1.5% body fat in the 5 weeks so far
    • It’s Thursday and I’m calling it right now – I’m going to end the week where I started on weight.  This is feeling like a plateau/stabilizing week to me.
    • Finally a dip in body fat!  I couldn’t be happier with this week.  There was no weight loss, but gain in muscle mass is way more important to me at this rate.
    • Holy smokes – I lost a pound right there at the end of the week. Hooray!
    • I will be modifying my 10-week goals to match what has happened in the last 5 weeks – want to keep things realistic!

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