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I said I’d never do it – I said I’d never make my kids share a birthday party that wasn’t intended for just family.  (In case you don’t know, their birthdays are back-to-back in June, not even technically 24 hours apart.)

But I’m doing it.  Because really, they don’t care yet, and maybe some day they will, but they don’t now.  So why not combine their parties while I can, while the only person they care is there is the other one?

I really enjoyed keeping track of their birthday party details on a page here last year, so even though this party is coming together much quicker than they did last year, I’m going to track it all here so I have something to look back on some day when I can’t remember what we did for which birthdays.

The Boys’ 2nd and 4th Shared Birthday Theme: Construction!  These two boys could play with dump trucks, backhoes, and excavators all day long together, so it just makes sense to center their big day around their favorite thing – CONSTRUCTION!!!

Birthday Task and To-Do List:

1. Cupcake toppers – buy on Etsy from Confetti Fete – DONE

We’re going simple this year, people, and that means I’m paying someone else to make cupcake toppers for me.  Oh the relief!  Honestly, making them last year was no big deal, but it was a task on the list that I just don’t want to deal with this time.  I asked her to change the age topper to a backhoe and “Happy Birthday <Name>” to “Happy Birthday Boys!”  Yep… simple!



2. Design cake – DONE – it will be similar to this.  This looks much more complicated than it really is.  I think I’m going to do “2 + 4 = FUN” around the yellow tier instead of the number and construction signs.  If I can find a cake pen to do the writing on the signs, I’ll just do a 2 and a 4 and keep the signs.  I need to find a digger to put on top!  I love this cake because the bottom tier can be white (I do not like chocolate cake and I make a mean white wedding cake!)!

Cake Right Side Cake left Cake front Cake back

3. Setup guest list – DONE.  It looks like 43 adults and 24 children are invited.

4. Make cake banner – Not started.  I need to figure this out and maybe we won’t even do it with that big digger on top of the cake.

5. Order balloons – Not started.  I’d like 2 bouquets of 5 balloons for the mantle and a couple of bouquets for the table.

6. Order chalkboard sign from Etsy – Not started

7. Order birthday shirts from Etsy – In Progress.  I’m not sure which ones we’re going with.  I LOVED last year’s shirts and am tempted to return to Lil Threadz  for this year’s shirts too.

Shirt2 THREE Shirt

Then I found these and oh good lord, I want them for our entire family but I think it could be really stupid because, come on, would Hottie and I ever wear ours again?  I doubt it.

Family Shirts

And finally, I like the simplicity of this one, and it’s cheaper!  But they’d have identical shirts and I’m not sure I want that.


So… still deciding!

8. Birthday banner from Etsy – DONE



9. Order cupcakes – In Progress.  I am trying out a new baker this year – exciting!  I need to pick flavors!

10. Get photo of the boys together – Not started.

11. Order invitations from Etsy – DONE!  She is printing them and everything – so no muss, no fuss!

We did this for the wording:

“A backhoe and a dump truck go together, just like these two buddies!”

Matthew and Bryson’s Birthday is Under Construction!

Job Site:
Our Address

Clock In:
Saturday, June 20th at 11:00 AM

Report To:
Mom (my email)


12. Send invitations – Not Started

13. Buy plates, utensils, table cloths, etc. – Not Started

14. Buy presents! – Not Started

15. Order favors from Etsy – In Progress.  These are little soap tires.  HA!  I just love them and they come in the bag with the favor tag.  Again – no work for me (but I’m already trying to think of something small, but fun, to add!).


16. Plan menu – In progress.  The party is far from a Spanish theme, but we’re going to make a bunch of Spanish Tapas for the food since we’re focusing more on the adults than the kids (kids get hot dogs – poor kids).  I love making appetizers and the recipes I’ve picked are very conducive to prepping in advance and holding for a day.  I am super excited!

  • Goat Cheese Baked in Tomato Sauce with Crostinis
  • Tortilla Espanola
  • Broiled Shrimp with Bacon
  • Individual Bacon/Blue Cheese Endive Salads
  • White Bean Bruschetta

For drinks, I think we’ll definitely have sangria going (red for sure, and maybe white) and various beers and Spanish wines.  Also, lemonade for the kids and kids-at-heart.  We’ll for sure have juice boxes for the kids.

17. Buy groceries (beverages) – Not Started

18. Clean house and get everything in place! – Not Started

19. Print posters – Not Started

20. Frame posters – Not Started

21. Make cake – Not Started

22. Order Excavator for top of cake – Not Started

23. Lock in babysitters for the kids – Not Started

24. Setup bounce house outside – Not Started

4 thoughts on “Birthday Party is UNDER CONSTRUCTION

  1. This is great, I’ll have to reference it for planning the girl’s first birthday. After I read your post yesterday, I hopped right onto Etsy (trouble!). We decided to keep their party relatively small, family and close friends. If we opened it up to all friends it would be a guest list of around 75-80 people, way too many!!! Looks like this will be a super cute boy birthday party theme!

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  3. Well organized party and thank you sharing with us, Could you please let me know where did you order the t-shirt ( 3rd one with full sleeve – black /white) . Thank you

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