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The Monday Snapshot – Getting There

Matthew started soccer last weekend. It’s not anything formal, just a clinic to get them used to kicking the ball and having fun with the sport. They don’t play games, because, well, a group of two year olds aren’t capable of doing that yet.

Last weekend, he just wanted to run around, THROWING the balls, not listening to anyone (B, coaches, nor myself). It was hard for me because I enrolled him to give him something fun, but with structure. I want him to learn to listen well and take instruction. I expected this to come immediately since he’s in school.

Not so much!

B and I parent very differently (that’s a post in the making) and he wanted me to lighten up (rightfully so). It was hard.

This past weekend, I let B take him and I met them there. He refused his shin guards (of course) and his soccer socks, but he was having a good time. And he was listening a little better. He took a quick break to come say hello to me… And was extra cute about it. And then he was off again to have FUN. And I didn’t interfere as much as last week (all the parents step in).

We’re both getting better. We’re both getting there!

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Stupid DST

I can never remember when we are, and aren’t, in daylight savings time. I really don’t care what’s correct, just as long as we remember to set our clocks back or forward, whatever the case may be. With phones, vehicle clocks, and other devices tied to satellites for time setting, remembering DST has become easier for me.

I woke up at 1:30 to Matthew climbing into bed with us. I don’t put the gate up in the hallway anymore just so that I don’t trip on it during my one million visits to Bryson’s room each night. Matthew hasn’t gotten up in the night for months, so I figure, what’s the need? Ha!

So at 1:30, my big boy climbed into our bed and laid on my chest, and I didn’t stop him. He climbed off of me and laid down between us, snuggling into B. B woke up and I said, “pretty cute, can he stay?”. Of course Daddy said yes!

I realized it had been 5.5 hours since we put Bryson to bed and I hadn’t heard from him yet. Unusual. He looked good on the monitor, but I knew I’d feel better if I checked on him. Of course he was fine! So I went back to bed.

I then woke up to Bryson’s crying at … 1:13. What? Had I read the clock wrong all those times I checked it when Matthew woke up? No – I forgot about DST! I realized that it was actually 2:13 by my (& Bryson’s) clock and that he’d gone over 6 hours between feeds. Huzzah! Was this reallyhappening? It was!!!! I nearly ran to his room!

As I turned on my baby feeding app, it said it had been 5 hours since his last feed. EFFERS! How could they not account for DST? The one night he sleeps over 6 hours between feeds isn’t even reflected in my app. GAH! And more frustrating – the one night he sleeps 6 hours between feeds, and DST sets us back an hour meaning I’ll probably be up with him again before 6:00.

But he did go 6+ hours, and that’s progress! And now I’m in Matthew’s bed as he snuggles with Daddy. We all won tonight (even B because I brought the baby monitor with me), even though DST makes me a loser in the end with yet another night feeding.

Stupid DST!