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Bryson can be born now – I’m ready!  I spent the day yesterday boiling a few new bottles (Med.ela Calm.a and Lan.sinoh Momm.a) and all of my breast pump parts.  Man alive, I have a TON of breast pump parts!  I pumped after every feeding with Matthew, and wanted clean parts each time so that I wasn’t washing parts all day.  Now, I have quite the collection.  It is handy having lots of clean parts ready for use, but it takes a lot of work to sterilize them all and then keep them organized.  I’m not looking forward to the counter space they’ll take up!

Two pots going at all times - it was a hot kitchen!

Two pots going at all times – it was a hot kitchen!

I also did all of Bryson’s laundry!  It was already washed and ready to go, but I wanted them all to smell fresh for him (since it’s been a year and 3 months of storage), so I got my two tubs of 0-3 months clothes out from the basement and washed them all in Dre.ft.  Folding them wasn’t much fun, but it was fun going through all of them, remembering Matthew in them, and marveling that we’ll have a tiny baby again before we know it.  Of course, my babies are not as tiny as one would expect – so the clothes actually look bigger than you’d expect for a newborn.  I’m anxious to see what this little boy weighs in two weeks!

I moved Matthew’s clothes out of the nursery and into his new room.  WOW – that felt weird.  We are finalizing things these final two weeks and Matthew doesn’t even miss his old room.  He naps in there still (it’s nice and dark) and he enjoys that, but that is all.  When we tell him to go to his room (not NEW room, just HIS room), he runs for the blue room with much excitement.  This is great!  He is sleeping just great each night (I haven’t had to go in at night in several days) and is falling asleep more quickly now.  It still takes a good 30 minutes to get him to sleep, but that’s better than 60.

After getting Matthew’s clothes out of the room, I was able to move Bryson’s clothes in last night.  The room is pretty torn up with moving Matthew’s stuff out (lots of empty space on the walls), but it is 100% functional for Bryson, which is great.  What a relief!

I still want these two weeks with Matthew, but I feel better knowing that we TRULY are ready for Bryson if he decides to come early.  Whew!

Author: Courtney

Hi, there, I’m Courtney. I never planned to stay home with my kids, but I got sucked into motherhood when my first baby came into our lives after years of infertility and multiple rounds of IVF. His brother followed closely behind, something we didn’t plan on after having such a rough road with achieving parenthood the first time around. My boys are IVF cycle twins, conceived on the same day but born two years and one day apart (they were both transferred on the same day in October, but with two years between them). My boys are the best of friends and my husband is a terrific husband, father, and most importantly… friend. He fully supported my desire to stay home (“I just wanted it to be your idea and not mine, I totally want you to stay home and raise our kids!”) and encourages me in everything I do. I am a lover of projects, spreadsheets, fitness, healthy cooking and eating, crafts, selling my stuff on FB (HA!), and the outdoors. If I’m active, I’m pretty darn happy!

25 thoughts on “Ready!

  1. That’s so exciting! My SIL had her baby yesterday, unfortunately an emergency c section four weeks early, she’s so teeeeeeeeny! In 00000!! I’m completely head over heels! Can’t wait to meet Bryson!

  2. Yay!!! SO close now. 🙂 I have 4 friends here in town that are all due in June, so I feel like there are pregnancy ladies ready to pop any minute everywhere! LOL

    How come you pumped after every nursing session? That is some serious dedication lady!! I did an extra session every morning about an hour before Stella got up, but that’s it (when I was home with her full time).

    • I was stocking up for daycare… which only lasted 7 weeks. HA! I wanted so badly to be ahead of the need so that he never needed formula, and I had a decent supply but not the best supply. I pumped each time to try to increase supply, then sort of became obsessed with it to keep the storage going. I won’t do that this time once my supply is good and strong, but I will admit that having over 3 months of milk in storage was nice and something I hope we can do again! But I won’t be as obsessed knowing we don’t NEED it for daycare.

      We’ll see though… I bet I pump an awful lot this time too.

      • Got it. 🙂 I had maybe 30oz in the freezer when S started daycare at 8 weeks (though I hadn’t intended on going back to work – it just became financially necessary suddenly and a job fell in my lap). I basically pumped enough each day to feed her the next day, and the freezer stash was used for drinking nights, etc. 🙂 After while my stash started growing and I think I had 250oz in there for awhile. It is a good feeling to have it all in there!

  3. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S TIME!!! I’ve always admired your dedication to pumping. I only have ten bags in the freezer after four months!

    • Well, we’ll see how much I pump knowing that I’m not going to work. But thank you for the admiration 😉

      I can’t believe it’s time too. It’s a little surreal. You know the feeling, my friend!

  4. Eeeh! So soon! And holy smokes that is a lot of parts 🙂

    • So soon for you too! Have you scheduled your C-section? I wonder if we’ll both go the same day. I can’t wait to meet your little chicken – who I do believe is a boy chicken, by the way 😉

  5. As an exclusive pumper who pumped 8 times a day, I like you didn’t want to do dishes all the time. I also had 2 pumps in the house. So that was a lot of parts at the end of the day. I was OK with that. If I’m lucky enough to BF this time, I too will be pumping to get a stash because once again we may be cutting the nursing short so we can try for #3 before I’m 40, though I’m leaning towards a sept/oct transfer which is close to #2’s first birthday. I have found the medela steam bags are AWESOME for sterilizing quickly, also if your dishwasher has a sanitizer setting, the medela pump parts are top rack safe. I never did that b/c I’m anal, but it is an option.

    I can’t believe Bryson will be here in 2 weeks?!?! So exciting! makes my 20 weeks seem so much longer, though we all know I won’t got the full 20 weeks more. I’m in the process of making room since #2 will be sharing a room and a closet with Raegan. It’s gonna be tight, but we’ll figure it out. Oh to have one more room or even a basement for storage!

    Let the count down to when we meet Bryson begin!!! 😀

    • So did you read Josey’s BF-ing post last year for PAIL? She suggests putting the parts in the fridge between pumpings so that you don’t have to wash them each time. We’re totally doing that this time! Makes total sense!

      I know about cutting the nursing short. I bet we stop at a year again to try for #3. I hate these limitations.

      I LOVE the medela steam bags! They saved me when I was pumping at work. I do NOT put anything plastic in the dishwasher that somehow goes into my babies’ mouths. I am like you – I’m anal still about this. I hand wash Matthew’s cups and bowls/dishes every single night.

      20 weeks is not that long. It’s going to be here before you know it!!!

      • I actually bought the Medela wipes because I was pumping in the middle of the night & didn’t want to run downstairs to the fridge or kitchen sink. They were a lifesaver, especially on road trips when I was pumping in the car and gad either a fridge nor a sink. Plus having 8 sets made things very easy & I really only had to wash once a day…hospital employee perks 🙂

  6. So exciting!!!! Can’t wait for you to meet your new little one!

  7. Yay! I’m so glad you feel ready! I can’t wait to read about his arrival.

  8. I was just thinking about you and wondering what you guys have been up to. Yes the bottles sure take up a lot of counter space don’t they? I am getting so excited for you and can’t wait to see pictures of Bryson once he is here!!

    • I found a space below the counter for my pump parts. YAY!

      Hey – I was wondering today if you’re still cloth diapering Chloe. How is that going? Are you going to use them for Drake too? B asked me just yesterday if we’re using them for Bryson and I said YES, but I’m not sure when we’ll start. They’re so bulky on tiny bottoms!

  9. Girl, you are PREPARED! Firstly, Matthew’s new room looks ah-may-zing… I can’t believe all the different components and how they all come so perfectly together in the camping theme. Even I would love that room, and I’m 34!! Secondly, can I ask you about your bottles/caps/etc? Are they all plastic? Or glass? Is it safe to boil the plastic stuff or does scary stuff leach out of it? I’m gonna have to figure out this bottle stuff soon and I get so freaked out by BPA and whatnot, but then what if the glass breaks, etc. etc. Argh!

    • It’s easy to be prepared when you’ve done this before 😉

      Yes – the bottles are all plastic and BPA free. They all say to boil them prior to first use to sterilize them, and I boil them for 10 minutes versus the instructed 5 minutes – and nothing has gotten messed up yet! I got the two new ones because they’re supposed to be better for breastfed babies, and I want B to be able to feed the baby at times. I wonder if using regular bottles in the past with Matthew contributed to our early breastfeeding issues. I’ll post on how these bottles work out… I’m excited to try them!

  10. Sooooooo excited for you! I can’t believe he’s so close to arriving!!!!!

  11. What?! Two weeks! I can’t believe it. So excited for you! Oh man, the counter space you lose when there’s a new baby inthe house. I had forgotten about that wee detail. 😉 can’t wait to hear the news of Bryson’s arrival!

  12. Someday someone will invent a self-cleaning breast pump. That person will be very, very, very rich.

  13. Ahhhh sooooo soon!!!! 🙂 I can’t believe he is almost here! So great to hear that you are feeling “Ready!”. Wow, I am so impressed by your dedication to pumping. I don’t think I ever could have done that so I am lucky my supply was huge and I wasn’t working.

    Well I can’t wait to ‘meet’ sweet Bryson very very soon! 🙂

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