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I had my 12w scan today for NT testing. It did not go well for the reasons that the technician wanted. The baby did not cooperate for the neck measurement after 30 minutes of trying everything, including a trans-vaginal scan. It did go well for my own reasons – well half of my own reasons, anyway!

First, we still have a heartbeat. I always worry about that. HA! Second – because of the trans-vag scan, we got GREAT 3D photos of this baby! We got a 3D photo of Matthew at this stage and although a super cute photo (he looks like a little boxing avatar in it!), it’s not nearly as clear as today’s photo. You can check it out on my pregnancy page, if you so desire.  We did go in asking if we could check out the gender of the baby and she said that if she could get the angle, that she’d go for it.  Well, she didn’t get the angle.


But – because she also couldn’t get the NT measurement, we have another scan on Wednesday.  We shall see if baby cooperates this time.  It really needs to because we’re at the end of the window for NT testing.  I strongly believe in first and second trimester screenings for ME.

If we can’t get a hint 0f the gender on Wednesday, we’ll likely do an elective gender scan in a few weeks.  I just need to know what this baby is (and so does B – he’s been anxious).  I’ve been dreaming that it’s a “lady baby,” as SRB likes to say.  Names are in the works for both, but knowing will make those discussions MUCH easier in this house.

The receptionist greeted me by name today – that was nice but so strange.  They have hundreds of patients (15 docs in the practice) and I was just shocked to hear, “hi, Courtney!” from the receptionist.  She has always been my fave, but I didn’t know she knew me by name.

I didn’t get to see Dr. H or Nurse A today, but I see them in two weeks.  Everyone at this clinic is so nice that it actually makes trips there FUN.

The gal on the way out gave me the “new mom kit” with formula (which is fine by me, because you NEVER know!) but the big thing is that it had one of those fancy nursing bottles in it!  Score!  I noticed a bunch of the bottles on the counter and asked if those were the ones we’ve been waiting for in the US (they weren’t – I forgot that those were Medela and these were Lansinoh) and the gal said she didn’t know, but to take one.  And then she said, “take one of these kits too – there’s a bottle in there too so now you have two!”  And with that, Baby #2 now has his/her first item acquired especially for him/her  🙂

I love this clinic!

Maybe on Wednesday I’ll have some exciting news to share… and yes… if we know, we will share!


It’s Sort-of… Wonderful!

We went to the OB today for the first time today.  It was… different.  Not in a bad way, but just different.

I knew that Dr. H would do an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy and I was not nervous about it at all.  This is a total 180 from what I experienced when I was pregnant with Matthew.  I was a wreck with him, anticipating each ultrasound to be the end before a real pregnancy began.  I wouldn’t sleep the night before an ultrasound back in 2010 and 2011.  But in 2012 – no problem!  Sleep, sleep, sleep I did last night!

Everything went just fine, with the exception of Matthew not digging the chit-chat that we had with Dr. H prior to the exam (we will not be bringing Matthew to appointments that involve an ultrasound again – he does not have the patience!).  We talked about lots of things, but most importantly… we talked about Dr. H being on vacation the week of my delivery.  WHAT?  He is going to Hawaii on the 23rd (Sunday) and the hospitals won’t (usually) let the docs schedule c-sections for a Saturday – and that Friday is technically too early for the c-section since I won’t be 39 weeks yet.  In the old days, this would have set me into a complete panic but now?  Meh.  No biggie.  I mean, we love Dr. H but if he can’t do it, he can’t do it.

This may all be easier for me to accept because he’s putting a special call into the hospital to see if they’ll let him make an exception for me and schedule it for the Saturday before he leaves town.  I love this man!  He has his nurse’s wedding that evening and that’s the only reason he’s not heading out-of-town that Saturday – and he’s willing to come in to deliver for me if the hospital will let him.  Have I mentioned that we love this man?

If this happens, I will deliver at Mercy instead of Methodist which is fine by me because Mercy has the awesome water cups that we need more of in this house  😉

Besides that, the appointment went just fine and we have a heartbeat at 165 bpm and a fetus now measuring 10w6d instead of the official 10w1d/10w2d (somewhere along the lines, the RE moved our date up a day – making me wonder if they considered this cycle a day 6 transfer?).  B missed the ultrasound because Matthew needed to stretch his legs, but there wasn’t too much to see (they use the low-end ultrasound machine for these confirmation scans) and we go back in 2 weeks for the NT scan anyway.

Seeing the baby made this more real, but being perfectly honest – we both forget that I’m pregnant.  I do think my belly is starting to pop out just a tad but besides that – everything seems the same.  I don’t look pregnant, I don’t feel pregnant, and I’m not obsessing about being pregnant.  It’s sort-of… wonderful!



Fun Foto(s) Friday

So I do not like commercially branded things for my son (to each his own) – like Disn.ey, Dora, etc, but I could not resist this shirt at Ga.p where I found it on clearance (I don’t pay full price for anything there – besides his spring/fall jacket – which was stupid of me).  I love this outfit – like – ‘I want to put it on him again tomorrow’ kind of love!

I had my appointment with Dr H so my wonderful neighbor watched Matthew for me.  She has 18 month old twins who are Matthew’s little buddies.  They were asleep when he got there, but woke up later and he had a ball!  He was zonked when I picked him up – he slept almost 3.5 hours for his nap today  🙂

Tomorrow, I think he’ll wear his ‘Captain Amer.ica’ shirt, but we’ll see if the weather supports that idea.

He looks so grown up in this outfit. I think it’s so cute, but it makes me sad too.

Matthew with his buddy, Westin. Matthew went to see Westin and Vera while I went to see Dr. H today. I think he had a good time!


Next Time

I went to see my OB today for my annual exam.  I love my OB.  So does B.  I honestly was so excited to see him and his nurse – it’s been a year since we last saw them at my 6-week post delivery check.

I should back up.  I didn’t always love my OB.  I had a not-so-great OB when I got pregnant so I wasn’t sad when they couldn’t get me in to see her until I was 4 months along – the nurses told me I had to pick someone else.  I wasn’t sure what to do or who to pick when the nurse on the phone said, “wait, you’re an IF patient?  Then you need to see Dr. H because he will give you the experience you’re looking for and what you’re used to from your RE (meaning hand-holding and compassion).”  OK – Dr. H it was!

He did not disappoint.

During our first visit with him, I asked if we could see just him because I don’t believe in rotating through the practice (two reasons, see below*).  He said that I was reasonable in thinking that way and that we could just see him.  I also told him that I had just watched, “The Business of Being Born,” and that I was rather concerned about a few things.  His response?  “Everything they said in that movie is true.”  I was instantly in love with him!  So we did the ultrasound, we chatted for a long time about our fertility treatments, our background, our families, etc.  He was no normal doctor, and his nurse was no normal nurse.  They were wonderful.  They felt like old friends to us!  On our way out, we booked every future OB appointment with him for the next 4 months (with the exception of one appointment because he was on vacation – so I booked with my old OB in the practice**).

This man is the most relaxed doctor I have ever met (maybe because he’s a DO and not an MD?).  When we found that Matthew was breech, he told me it was up to us if I wanted to try an external version or not – and told me not to rush the decision.  I did my homework, talked to my cousin who has delivered hundreds of babies (and attended countless versions), talked to my mom who tried a version with me (both my sister and I were breech and delivered naturally.  My older sister almost killed her (truly) and the version didn’t work for me), and discussed it with an ultrasound tech who is a very natural person.  Everyone said not to do the version – that Matthew was where he was for a reason and to leave him alone.  I agreed with that and when I told Dr. H, he said he saw no reason to try unless it was important to me (and it was not).  He also told us to skip birth class and that our time would be better spent going out to dinner together each of those nights to savor our last few weeks of “just the two of us” time.  SOLD!

So anyway, I love Dr. H.  B told me to tell Dr. H hello today because he wasn’t going with me (I had to explain to B last year why he wouldn’t be seeing Dr. H at my annual exam.  He’s such a great, supportive husband – he wanted to come with me… and he wanted to see Dr. H too!).  When Nurse A called me from the waiting room, she said, “Courtney, get back here, girl!”  She hugged me and we chatted forever!  She is so wonderful!  Then Dr. H came in and he talked with me for – I am not kidding – 45 minutes before doing the exam.  We talked about our upcoming FET, motherhood, being a SAHM, his wife’s business (she is a crazy-talented artist), parenting, B’s love of fatherhood, the US’s move from the gold standard, the American dollar being the reserve currency for oil, financial crises and the importance of eliminating our own personal debt for when the dollar totally crashes, taxation and a fair tax, the new health care policy, gay marriage, abortion, his upcoming hunting trip (B asked me to ask about that), gun safety, his 2013 hunting trip (going to Siberia), my friends who see him right now (they’re due in 2.5 weeks!!!!), and his girls.  I used to be TERRIFIED of my annual exams.  Not anymore – I look forward to them.  HA!  When the exam was done, he told me that he, “would love to keep chatting, but I have to do some work.  I was late because (nurse) A told me you were here and I wanted to have time to chat with you.”  Seriously?  He is the best doctor EVER!

So this all brings me to the point of my post.  I was chatting with SRB on skype today and we were talking about everything under the sun – and got into birth plans.  I remembered this video that my SIL posted to FB months ago and I watched it again today.  At my 6 week check last year, I asked Dr. H if I could do a VBAC next time or if I had to do a scheduled section.  Of course, he said it was up to me but that if I wanted to deliver out went close to Matthew, that it would have to be a scheduled section because of the remote chance of catastrophe with VBACs.  He said that they almost always go right, but when they go wrong, they go “catastrophically wrong.”  I have a cousin who had a ruptured uterus and it was not good.  Not good at all.  I follow some bloggers who have had ruptured uteruses and they went “catastrophically wrong.”  If there is the slightest chance that that could happen to me, it’s not worth it to me (I know that some of you would disagree and probably think I’m being too fearful – and I am!).  So I’m thinking I’ll have another scheduled section… but I’m going to ask Dr. H if we can do it this way next time (this is an amazing video – and I would encourage any woman to watch it, whether or not she’s considering (or being faced with) a c-section).  What do you think he’ll say???  I shall report back once I’m pregnant and I email this to him  😉

I didn’t want to rotate through the practice because I didn’t want to know which doctors I didn’t really like.  I didn’t want to go into labor and run the chance of being told that ‘Dr. “you don’t like him/her’ is on call tonight and will be delivering for you.”  That would have set a very bad tone for the most important day of my life – so I thought it was best to just not KNOW who I don’t like in case I got someone with no bedside manner.  At least that way, I wouldn’t be anticipating a bad experience and would avoid that anxiety.  The other reason I didn’t want to rotate was because if everything went well, the doctor would only be there for a few checks and then the pushing part – which isn’t the long part of the birth experience (compared to hours and hours of laboring with the nurses).  So I skipped the rotation option  😉

**  At the one appointment with my prior OB, she told me I’d gained too much weight (4 pounds at 4 months pregnant).  She made me feel like crap.  When I saw Dr. H the next month, he didn’t mention my weight so I asked him about it.  He told me that female OB’s can be hard on women with their weight gain and that I was tracking just fine – in fact, I was on the low-end even given that I started out heavier than I had wanted.  I ended up gaining only 18 pounds during the whole pregnancy.  I still, to this day, want to call my old OB and tell her just how bad she made me feel for no reason at all.