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Note of Cuteness (NOC)

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As M does cute things that I desperately want to remember, I am going to post them here because after all, this blog is for him.  So here’s the first “Note of Cuteness,” or NOC for short.

M loves bath time more than anything.  He knows the minute you start taking off his outfit, that it’s time for a bath.  I was so sad the other day when he threw up all over himself, and I had to change his entire outfit and he thought he was getting a bath.  He looked so disappointed when I took him into his room to put on new clothes.  Had we not been walking out the door, I would have given him an extra bath!  But this is not my NOC tonight.

M has learned to crawl, and he’s quite efficient at it which came very quickly.  I stripped him down in his room tonight after I’d drawn his bath water (which he hadn’t seen, but had likely heard) and he immediately rolled onto his tummy, was up on his hands and knees, and took off for the bathroom.  Buck naked.  He was moving so fast that he left me behind as I put his clothes in the hamper.  I thought, “surely he isn’t headed for the bathroom.  He can’t know where he’s going.”  But he did.  He turned corners like I’ve never seen him turn corners before – he was so excited!  He’s a fast crawler for being so new at it, and this was like the ultimate race!  I wish I had a video of it.  I will strip him down in his room tomorrow night with a camera in hand!

For memories sake, here are some old bath time photos:

M with his trusty pal, Janie! She's even by his side at bath time!

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