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No Excuses

Between the Y, running, and the new kickboxing bag in our garage… Well… I have no excuses when it comes to working out.


I broke the bag in today with a 32 minute routine that I then started over for another 14 minutes. I bought an awesome interval timer that I programmed the other night for this particular routine, so I just hit the start button and worked down my list of exercises. It was like being at the KB studio. It was awesome!

I took Bryson for a nice run on Wednesday in the neighborhood and got 3.4 miles in. We don’t live in a big neighborhood and I can get 2.3 miles in without repeating anything, but then add an extra mile with the straight-away section of road (down and back). Again, no excuses.


I feel fortunate to have so many fitness options and the gear to support them. Hottie’s work pays for our Y membership, so we’re able to justify things like the bag and various shoes (even Hottie agrees he needs different shoes for a specific class). We’re fortunate to get some decent inclines and mileage out of our little neighborhood. And I recognize that I’m lucky to have the time to devote to my fitness and health. Between early AM (6:00!) runs with Bryson, child watch at the Y so I can attend classes, and an hour of double nap (kickboxing) time in the afternoons – I can make time to do this. And I have no excuses.