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Birthday Eve

I lied yesterday.  I wasn’t done crying.  I held it together all day – and then we got home from dinner and I fell apart.

I know nothing is changing – Matthew will be the same baby tomorrow as the one I just put to bed – but oh my heart hurts.

B and I were talking about what we were doing a year ago tonight.  We were getting ready for our scheduled c-section and were unable to sleep, anxious to meet our baby the next morning.  It was a bittersweet night, though, because as anxious as I was to meet Matthew, I was dreading the end of my pregnancy.  I was dreading it because I loved feeling him moving inside me – I always had my little buddy with me – wherever I went.  Not a moment went by that I wasn’t aware that I wasn’t alone, and I loved that.  I knew I’d miss that – and you know what?  I really did for the first few weeks.  But – having Matthew in my arms was better than having him in my belly and tomorrow will probably be similar.  Having him growing and learning new things just makes him more and more fun.

B did say that last year at this time, he didn’t know he’d be sitting on the floor a year from then, with a duck in his mouth and pushing a turtle car.  HA!  B always knows how to lighten the mood!

I kept Matthew up extra late tonight.  I just wasn’t ready to say goodnight to the past year.

Goodnight, sweet, wonderful year full of memories.  Goodnight, best year of my life.  Goodnight, beautiful, loved, cherished boy.

Goodnight, sleep tight, Mommy’s going to miss you tonight.



One night left.  I have one night left of having a baby who is under 1 year old.  I cannot believe it.

But there were no tears tonight over it.  No.  I’m done with the tears because the truth is, Matthew does just keep getting more and more fun every day.  People tell you that this happens, but you don’t believe it because this time,right now, is the “funnest” he’s ever been and how can he be even “funner?”  But he does get “funner,” each and every day.

  • Three months ago, Matthew wasn’t doing, “so big.”  He is now – and it provides endless cuteness to our days.
  • Two months ago, Matthew wasn’t clapping.  He is now – and it cracks me up every.single.time.
  • A month ago, Matthew wasn’t walking.  He is now – and I can hardly keep up!
  • Four weeks ago, Matthew wasn’t jumping off the edge of the pool into my arms.  He is now – and it makes him (and me) so happy!
  • Three weeks ago, Matthew wasn’t sure if I was Mama and if B was Dada.  He is now – and it makes us both smile endlessly.
  • Two weeks ago, Matthew wasn’t giving away kisses to everyone he met.  He is now – and everyone loves it!
  • A week ago, Matthew wasn’t blowing kisses.  He is now – and it melts my heart.
  • Yesterday, Matthew wasn’t bringing his empty cup to us to fill up with water when he was thirsty.  He is now – and I am so proud of my big boy!
  • Today, Matthew wasn’t…. oh, I wonder what this one will be  🙂

I finally understand what everyone is talking about.  I will miss my baby, but I know that I’ll have a terrific, even “funner” time with my new toddler!

Napping on me for 2.5 hours today. I was in heaven!

Fresh up from his nap in Mom’s arms. Stoic boy – he’s got a pretty nasty cold.


B just went down to try to fix our hot tub (we can’t seem to get it warmer than 97 degrees) and he made the point that it’s nice outside and a 96 degree hot tub isn’t a bad thing on a hot night – that 101 could be too hot.  So he asked me to join him and I’m going to – because these are the moments that make life wonderful!  (I haven’t been in it since before we were pregnant and I really miss our hot tub chats.)

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Good Night

It’s late – it’s time for bed… but I have to give a shout-out to B before I hit the sack.

B has been pretty busy lately, but tonight, he read through my blog.  He got all caught up and read every single comment that everyone has left, and pointed out that I had not responded to some comments and should (if I’ve missed one of your comments, I apologize!).  He hunkered down and read all about the comings and goings of Matthew’s and my days, looked at all the photos, and smiled the whole time.  He mentioned how much we’re going to love looking back on this blog later on when Matthew is bigger.  I told him that I already love looking back on it  🙂

After he did that, I put the computer down and had wine and chocolate with him.  We listened to random songs on Zune (because App-le products are illegal in this house for very good reasons!) and I sang along to my favorites (B thinks I’m a wonderful singer… that’s because he’s not.  HA!).  We reminisced about what certain songs meant to us (songs that are much older than our relationship) and we laughed quite a bit.  That’s what life is all about – laughing and enjoying moments with the people you love.

What a fun way to end the day!


Something Fun!

The internet is a weird place.  I have been fascinated all morning by the “Other Side of the Rainbow” hoax, wondering why anyone would do such a thing.  Then, I find out that this is not new and that this stuff goes on all the time.  I must be super naive – because I had no idea!

Instead of spend any more time on this madness, I wanted to share something precious.

I went out last night for an hour and a half without Matthew – he went with his dad to dinner (in light of the rainbow story that had not been revealed as a hoax yet, I was a little edgy about being separated from him – I even cried as they left).  I had to go to one of those very wonderful, fun, interesting in-home direct-selling parties.  You know the ones?  Where your friend invites you to a fun night of food tasting, or jewelry shopping, etc. and then they try to get you to host a party as well?  FUN….  Not really!  Anyway, this party wasn’t as bad as some of the others I’ve attended and I made my obligatory purchase and came home.  No one ever asked me if I wanted to host a party myself (the answer would have been no).  EXCELLENT!

On the way home, I called B to see how dinner went.

He informed me that Matthew is now blowing kisses.  Honestly, I didn’t believe him.  Matthew does his little pow wow sound (is it politically OK to say that?  I don’t think so, but I don’t know how else to describe it) and I figured maybe his little blown kisses were just an abbreviation of that and not intentional.

But when I got home, Matthew blew me ONE little kiss with a “mmmmwwwaaa!” behind it.  I almost died of cuteness!

He did it all night and has been doing it all morning.  I have a very warm, melted heart right now  🙂

I GOT A VIDEO (well… I got a few videos!)!


First World Problem

Something terrifying happened today – Matthew refused to take his morning nap.  I think he may be trying to get down to one nap a day.  This is not a welcome change in our my routine  😉  Here I was, all ready to get some birthday prep done while he napped, get his lunch ready, then wake him up and get him dressed for the pool, meet our friends for lunch, and then spend the afternoon at the pool.  Instead, I put a hat on (blah), played with him, made his lunch, met our friends for lunch, and then raced home to put him down for a nap that only lasted 1 hour.  ONE HOUR! 

In his defense, the hour long nap is my fault.  I didn’t realize it, but he had a dirty diaper and wanted that changed.  Instead, I put him in my lap and nursed him while he rested – before I finally realized the stench was him and not the diaper pail.  Poor little guy!  He was so, so tired!  By the time I realized what the problem was, he was pretty wide awake and the opportunity for more sleep was gone… oh well!

We did go get some birthday prep stuff done after his nap, but we totally missed out on the pool which makes me sad because he loves it so much.  But, as B would say, this is a “first world problem,” so I’m over it.

Tomorrow calls for rain.  We may be going to the Y then!

“See that hat on Mom’s head? That’s because I refused to nap while she was trying to do her hair. She’s lucky I let her get a shower in today!”