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Well, That Didn’t Work Out


I am about to cry.  I have no vehicle.  The dealership lied to us and told us the vehicle we were buying had never been in an accident.  B flew out today to get it with a check in hand.  When he got there, they told him it had been in an accident.

And it smelled like dog pee.

We sold my car this past week.  I have no vehicle and B needs his car for work.  I am car-less.  For real – for an indefinite amount of time.  And we don’t live within walking distance of a damned thing.  Hell, our neighborhood isn’t even connected to a main sidewalk.  I live on an effing island.

Tears are coming.

If the deal sounds too good to be true – it is.  Even when the dealer certifies the vehicle and says it’s never been in an accident.

Dealership, in an attempt to get the word out, it Sussman Acura in Jenkintown, PA.  The particular sales person who did this to us is Howard Leopold.  The General Manager who wouldn’t even help pay for a flight home, after knowingly lying to B about the vehicle’s accident history, is named Charles  (Chuck) A. Matthews.  We will be filing formal complaints with Acura USA on Monday.

Author: Courtney

Hi, there, I’m Courtney. I never planned to stay home with my kids, but I got sucked into motherhood when my first baby came into our lives after years of infertility and multiple rounds of IVF. His brother followed closely behind, something we didn’t plan on after having such a rough road with achieving parenthood the first time around. My boys are IVF cycle twins, conceived on the same day but born two years and one day apart (they were both transferred on the same day in October, but with two years between them). My boys are the best of friends and my husband is a terrific husband, father, and most importantly… friend. He fully supported my desire to stay home (“I just wanted it to be your idea and not mine, I totally want you to stay home and raise our kids!”) and encourages me in everything I do. I am a lover of projects, spreadsheets, fitness, healthy cooking and eating, crafts, selling my stuff on FB (HA!), and the outdoors. If I’m active, I’m pretty darn happy!

19 thoughts on “Well, That Didn’t Work Out

  1. WTH! I’d be beyond pissed! I’m so sorry and I hope that the complaint gets you somewhere!!! Ridiculous!

    • The one bright light is that when you search Howard Leopold Acura on Go.og.le (which I know we don’t do in this house), my post is the second one that comes up. You don’t mess with people’s lives and finances and not get to see your name splashed across the internet. HA!

  2. OMFG! Courtney, this is awful. I’m so sorry this happened. Fuck!

    Good for you for naming names. This shit ain’t right. Fuck!

    • I have no patience for this crap. You don’t mess with people’s lives or finances. But – it’s over and done and they’re all assholes who know they’re assholes. It can’t be fun living life as an asshole, you know?

  3. Oh no! That’s terrible! uhg!!!! That’s the worst feeling in the world when you’ve been mistreated and there’s nothing you can do about it. Good for you for putting it out there on the internet. Until you find another car, could you rent one, maybe just for two days a week, so you’re not totally stuck or could you drive B to work to use his car during the day?

    • Our completely awesome friends loaned us their car for the week. They just had a new baby (YAY!) and she can’t drive, so her husband gave us his car. They are tremendous people and we really appreciate their gift to us!

  4. Oh FUCK. That sucks. My girlfriend who is getting married in a couple of weeks drove down to the bridal store last month to pick up her dress and they had ordered the wrong fucking one (with not enough time to get the right one in). You’d better bet she name dropped all over the place, and not in a positive way. Ugh. I’m sorry this didn’t work out. It’s hard to feel isolated by necessity and not choice too. 😦

    • Your girlfriend has a much worse situation than I do. No question about it. I feel awful for her! This is why I bought my dress off the rack – sersiously. I bought the floor sample so that I was sure to have the dress I wanted. I was paranoid about something like that happening – and I’d pushed the envelope enough on timing for my dress and had no wiggle room if there had been an issue. Your poor friend!

      I hope her wedding is wonderful, and I’m sure she’ll look beautiful in whatever dress she wears 🙂

  5. Oh NO!!!! Man, and you just shared all the good luck you’ve had with car buying and then this had to go and happen. That really sucks that he flat out lied to you, and then wouldn’t make the situation better by flying your husband home. I hope you find a different, better car for you soon!

    • You know what? We needed to get a dose of reality so that we don’t do this again, or worse, encourage someone to do it themselves and then they have a problem with it. We should have had LemonSquad go look at it for us. We learned that you can’t trust certified vehicles just because “they’re certified.” Good lesson.

  6. Good for you, having the courage to post the name of the dealer and salesman… they shouldn’t get away with stuff like this!

    I’m so, so sorry for the bind you’re in. I hope it all leads you to a much better and more affordable car so you end up in a better position than you were in before. A friend of mine had something like this happen to him once– he was one of two people in his company in his position and they had to lay one person off, and they chose him. He took his compensation for unused vacation time and severance… and then the guy they kept leveraged to get a better offer elsewhere. They called my friend asking him to come back. He did– on the condition that he get $10k more a year and he got to jump back in at his old seniority like he’d never left, with all his benefits intact for having been at the company that long. In the end, he got some free vacation time PLUS severance AND he got a huge raise, so it was like a bonus, a paid vacation and a raise. Sometimes G-d closes a door and opens a window, right?

    I hope things work out for you ❤

    • Thank you!

      Better things are happening because we’re finding vehicles that A) don’t smell like dog pee and B) haven’t been in accidents. HA! Better days ahead, my friend 😉

  7. I’m sorry things didn’t work out with the vehicle, and that you’re temporarily isolated. That was some real shady business. Did the salesman really think that you wouldn’t care about the dog pee smell, or more important, find out about the accident?! Come on!

    Businesses/sales people really need to treat people with more respect and care in this day and age. As consumers, we have greater means to spread the word about our bad experiences with a company, and it’s been proven that people are more likely to share a bad experience than a good one. Power to media!

    • Once B came home, he filled me in on the whole story. Turns out that when he complained to the GM, he offered to sell us a brand new vehicle (we never buy brand new) for $13,000 more than the one we went to get, proclaiming that as, “a really good deal.” Bait ans switch if I’ve ever seen one. I think they thought that we’d take it since we traveled so far to get it, but the obviously don’t know us at all.

      We have posted the story all of their FB pages, written letters to city officials (and have gotten responses), and filled out heaps of online reviews. Most people just move on because it’s too much work to fight the system, but we have our principles. HA!

  8. Ridiculous. I am so, so sorry. Hope you can find a good, reliable deal soon. HUGS

  9. Oh that blows c. Try not to ry:( the car market is so shite I am sure someone an offer abetted deal for a better car x

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