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The term painterly is used to describe a painting done in a style that embraces, shows, and celebrates the medium it’s created in (be it oil paint, acrylics, pastels, watercolor, etc.), rather than tries to hide the act of creation.

In centuries past (and in various modern art movements such as Photorealism) painters worked hard to eliminate or conceal any evident brushmarks or texture in a painting, blending and smoothing to hide all evidence of how the painting was created.

It doesn’t meant the paint has to be thick or impasto, it can be thin. The style or approach just doesn’t try to hide the fact that a brush or knife were used to create the artwork, it uses this to create an image that could only be done with paint (or art materials).

My most recent creation, for the holiday I love the most!  I cannot get over how calming this is for me – I enjoy nothing more than sitting down and painting for a couple of hours.  So cathartic, and so introverted!

Pumpkin Paint 2

Pumpkin Paint


Fitness Maintenance, Going Strong!

I keep my weekly stats and thoughts on this page, but I wanted to check in for accountability since it is Wednesday – weigh-in day.  And because this is the final week until mid-program stats (always a little scary!).

Ugh – why did I choose Wednesdays?????

By Friday, I’m usually down to an even 141.0 or even lower before eating like a fool on the weekend.  Fridays are great days for me to weigh-in, but Wednesdays are more “real,” because Monday and Tuesday are “correction days” from the weekend and I’m at a pretty stable weight by Wednesdays.  By Friday, I’m at a low that is going to be ruined by the weekend, so why bother even thinking it’s a real weight, you know?

This current week (starting today) is week 6 – half way through this 12 weeks of maintenance.  I’m happy to say that I have actually lost weight, but not a lot so I still think I’m maintaining.  I am hoping to be an even 141 next Wednesday which would put me at an even 2 pound loss for the first 6 weeks (I started at 143 and am 141.2 right now).  This should be do-able since we’re not traveling this weekend for the first time in 4 weeks!  I better see 141.0 on Wednesday – you all know my goal now and can feel free to heckle me next week if I don’t meet it.

Body fat has stayed pretty darned constant – started at 22.8 and am at 22.9 today.  That is such a flakey thing – depends on what you ate, drank, etc. the night before and also the time of day that you exercised.  I don’t get too bent out of shape over this number – as long as it stays under 24% each Wednesday.  I just don’t think I’ll be losing much fat even though there is still plenty to lose (if you saw me n*ked, you’d agree – trust me!).  I’d have to really rock the boat to amp up fat loss (I am thinking of rocking the boat the second 6 weeks, but we shall see!!!).

I will post pics and measurements next week, but I just had to put this out there since I have one final week before mid-program stats AND I can have a clean eating weekend ahead of me if I choose to.

I’m choosing to.



On Sale = Big Win!

That graphic tee at the store a couple of weeks ago has been haunting me. I LOVE it, but I’m not spending $50 on a tank top.

It went on sale today!

I ordered it (oh yes I did!).

They also had some leggings I’ve wanted that were on sale and a shirt that goes with just about everything, so I bit the bullet and ordered those things as well! Be warned, some of you will hate the leggings, and that’s ok. But I just have a thing about camo…. I love it!

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I also placed my Etsy order for those fun graphic tees. I ended up not ordering the kids’ because they’re short sleeved and it’s going to be winter soon, and they have more than enough tees in their current sizes. I’ll order them in the spring. I’m super excited to get these… I feel like they’re going to complete me. Ha! And if you’re wondering, I found the rooster shirt while looking for a shirt for my late grandpa’s birthday celebration… He called himself “the old rooster!” ❤

And… Because my poor Keds have gotten so much air time, I decided to order a few pair of low profile shoes to add variety to my lower half.

All items were on sale, so I am super excited! I can’t wait to start incorporating these things into my wardrobe!


Travel, Travel, TRAVEL

(Please do not feel compelled to read all of this or view all photos.  I don’t keep baby books or any albums, so I tend to over-share here and on FB so that things get documented properly!)

We have spent a lot of time traveling lately, both together and apart.

Hottie seems to always be coming or going from somewhere with work, and we’re lucky the trips are shorter in duration than they could be.  He’s on the road, or in the air, at least once a week right now and next week is insane with three trips in 1.5 weeks, all requiring flights far, far away from home.  It doesn’t bother me too much, because he’s usually gone for just two nights a week, but next week and the following week will be tough.  I wish he was going to be traveling a bit closer to home so that the boys and I could drive up and meet him, wherever he may be, for the weekend.

I can’t believe I wrote that – that I’d love to meet him, WITH THE BOYS, for a weekend away.  A year ago at this time, hell – 3 months ago, I would never have said that.  But something has changed lately… our boys have become good travelers.

What the what?

They’ve become such great travelers that we have spent the last THREE weekends traveling.  Three weekends IN.A.ROW of hotels and road trips.  Flights don’t scare me one bit, and the boys handle them great and they’ve never been an issue, but car travel and hotel sleeping has been a nightmare for years now.  The only time hotel sleeping was *good* was when we went to Disn.eyw.orld with Matthew before he turned 2 (and prior to Bryson joining us – I was 7 months pregnant when we went).  We had a condo and he had his own room and he went to bed on time and we sat up and drank wine on the deck (not really – I had Diet  It was awesome.  We thought that it was always going to be that great.  But um… no… that was a one-time thing.

Until now!

Three weeks ago, we decided on a whim to head to City to see a bunch of our friends and some family.  We stayed at “the Wolf Pool” (as the kids call it) and the kids had a super time at the water park, and dinosaur museum, and out about with the people we love.  Bryson slept in his OWN BED both nights until at least 4:30 AM (and once until 6:20 holy SHIT!) and Matthew slept in his own bed both nights well into the next morning.  It was awesome!  We came home from that little trip feeling like we’d conquered something pretty remarkable.

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The following weekend was my family reunion on my mom’s side.  My grandpa, who I loved dearly (I had fabulous relationships with both grandpas and one of my grandmas – I was lucky!), would have been 100 on the 28th of September and right before he died at the age of 89, my aunts promised him that we would all gather for his 100th birthday because turning 100 was always a dream of his.  So… we did it.  I have a HUGE family and of the 22 grandkids, 17 came and the 5 that didn’t were all very far out of state.  All of the immediate siblings were there (my mom and her 5 sisters and 1 brother, and their foreign brother (exchange student) from Kuwait) and the grandkids all brought the great-grands, and our first and only great-great-grand was there as well – 74 people in total.  It was super fun!

My aunts had the party in the town my grandparents lived in which was 2.75 hours from our house and instead of drive up and back that same day, we decided to drive 30 miles from the party to an indoor waterpark hotel (yes, again!) for the night.  After the previous weekend at Great Wo.lf, both boys were feeling brave and rode the BIG adult waterslide on their own!  It was a very big deal (but there are no pictures because, you know, water and nerves).  We could not keep them off of the sides and even after a pretty serious forehead injury for Matthew, he kept wanting to slide.  It’s hard to say no to such bravery… so we shut the pool down that night and opened it the next morning.  There was a pretty fantastic park right next door, and the entire campus was right on a nice lake so it was quite picturesque and enjoyable.  The boys are begging to go back.  The night didn’t go quite as well as it did in KC, but we got 6 hours of sleep without a bed companion, so that’s a win in my book.  Hottie’s parents’ town was on our way home and they messaged us about getting together, so we stopped there for 2 hours on the way home and that was a really nice way to end the weekend!

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And that brings us to this past weekend – the trip to Omaha that we planned with Steph that we booked different weekends for.  HA HA HA!  We had a GREAT time and everything worked out in the end.  Omaha is where I grew up and I really like it there.  There is so much to do, the private education system is STELLAR, and the local restaurant scene is amazing.  If my parents had lived in central Iowa when I moved back from Chicago, I would have moved to Omaha (I didn’t want to live too close to them for good reason), but because they lived in Omaha, I chose the next best thing.  Ha!

We did something that we’ve never done before… we didn’t tell my parents we were coming this time.  We just didn’t want to make it about them because it was about us, our kids, and our friends.  And…. we had a GREAT time!  We spent Saturday at the Children’s Museum and the Old Market farmers’ market and Sunday at the most incredible pumpkin patch.  It’s not really a pumpkin patch – it’s an insane fall festival that they run for 6 weeks straight, 7 days a week.  We had a hotel suite with a separate bedroom and the kids went to bed and we got to stay up and talk.  Matthew slept in his own bed both nights and until 8:00 this morning, and Bryson slept in his crib until 4:00 on Saturday and 6:07 this morning (he wakes up at 6:07 most days of the week –  It was just so… EASY.  It was so easy and fun that there were lots of tears on the way home that we’re not going to a hotel again for a long time.

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It was a great weekend, and a great way to wrap up a trifecta of travel weekends!  We’re ready to be home for a bit now… but just a bit!

I think we may have arrived at easy travel.


That One Time….

… When you planned a weekend trip with your blog friend, but you didn’t confirm the dates and you ended up booking (and going!!!) different weekends?

No, that’s never happened to you?

It’s nice that we’re already laughing about it, and better yet, we’re able to still meet up! Lesson learned (confirm everything!) and funny story added to my mental memoir. 😁


Fashion Overhaul Week 3

We’ve been experiencing an “Indian summer” here, at least that’s what I’m calling it.  This is our second week of INCREDIBLE warm, dry weather, and we are soaking it up!  We’ve spent our days outside, and nights on the deck,  as a family and it’s been awesome!  This, of course, requires summer clothes and I don’t have a lot that fit well, so please forgive the baggy shorts on Monday  🙂

The weather turned fall-like on Tuesday, so I FINALLY got to wear some of my new stuff.  I LOVE the things I’ve gotten.  I stopped into the store I like to return a shirt and ended up finding something for those pants, FINALLY.  It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough for the transition weather before winter.

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It’s been a fun week to get the jeans and boots out and ready for fall!