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A Quick Update for my “Cat People” and “Pet People” Followers ;)

I got a call from the vet today – and he left me a voicemail with a very upbeat tone.


So I called him right back.

We repeated blood work on Lily on Tuesday and the results came back almost identical (super high calcium, everything else perfectly normal – even her blood sugar implying that she is in remission with her diabetes).  Dr. Dan (the vet, not my therapist) told me that he “just isn’t convinced that this is definitely cancer, so (he) called an internist for another opinion.”  I love this vet… he is such a terrific guy!  Anyway, the internist agrees that something else may be going on instead of lymphoma and wants Dr. Dan to run a special blood test to look for the “something else.”  They are looking for something to do with her thyroid, because it just doesn’t make sense that only her calcium would be elevated if worse things (cancer) were going on.  A big factor in this is that Lily is acting perfectly normal – loving, happy, hungry, thirsty, using her box regularly, spending time with us and her other kitty friends, and tolerating Matthew’s affection.  Dr. Dan says that this type of behavior is not normal for a cat with aggressive cancer.

Now – I know we’re not out of the woods at all.  I know that she very likely could have cancer, lymphoma specifically.  But this is good news.  I am cautiously optimistic (man alive, I learned and lived that term going through all the IF 3 years ago!) that we may not be dealing with cancer.  If she does have a thyroid issue (and I can’t remember what he specifically called it), it will need to be controlled which will be complicated and difficult, according to Dr. Dan, but it’s manageable.

I am good at managing sick kitties.  Lily never missed an insulin shot when she required them twice daily.  My prior cat, the BEAR, never missed a daily heart pill.  I can manage whatever they throw at me.

So – this special test is being run while we’re in Florida and Dr. Dan said that the timing is fine – that we’re not pushing things by waiting a week.

He even chuckled on the phone with me.  Because of this, I’m feeling pretty good!