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THIS Moment in Time – A Touch of Vintage!

I am beyond excited about this shelf! It is just perfect for his future room theme (planes, trucks, trains, etc.) and it’s already encouraging even more reading with this one! Two birds, man…. I love it!!



THIS Moment in Time – Traveling Easy

Homew.ood Suites… God’s gift to parents who want to travel easily. I can’t believe we didn’t think of this sooner. Separate bedroom, Die.t in the fridge, wine, beer, fresh baked pizza, and HAPPY kids. What a treat!

(See you tomorrow, Steph!)


THIS Moment in Time – Hardest Four Miles of my Life

I’ve run every morning this week following a 6 miler on Saturday and a rest on Sunday. My body is shot. 19 miles in four days isn’t that much of a cumulative distance, but I usually take a rest after two days of running no matter how far (or not so far) I run in those two days. Four days in a row is tough on me, but the weather has been ridiculously beautiful! So I power on… and take breaks… at the park. You know, the park that is perfectly safe and requires none of my attention. 😁


THIS Moment in Time (#35) – Special

Someone asked me the other day if I still nap with both boys every day. It’s hit and miss, and Bryson is sleeping longer in his crib now so most days, he’s really ready to be up when he wakes up. This works well for my workout schedule but not so well for my need for snuggles.

Bryson took a nice morning nap and was due at 1:45 for his afternoon nap. He actually laid down on our bedroom floor as I got Matthew in bed. By the time I got to Bryson, he was overtired and punchy. He wouldn’t nurse, he wouldn’t sleep. He screamed bloody murder for me. I went and tried nursing again and that time, he dozed off… But screamed again when I put him in the crib.

He’s in bed with us now. It’s magical and perfect and I know these days are numbered so I’m embracing it!




THIS Moment in Time – A First

We’re talking about weaning. I dropped the morning wake-up nursing yesterday and it went OK (once there was a yogurt distraction). I dropped it because it wasn’t needed after having fed Bryson just 2 hours earlier, not really because I wanted to start weaning. But it went well so I’m going to try to be consistent.

Tonight, as I was sobbing about Lily, B took Bryson for bedtime books and then decided to rock him. He fell asleep, and is sleeping soundly. If OK with B, I’d like to make this a routine.

Dropping that bedtime feeding last with Matthew hurt my heart. I still cry thinking about the last time I nursed him. The last time I nursed Bryson to sleep may just be last night, when he slept all night with me in a hotel bed, nursing off and on. It was our best hotel night to date with him, and being perfectly honest, I really enjoyed it! If that’s our last nurse-to-sleep at bedtime feeding, then what a sweet memory for me. I’m happy with it. No tears.

Of course tonight may be a fluke and I may be nursing him to sleep again tomorrow. But tonight may be the first of many nights of B putting Bryson to bed, and that’s ok with me. It really is.


THIS Moment in Time (#32)

We’re all in my bed, finishing up naps. Bryson slept 1.75 hours in his crib before fussing and coming in to snuggle with us. I’m nursing him and he’s out cold again, which I just love!

Matthew stirs a lot in his sleep and will reach over and flutter his fingers, clearly reaching for something. Every time Bryson’s here with us and Matthew’s fingers touch his head, he then puts his whole hand on Bryson’s head, pats it a bit, and settles down with his hand on his brother’s head. He never opens his eyes. This just melts my heart every.single.time.

It just happened a minute ago: